seth's pov

my head hurt so much i was so dizzy i felt so sick i think im going to throw up what is happening ???

we will answer all your domande just try to be calm someone detto no no no one detto anything because my ears didn't heard anything that voice was in my mind ...what??

i know te are confuse but te have to try to be calm that's the key the same voice detto

"im not going to be calm until te mostra yourself" i yelled but instead of my voice i heard i growl
i froze i tried to stand up but i couldn't what was happening i was so scare ...

then i remember emma ..some guy over her i started to beat him and then i started to shake jacob and sam arrive they pull me here they did this to me

no we didn't do anything seth do te remember our leyends?

no what leyends where is emma is she alright?? if te hurt her i swear i'll kill te i have to see her she must be so worried

no te cant see her seth

why te cant order me around ...

but seth te are dangerous now if te are around her te can hurt her in my head i could see the face of emily her face was destroy because of and animal attack

it wasn't an animal seth it was me and te could do the same to emma

i imagine emma's face destroy like emily's
NO i will never hurt her i have to see her again

we will help te to control te temper so te can be around people again don't worry seth im here i'll help te

i recongnize that voice well in my mind

leah? i thought

yes seth don't worry everything will be alright
she thought about everything about the licantropi so that i could see it

so im a werewolf now?

yes and te are in our pack many voices answer in my head

ok i know now that i cant see emma but can i at least see her from a sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza distance??

yes seth but let just wait a few days so te can lears to control yourself and not transform into a lupo everytime te are angry

i sigh i miss emma too much

how many days??

a week


and my training begin