Hmmm.....ten reasons why I Amore Twilight.Well, I think that I have più than ten.It's practically an epidemic in the world!Yas. Twilight. I could talk about Twilight all day.Here are the reasons why I Amore it so much...or just some of them!!!

1. Well, this is obvious.Edward Cullen. Need I say any more? He honestly has to be the most amazing fictional character ever created. Though he's not fictional in my mind. If only. Bella is so lucky lucky lucky.Am I jeallous?God yes!

2.The words that are used are beautiful. Amazing.Charming!Admit it, who didn't want to cry in the meadow scene in Twilight? oh well I did!I only have to think about "And so the lion fell in Amore with the lamb..." and it comes back to me...or just Edward there being so caring for bella,so damn perfect guy...

3. The movie was also great!~ I Amore her sooo much! I liked all the scenes especially the baseball's..I think was totally great directed.[even I was sad that there wasn't the medow scene:(]

4. I Amore vampires. The werewovles not so much - not so far, at least.

5. it's seems something daily to me!Like a really normal story about two kids fall in that secret of edward being vimpire that step us away from beleive this???

6. hmmm.....I Amore the covers of the books! It reminds me something mysterious,weird o even exotic!<lol

7. All the other characters that I Amore !! Alice;what to say about her! I just want to be her best-friend! she's the sweetest person ever! Emmet? omg emmet is hoooooot!!! Jasper? oh, he makes me laugh!!!Rosalie? she makes me feel something about respect someone so beautiful!it's weirs to explane! and all the others such as Charlie,Carlisle,Esme,Renee and ofc Jacob! I like him very much!especially in new moon!

8. Stephenie Meyer is a brilliant author.

9. The libri are fantastic, wonderful, brilliant, and the most romantic thing I have ever, ever read. They make my superiore, in alto 5 lista of favourite books. They are in the top!

10. I, like Bella, can honestly say that I am completely and irrevocably in Amore with the gorgeous, alluring, wonderful Edward Cullen. Though he will never be mine. Damn.

I'm looking inoltrare, avanti to watch new moon in the big screen!!!

until my successivo article;