Chapter 2

“Hey Dad, I'm going to the Blacks to see Jacob after school, do te think te can organize your own dinner?" I asked during my rush down the stairs. I was running late for school for the third giorno in this week.
I hope that Charlie understands that when I detto organize, I mean order pizza o anything that on a piece of paper stuck on our fridge. I want to come home to a house, not a pile ash.
"Ok Bells, one cheese pizza should be easy" he snickered. Charlie had been dato days off from work lately for his back. He fell in a puddle while taking out the trash, I learnt that giorno my clumsiness was in fact inherited.
I scuffed over to his side, struggling multi-tasking at getting on my bag and puting on my parker.
I bent down and ha rubato, stola a hug for a second, it was the small gestures that made Charlie, he didn’t need a lot to know that I Amore him, unlike my hair-brained mother who was frantically needy.
"Now dad, I know te can’t do much, but please don’t watch TV all day, o at least in the same position for too long, remember what the new doctor said, what was his name? Doctor Cullen." I detto while leaving in my continued hurry.
Stopping and realising that these steps were a real hazard, I took it slow, as I heard sarcastic voiced from inside from Charlie.
"Ok, Nurse Bella." I believe he said.
After dumping my bag in the passenger sede, sedile which carried all my text books, I raged my truck to life. After I left Billy and Jacob’s the night I got my truck I loved it più each day. The students at Forks High School however disagreed, their smirks they wore each giorno told me quite clearly.

I still had made any Friends which I expected; I was too shy and mousey for the other teenagers to approach. A girl called Jessica in my calculus class sat successivo me once, but even thought she was the only person that has attempted to even talk to me, I had no intention in complying. She seems nasty. The last thing I wanted were annoying fake friends, which sounds ungrateful and stupid coming from someone who has no Friends what so ever, despite Jacob.
I think all the students consider me as the one who would dob them in to her police father if they attempted anything that’s frowned upon. That is if the teenagers in Forks even did. And the silence of the town at night was obvious that they don’t.
I would of liked for today to have of been one of those days that just pasted in a blur, but it didn’t, it felt like every minuto felt like ten. It was going to be a long day. And plus I had all the boring subjects to superiore, in alto it off. Trig, PE, calculus, and home economics, just perfect.
The relief I felt when the final campana, bell rang was like a bucket of ice chilled water chucked on your head on a hot giorno in Arizona, it was much needed. I was the first one out the door, I felt like I was running in a race, while glancing by, people were starring and smirking with "What is wrong with her?" I could answer but it would a long time to go through.

da now driving down the "La Push" seemed almost secondo nature. The last couple of weeks I felt like I was either at home, school o with Jacob. Jacob mostly, he was only one of the few good things here while living Charlie.
Jacob had asked for today to be one of our fun days, time away from studying routine. I was looking inoltrare, avanti to it, although studying with Jacob may sound boring, but not even a minuto with Jacob was ever dull.
Jacob goes the school on the reservation, and parts of me were jealous, he had lots of Friends there, while he was my only friend, but most of all, he was comfortable, he’s been schooled on the reservation all his life.
Driving into his gravel driveway for what feels like the millionth time, Jacob ran to welcome me.
But he looked più excited than usual. He opened my door and suddenly yanked me out and tossed me over his shoulder before I was ready, gees I hadn’t even turned the truck off. .
Oh god, with Jacob being so tall being on his shoulder was making me grow an all new fear, heights.
But after bouncing me up and down and pleading to put me down, I started to enjoy it; As I did with everything Jacob.
He placed me safely on the ground (thank goodness)and smiled, and gave me gentle hug.
"ha-ha, thanks for the nausea muscles" I joked.
"ha-ha, I’m just filling out Bella, nice to see your noticing" he laughed in his usual cheeky behaviour. I gigged rolling my eyes.
"So what’s happening today?" I asked, because today was his giorno to chose what fun we were doing do. I just hoped it wasn't anything that could possible kill me, o involve me killing me, but this is Jacob, so I was kidding myself I thought it wasn’t .
It was times like this, where the ideologies that even those younger than yourself can be the bad influences were indeed proven correct. Jacob was più out there then me.
"Well I was thinking Cliff diving. What do te think? “
"What?! te want to jump off a cliff?" I yelled in shock. I was now certain that he really was out to kill me.
Jumping off a cliff has turned into the stereotype of suicidal behavior over the years. If there was something occurring in Jacob's life, then I was the crappiest friend ever considering that I could see through Jacob pretty much all the time.
"You know Jacob, If's there something happening, te can tell me?' I detto solemnly. Creating an awkward silence.
"Ahh no Bella! Not in that way. It’s fun, it’s something the boys on the reservation do here, I don’t expect te jump from the superiore, in alto though, I’ll even hold your hand" He replied through his loud roaring laugh.
I blushed, feeling stupid now. But seriously how was I supposed know that jumping off a cliff into the ocean could be fun?

Driving up along the cliff edge, I was growing nervous da the minute. da the time we stopped, my cuore was almost jumping out of my throat. Jacob bounced out the truck, feeling it jump up from the truck sigh of his weight.
"So are te game enough little pansy?" He gave a light laugh, pansy was our little inside joke.
I gave him a grave, petrified look. I was not mentally prepared for this.
Was I really about to fling myself of the face of a peak in the name of entertainment? That’s sounds più like a crime mostra host talking about a criminal in the asylum.
He simply just rolled his eyes, and tugged my hand from my crossed arms.
"Here, we will go together, you’re such a wimp" I can’t believe he actually wants to do this. I really hope at this moment that he bursts out laughing and claims that he was only kidding and that I was silly to have believed that kids actually jump for cliffs. I waited a moment for him to speak those words, but they never came. Sending me più into my panic growing inside my head.
He lifted me into his chest, which was now bare. Oh my gosh, I may certainly faint now. His chest was beautiful. Jacob started to step backwards.
Oh god please do not run-up. Jacob began sprinting forward, keeping me secure from dropping and moving.
"No, no ,no no, Jacob no" And before I knew it , there was no surface under his feet and wind and gravity was pulling us down.
I may of screamed, but I thought I will deny it later.
We hit the water together. Where I may of let out another scream. Yet again,, I will deny.
The water was freezing, Jacob relished me but grapped my hand. He began to swim towards the beach.
Still in shock, I struggled to sposta my legs.

We reached the spiaggia in my pacing, Jacob laughing at my lack of fitness.
The wind came from the horizon hitting our wet clothes, both sending us in a gasp of coldness. We scarred back to the tip of the peak where my car still parked.
About to open my door handle warm hands wrapped around my waist. I spon around at once and met Jacob.
"Did te have fun?" He asked his eyes now kind.
He made me weak, making my cuore weep.
"Actually I did. But don’t expect me to do it again anytime soon, ok muscles" I spoke through chatting teeth.
His arms still on my waist gripping onto my dripping shirt, looking down I saw Jacob come closer.
"Bella, if I kissed you, will te slap me?" He whispered.