emma's pov

"hey seth"

seth and i turn around to look at
josh and jessica manor they were brothers and they had just sposta to la push two days fa they were nice

"hi jess hi josh" seth and i detto
josh was really good looking and he had a great body not like seth but seth had grow so much this last anno he was huge

i saw jessica looking with awe at seth bare chest and seth face look smug a hit him with my arm but i didn't think he even felt it he was getting so strong now a days and he didn't even do any gym ....
"don't act so smug" i whisper at his ear
"what" he detto smiling innocently but then he laugh and grab jessica's hand and baciare it

"is a pleasure to met you"seth detto smiling
i had to roll my eyes jessica´s face look like he was going to explode looking at seth charming smile...

"do te want to go for a walk" josh ask he had amazing blue eyes
"yes thanks"i detto

"can i ask te something emma" josh ask nervoulsy
"yes and te can call me emm " i detto smiling at him
he smile
"well are te and seth a couple o dating o something?? that i ask around and well" he detto looking down
i laugh
"no seth and i are just best Friends we had been best Friends since we were 5" i detto
he smile
he look so beautiful when he smile...
"so do te want to go to the movies?" josh ask exitedly
ugh my grandma
"no im sorry but my grandparents are in town and i had to spend quility time with them" i detto annoy
he laugh
"well then it will be another day"
we spend the successivo hours talking josh and i had a lot in common i like him a lot!!!

josh and i were sitting on the sand when suddenly he put his arm around my waist ..i like him but i didn't want thing to go too fast so i started to get up
"well i guess i see te around josh"
but josh tighten his grip and his lips came crashing into mine i pull away
"josh i like te but i dont think .."
"just shut up"
he baciare me again harshly and hug me tighter i bit his lip he pull back his face look so angry
i was scare i tried to yell but before i could do that he slap me i started to cry and then

someone pull him of me
it was seth he was beating josh everybody came running toward them

with the help of some guys they pull josh away form seth
josh's nose was bleeding and both his eyes were close and i think seth broke both his hands
seth was yelling to him like crazy
seth's Friends try to calm him
but suddenly he started to shake really hard
that was not normal
seth took 5 steps back still shaking but his face look not angry anymore just scared to death

from the woods jacob black and sam appear
seth started to shake again harder harder
but jake pull seth into the wood seth tRy to resist but jacob and sam were so strong and seth shake so hard
they pull him into the woods untlil i coudn't seen them anymore...

what had just happen???

seths Friends help me up and drive me home my cheek was ok so my mother didn't notice i just went to my room immedeatly and then i saw from my window that seth wasn't home yet ....

what had happen where is seth???

successivo giorno i went to seth's house i ask sue where seth was she detto that leah tell her he was sleeping at jacob's house for the whole week !!
but when i arrive to jacob's house no one answer there was no one home
what was happening where was my seth where was my best friend???