I tensed. Her fragrance was so shattering it was almost unbearable. Carlisle? Please tell me te don’t regret last night she cried in a whisper. It hit me then at what she thought. Dye no I don’t regret anything. te are the beginning and the end of my world. Look at me I told her. Then why the tension she asked as her brown eyes met mine. I’m sorry but this vampire thing is all to new to me and you’re a little to tempting. te have a beautiful fragrance though. I gave her a weak smile. I’m sorry I had forgotten .Having te here is all I care about. All I could feel was sorrow. How could she forget what I had become. I wasn’t the same. In some ways I was. Don’t be sorry but never forget the danger of being with me I told her. te would never hurt me she told me. Not intentionly I said. That’s all that matters she said. My frown deepend. I do not like that look. I never did Dinah told me. I wish te would understand the danger your in I told her.. Actually I do. Ever since te told me what your dad wanted te to do I understood. I had many possiability’s that crossed my mind. But the one thing I cannot live with is losing you. I already tried that she cried. You’ve already Lost me , the real me I told her. No I have not she detto leaning into me. Your right here. If it wasn’t the real te ,you wouldn’t have came back. te would have let instincts take over. I thought about what she detto as I held her. In a way I hadn’t let the vampire in me take over. I was here with the Amore of my in my arms. And I defitnatly didn’t have a normal vampire diet. What normal vampire feeds on a heard of deer? Especially my first..I needed to change thoughts because it certaintly did things to to me and with Diana in my arms that wasn’t good. I thought about the emotions of vampires. Normal new bornes wasn’t supposed to be searching out ther other half and crying over their mothers graves were they? My mom, I knew she wasn’t gonna out live me but she still had a full life ahead of her and now she was gone. For the secondo time that giorno the tears started. Carlisle? She asked? I went back to the farm today I told her. She tensed. te know she whispered with a certainty