Chapter 12
6 mese later
School was boring as always everyone in the school looked at us like they did with the Cullen's and as for me and matt we got closer! I really liked him ,almost loved him but not the kind of Amore my cuore held for edward it was different like he can complete me we went to are medow every giorno after school and talked and other stuff as te know but I never slept with him not know I wasn’t ready I just have this stupid stupid idea like I'm cheating on him but that isnt true he leaft me and got over me and started dating another vamp that I'm sure was Tanya.i hate him I just hate him for doing this he left me and……and..i realized someone was shaking me then I heard matts voice
-Bella Bella are te ok! You’ve been sitting here for an ora without moving an inch?
-I'm sorry I was thinking come down!
-sorry I was worried I thought te will be Frozen there forever
-yeah right!
I detto pushing him out of my way and got up from the ground and hugged him hard and then sighed
-what's wrong?
Matt asked conserend
-nothing I'm just glad I have you!
I detto and smiled
-yes te will always have me
He kissed my head
I was smelling a Cani sent nearby and I was sure it was jake I just ignored it and focused on matt again he made me calm he cubbed my face in his hands and kissed me his toung traced my lips and mine did the same are lips were moving in a the same he was trying to tell me I always had him no matter what he was the light that brightend the darkness edward had made me and made me happy and loved I hugged him closer baciare him harder trying to distracet myself from thinking of edward I moved my hands under his camicia tracing his mussels and his back I was about to take his shart off when someone distracted us… jacob
-oh god this is so discusting could te cut it out!! I just want to tell te something
I pulled away from matt and faced jacob pissed I let out a growl
-someone's in a bad mood!
Jake detto trying to calm me
-yeah the bad mood that te put me in!
-yeah yeah yeah! Whatever I just wanted to talk to you!
-so talk to me jacob!
-we trailed a new vamp sent there's a lot of them 5 of them and we wanted to know if they are with te o ………..not?
-no we didn’t invite anyone.
I turned around to matt
-did te invite anyone?
I asked him and smiled at his sweet face that was so beautiful
-no I didn’t
I turned to jake and looked at him
-if that's all te may leave know!
-ok! But one più thing I was woundering if te knew this scent.
he came closer and gave me a leaf I smelled it and then I gave it to matt
-no never.
Sam came closer and gave the leaf back to jake
-I havent crossed overed it either but I can say their newborns their scent is sweeter that old vampires
-oh I didn’t know that but thanks anyway and if te saw anything feel free to just call k?
-oky jake bye!
Jake disapeared in the bushes I turned to matt and smiled when I saw his beautiful face and grabbed his neck and forced him closer to me
-well were where we?
He asked looking amused and then I kissed him he hugged me closer andgot a hanful of my hair in his ands and started playing with it I started to push my self closer when I heard a ripping sound and laughed his camicia was ripped in two I pulled his camicia and throw it on the ground looking at his beautiful chest then I came closer andtraced his beautiful chest with my hands then Ihe hugged me closer to him and I put my head on his shoulder
-I Amore you
I whispered in his ear this was the first time I told him this he pulled away and made me worried he saw the worrie in my eyes and smiled then he looked me in the eyes and said
-I Amore te too
I was so happy! I hugged him like he was a teddy orso and kissed every spot on his face and his neck he pulled my face to his then he kissed me like it was the end of the world he started to pull my camicia off when we heard a strange sound we both pulled away and looked were the sound came from and ran towards it when we got there we where late he o she was gone but this scent wasn’t the same scents jake told us, it was different! I grabbed a handful of soil and ran towards the boundry I yelled jakes name and he came running towards me
-what is it?
-we found a new scent I jave him the soil
-its not the same scent but it’s a friend don’t worry
-you know a vampire?
-yeah I told te it’s a friend!
-ok! Just wanted to tell te as I promised,bye.