I understand that I will probably get a lot of hate crime for this but I don't care THE WORLD DESEVES TO KNOW! THE TRUTH!
why harry potter is better than twilight.

1. HP fan don't rely on characters looks to like a story/movie.

2. even though twilight has good romantic scenes they have nothing else! HP has romance, action, adventure, friendship, even death!

3. OH and in twilight I didn't know that blood doesn't come out of your head o neck when te chop it off!

4. HP is for females males and for all ages. Twilight is for teenage girls! I am a teenage girl and I even hate twilight!

5. J.K Rowling explains why HP characters are bad. She doesn't

6. HP has friendship, courage, true love, and a lot more! twilight has Pedophilia, teenage pregnancy, early marriage and suicide thoughts

7. JKR created a whole new sport, and did it perfectly. Stephanie put a little thunder on BASEBALL! JKR is looking a little più creative.

8. why are all GOOD characters of twilight beautiful (kind of) what does that say about Stephanie Meyer. THAT UGLY PEOPLE ARE BAD!!

9. più HP copies were sold... HP sold 400 MILLION. twilight sold 42 million.

10. When Hermione's Amore left her she continued life and even grew stronger. Bella went into a fetal position went numb for months and jumped off a cliff.

11. Edward is a creeper. Examples:
"It makes me anxious to be away from you"
"Your interesting when te sleep. te talk"

12. Robert Patterson even hates twilight.

13. Real men. Don't. Sparkle!

14. I'm sorry I can't hear te over our THEME PARK.

15. Promoting necrophilia. How romantic

16. JKR isn't afraid to bring death in the book. Stephanie is.

17. twilight teaches us that looks are everything. Woman are nothing without a man. Putting up with abuse is romantic. And being human makes te weak

18. the soundtrack is amazing in HP while twilight makes te want to hoot yourself.

19. HP visual effects are amazing and twilight are decent but SUCKS compared to HP

20. Harry Potter has had six total Oscar Nominations (an incredible honor) Twilight has none if it were that good, it should have gotten some da now.

21. twilight
50% on rotten tomatoes
5.7 out of 10 in IMDB
2.5 stars - Rodger Ebert

New moon
27% on rotten tomatoes
4.6 out of 10 in IMDB
1 stella, star - Rodger Ebert

54% on rotten tomatoes
4.7 out of 10 in IMDB
2 stars - Rodger Ebert

HP sorcerers stone
78% on rotten tomatoes
7.2 out of 10 on IMDB
4 stars - Rodger Ebert

HP chamber of secrets
82% on rotten tomatoes
7.2 out of 10 on IMDB
4 stars - Rodger Ebert

HP prisoner of Azkaban
89% on rotten tomatoes
7.7 out of 10 on IMDB
3.5 stars - Rodger Ebert

22. Harry Potter's is very ingenious it's not complex at all and appeals to all ages. I have loved it since I was 4. And my Father loves it to. Twilight is a cliché romance. I read better fan fictions

So that's why I think HP is better than twilight.
Hate all te want... I don't care
I Amore it (3