ciao im going to start another story this one is about my preferito werewolfe
SETH!!!! i just Amore him in BD an in the little part of eclipse well enjoy !!!!

emma's pov

seth is 17 and emma is 16
it was probably 1 am i was using seth's stomach as my cuscino and he was playing with my hair we were in the letto of his room

"emms are te up?" seth whisper he knew i didn't like to be waken up

i roll so i was facing him
"yep" i detto and smile at him he had a worried face
"don't worry seth im sure leah will be ok in a few days she is a tough girl" i detto touching his cheek

seth smile a little
"yeah i hope so... that sam is such a jerk how he could do that to leah and worst he went to emily !!"he sigh frustrated

i yawned hugely
seth laugh
"we should sleep emms" seth detto smiling at me
"yes we should"i detto smiling

seth pull me up so that i rest my head on his chest and hug me
"good night emms sleep sweet dreams" he murrmured and then we laugh and i yawn

"goodnight seth" i detto and i fall asleep immideatly in my best Friends arms


i wake up seth was still asleep
when he was sleeping he look like a baby i laugh quietly not wanting to wake him up he was not a morning person

seth and i had been best Friends since we sere probably 5 that is when i sposta to la push with my parents and since then we been best Friends and we had been always there for each other

i remember when my parents were yelling at each other ,i was 12, that night they decieded they were going to divorce when i heard this i ran out of my house and climed a albero to seth's room he hug me and let me ruin his camicia with my tears
"seth i hate Amore Amore ruins everything"
"shhh emms its ok"
"i will never Amore anybody"
seth laugh"what don't te Amore me??" he ask recitazione to be offended
"this is different becuase we are best Friends ,and we are always going to be together" i detto sobbing
"yes emms best Friends forever"
"do te promise seth because thats what i thought of my parents that they were going to be always together" i detto and cry harder thinking if seth hated me one giorno like my parents hate each other
"no emms your parents were a couple and we are best Friends nothing can break us" he detto and baciare my forehead and hugg me until i felt asleep in his arms

a few years fa i was 14,seth 15 and his father had died

we were in a closet of his house hiding of the other people that were in his house because of the funeral

we were crying and hugging each other because after my parents divorce and my father sposta to Londra seth's father -harry- had became my father
"it will be ok seth"
"i miss him so much emm"
"me too"
"promise me that we will die together emm"
i thought of a world where seth was dead and i was alone cring on this closet
i hug him tighter
"i promise"

seth voice brought me back to reality
"hey em what are te thinking about?"
"just remembering some sad momments" i detto
he look worried
"dont think about your parents cmon what te want for breakfast?" he detto smiling
seth was terrible at cooking
i laugh
"i have to go home my grandparents are coming today ,remember?"
he smile
"how could i EVER forget sweet julia and SWEET charles are coming "he detto with a fake smile

i laugh my grandparents completely hate seth well not exactly seth but they just didn't understand our relationship
they didn't believe that a girl and a boy could actually be best Friends without falling in Amore o anything like that
seth and i were living prove that best Friends like us could excist

"don't worry seth they are just coming for the weekend" i detto and mess his hair

he sigh

"well i guess that means we will see a movie until successivo weekend"
"yep am sorry "
i hug him and went for the door
when the phone rang
seth answer it
"hey jenny" ---"yeah i guess a movie today sounds nice"----"ill pick te up at 7"---"bye"

"i guess te have plans so te wont miss me" i detto laughing
"well jenny been begging me for weeks and i will still miss you"
"yeah right" i detto laghing and seth laugh his husky laugh
"good luck with te date" "thanks"
and i walk to my house
seth was such a player well not a player player because he didn't lie to girls he always told them he didn't want any commitment and girls still beg him so that they would go an a data ....
seth was really good looking and was like the jock of the school
the girls of school always say that im the only girl that can resist his charms
i laugh instead others thought that we were a couple o something the only persons beside me and seth that understands our strange relationship was leah and seth's best boy friends.

i open my window and hop to my room and get out of my room to find my grandma and grandpa at the living room