Chapter 8
I ached for Jacob to hold me up into his arms. I needed him, I knew wither knew no matter what that is Jacob was here right now that he would make this pain go away.

I cried out in the back seat, I had no clue what Alice and Edward were bickering back and further about outside, I wanted answers, this is so ridiculous. I mean first the run in with Jacob and Embry that was absolutely confusing and infuriating to begin with.
I felt burning, stinging, stabs sensations from my stomach, my muscles were constricting, and there was nothing I could do, but rock and whimper some tears.

The only soothing feeling was from the hands of Alice who now joined me in the back seat.
“Just close your eyes Bella, our father is a doctor, he will give te something to stop the cramps, we just called him, he is on his way, he is better in these sorts of situations as well so he is going to drive te home. He won’t take long.” Alice said, her face full of sympathy, and her eyes focused on her hand currently running through my hair.

I don’t remember much of the ride home, the only recente thing I can now recall is waking up in a letto that was not my own, the walls painted a natural cream. The letto was perfectly centred to my left was a over sized glass window, well to be accurate, the glass replace the bacheca itself, it over looked to beautiful on-going green forest outside, I could see the morning mildew on the grass.

I have never been in this room in my life, how did I get here? The only conclusions I could gather in my still awakening brain was it could perhaps be the Cullen’s home, the most logical explanation as the room was practically dripping with glamorous money.
I raised myself, propping myself on the weight of my elbows, giving the beautiful forest view a più detailed examination, but found it a struggle to find the strength in my arms to hold myself, I was beyond exhausted and tired, like my body had ran a marathon. The new sense of elevation sent a new sensation in my gut, I felt a swarm of salvia form in my mouth, and an awful sickness in my throat. Argh I’m going to spew.

I had no will in my body at all, so I bet with my eyes close that my vomit sprayed over the letto sheets, with I just happened to be laying on..Disgusting Bella. I honestly feel like death.

With no warning whatsoever Edward appeared into the room, striding towards me. He literally appeared to be in the exact same way as my memory from last night, even to the same socks. I dear hope I wasn’t sleeping in his room and his letto (which I totally just vomited on) and he had to sleep in the same clothes. Oh Christ just give me a shovel, I’ll dig my own hole to die in.

Edward didn’t even say a word, but surprised me da gently sliding his arms around my back and legs, pulling me out from the letto and gripping me in his chest, honeymoon style. I was still wiping my hand over my mouth, he was that fast. My neck gave out in exhaustion and my head flung back over his arm and I watched everything upside down.

He was pacing through what appeared to be a hallway with beautiful artwork decorating the narrow walls.
"Edward, what is this? I don’t know anything, why am I here?" I detto with a croak.
His hands held my face ever so gently, his eyes studying me with scared eyes. He was holding something back; it was on the tip of his tongue. But he resided to silence, it scared me, I mean seriously, have I been kidnapped o something? I was too tired to gather the emotions for that assumption.

After a new secondi Edward spoke; "After last night, Alice and I rushed te home to see our father, he is a doctor. He examined te Bella.. Bella, I'm so sorry. But te miscarried your pregnancy, I know this is really not what te want to hear, but te were really lucky, most times it takes time for the human body to cleanse out the embryo, but we believe that due to Jacob’s current condition, that may have had something to do what that. "
His tone was frightened, nervous, shaky, and broken all on the same mono-tone. But he Lost me. A million things were going through my mind right now, what on earth he was talking about? I mean I heard the words and what they meant, but why he was he saying those particular words in those sentences to me? Pregnancy? I wasn't pregnant; I would know that, miscarried? Jacob’s condition?

My mind continued to race in a hundred different directions at a million miles per hour. I had to focus my eyes on the floor; I could only assume I looked like I’d seen a terrifying poltergeist.

"What do te mean?" I was finally able to croak through my lips.

"You mean te didn’t know Bella? How did te not know? I even knew, my whole family knew"
"Edward this not funny! This is not funny! A sick joke, a really sick joke. I wanna go home" I don’t where I found the strength in my legs, but I was now jumping out of his arms, I was screaming with rage, tears forming on the corners of my eyes.

"You were Pregnant Bella, last night in La Push, your pregnancy miscarried, that’s why te were feeling bad discomfort. Carlisle insists te rest.” His head dropped in sadness and he could only master a whisper.

My mind came to a sudden Holt and all my thoughts stopped, the only thing that remained there was "I’m so confused."
Without any hesitation my lips exclaimed “I want Jacob.”

I couldn’t hold the sobs back anymore; the gate was flooded over da the wave of emotion taking over my entire body. Edward released me, allowing me to standing on my feet. My arms reached out for him straight away. I wrapped my arms around his waist immediately, he wasn’t the person I needed in this moment, but as my friend I needed his support regardless, mainly because I know without my arms around him keeping me up, I’d fall to the floor like a disastrous mess.

“I know Bella, shhh” He cooed, placing a soft baciare on the tip of my head.
“I know.” He repeated.

The wave of emotion began to weaken and I was finally able to bite back the tears, I wiped my eyes away, taking in a deep breath.

Thanks Jasper” I was able to catch Edward whisper in the opposite direction.

“Would I be able to take a doccia at all? I think I need a moment to gather myself and I think I still have spew in my hair” I asked, fighting off the heavy sobs.

“Absolutely Bella, whatever you’d like. I’ll get te a towel, and I expect Alice would be più then generous with lending te some clothing”