emma' pov

"emma darling we miss te so much !" my grandparents detto and hug me

" i miss te too" i detto
"do te want some pancakes, pancake for breakfast?" my grandma ask
"yeah i Amore your pancakes!" i detto and went with my grandma to the cucina while my grandpa stay in the living room watching tv

"the pancakes, pancake are great gran" i detto

"thanks sweety and now do te mind telling me where have te been all night ?" gran ask me and look at me angrily

i look down ..i forget to close my door before i went out of my room and run to seth's house

"i was at seth's gran" i detto casually

i usaully did this o sometimes seth come to my house my mom didn't mind and niether seth's mom because we didn't did anything ,becuase we are just Friends but my grandma didn't get that


"grandma we are just friends" i detto annoy every years since i was 15 she gave me this talk about seth's REAL intentions

"ooo i saw a mostra in tv about what just Friends means now a days little missy and i will not allow my granddaughter to be some kind of fuck buddie of a boy!"

"what¡" i just run to my room and lock the door

i open my window and jump down and knock seths house door

he open before i knock twice
and hug me and then laugh so hard he was shaking
i punch, punzone his arm
"you heard that?!"
"it wasn't my fault i think the whole block heard" he detto and continue to laugh i glare at him util he stop and hug me again
"im sorry emm o should i detto lover" he detto and began to laugh again
i sigh well it seem like seth was never going to let me forget this
i enter his house and sue was there
"hi emma do te want some breakfast?" i smile
"hi no thank te i already eat"
"well im going to try to wake up leah so see yo later emma!" sue ,seths mom detto and walk to leah room

seth sat on the chair beside me and started to eat he was eating a lot lately but he had also been growing a lot

"so emms what do te want to do today?" seth say with his mouth full
"first ingoiare, inghiottire your Cibo its disgusting seth" i detto laughing
i wander what would happen if the girls at school saw him like this would they still think he was as perfect as they imagine...

he ingoiare, inghiottire quickly
and smile
"well i was thinking that since te had this big fight with te dear grandma te wouldn't like to be with her right now so we could go to the beach!"

i smile brightly
"great idea!"
"you would probably want to change here so te wont see te gran ill wait here while te change"

i nodded and went to a little closet seth had build for me
i spent so much time at his house that we decieded that i should have some clothes here.

i grab some demi shorts and a v neck blue tshirt
i change quickly brush my teeth , my hair and run to the cucina

"im ready "
"that was a time record" seth detto and grab my hand "come on"

the spiaggia was really close so we went walking they were a lot of kids

seth sigh annoy

"what?" i ask
"there is jenny and laura"he detto
i giggle "well this should be lots of fun"
"please don't leave me alone with them.." he pleaded i smile
"i don't promise anything ,you laugh a lot about what my gran detto maybe te should suffur" i detto smiling evily
he look at me pleading and he smile his most charming smile "pleaseeeeeee"
i laugh
"i don't know cleawater.."
but someone interupt us
"hey seth "