OKay i hope te guys dont mind but im going to stop Edwards POV for now and keeping going on with bellsa POV (tell me watcha think)

End of Chapter (Bella’S POV)
Edward had me in a huge before I have even got out of the car and then Renesmee is the one who hugged me successivo and Edward was having a look on his face. Like where did te guys go and te didn’t answer te guys phone look, Something’s up and te not telling me look.
     “Hey “I detto hoping my voice doesn’t go all depressing on me and I’m hoping they both buy it.
    “Hey, where did te guys go? I come home and saw that Neisse is here but Carlisle detto that te both left and that te were kind of recitazione weird. Is there something wrong?” He was mostrare all of the worry I knew he would have and I felt bad right away because this is how he is going to look when I leave tom to go with Alice on a mission to find “it” o stop “it”.
     “We went to drive around and talk about some stuff and I’m sorry about that but we needed to talk alone without ears. Sorry Sweetie about dropping te off with Granma and Grandpa. Auntie and I just need to talk about something things. If I scared o worried Carlisle I’m sorry I didn’t mean too. I just wanted to go quickly then come home to te guys. I’ll have to talk to him and say thank te again. Yes everything is alright Edward, Why wouldn’t it? “I feel awful for lying to him but I can’t tell him at all. Maybe I’ll leave him a not o something. Before I leave and leave one for Renesmee and the family so they don’t get worried. Jasper was with Alice and I was with Edward the whole night and with Renesmee the successivo giorno because we didn’t leave that giorno because the men didn’t let us out of sight. This not good. That means he knows something’s up.

Chapter 3:
    All giorno I’ve been trying to find a way to talk to Alice without Jasper and Edward but they are not letting us out of their site .So I know they know what going on. If she was coming up with anything knew o found out why we need to leave and what were looking for. So I started to talk to Edward with my mind. I let down the Field even though it takes a little bit of practice sometimes. I wears me out sometimes after.
    “Edward can I please talk to Alice alone?. Please maybe I can connive her into letting me tell te what’s going even though I don’t know much and she don’t ether but I’m not telling te anything. Until I found out più from her but I can’t until I talk to her again and I can’t because she doesn’t want anyone to know what’s going on expect me because I’m involved. Then I saw him flinch little bit and start to have fisted. “Please stay calm until I could out more. I wasn’t even supposed to tell te that. So can I please talk to her? 5 to 10 mins along that’s it. Then I’ll explain if I can. I Amore te “I said. When I looked at him I could tell I was winning and that he would let me.
    “Okay, Bella and Alice I need to go talk to Jasper. For a minutes. We will be right back. We aren’t that far from here.” He detto out loud. Giving us a look like we better not try anything.
    I detto thank te in my mind and kissed him. God I missed it I haven’t done that in awhile. I owed me a lot of me later. If I’m here later. Then he looked down at me after and I realized that he heard me. Shit I forgot to put the field to go back. I also forgot that when I pulled my field down I can hear what he says to me back from his mind. Kind of like Alice’s and his conversations.
     I Amore te too Bella. Please don’t go anywhere without me! I will miss te so much. Along with your daughter will miss you. I can’t deal with that. I can’t even deal with te and Alice keeping secret from me. Please tell me and Jasper. We can’t handle this anymore. I heard ever thing from Carlisle and Neisse’s mind. te were recitazione so weird in both of them.” He detto I could hear all the sadness and true worry in his voice .That’s when I decide it’s time we tell them what’s going on. Both of them. Even though we don’t know much.
    “Okay, I’ll tell you.” I thought . Edward was shocked and very happy that I was telling him and I could tell. I just don’t know how Alice is going to take this and that’s when Edward took my hand and thought I could do anything with him da my side and that I have never left his side no longer then about 3 o 4 hrs a giorno scene. Alice and I saved him from Italy.Then I knew I had to tell them and I had to talk Alice into letting them know then I detto out loud. “Alice it’s time we tell them. The plan te want to te to work is not going to work. They are going to stay as close as possible. The only reason they were going to walk out now was because I asked Edward too let us be alone but I can’t keep secrets from him, te know te can’t keep it from Jasper any longer. Every time he touches you. te look like te look like te want to cry. It’s time to tell them what we know. ”
    “Bella I don’t know. If we should. I don’t know much.”
    “Alice we have to. They are going to go crazy”
    “You both te we are here and I can hear everything your thinking Alice.” Edward said.
    “Yeah Alice, we can hear te please don’t keep things from me. I can’t handle it.” Jasper said,
    “Fine I will tell “Alice said. Giving me a look like we shouldn’t be telling them. And I knew she know più know.
    ‘Thank te for agreeing but I think we should go somewhere else and talk about this. Ill go get Neisse and I’ll tell everyone that were going out” I said.
    “I’ll go with you. It will be easier if we both go.” Edward said. I nodded and took his hand and headed to the living room.
    We told them that we were going to go see a movie and I didn’t like to lie to them so I was thinking after we talk we go see a movie. Neisse was all excited to go see a movie but when we got in the car we told her that we need to talk and were not go to go see a movie.
    Honey, Ill go see a movie with te after we talk okay?” I detto because I could see the sadness coming on her face and I didn’t like it very much and Edward and Alice and Jasper detto they would go too when they realized what I was trying do.Niesse and Alice and Jasper sat in the back Edward was up front I drove .For some reason he didn’t fight with me maybe he wanted to see if I was going to be speeding again
    I was starting to think about everything that has happened over the pass couple of days and I started to spazio out. Well first it was girl’s giorno (Neisse, Alice and me) were all suppose to go shopping and just have fun talking about getting Neisse’s birthday stuff ready. The boys were having their own giorno (Edward, Emmett, and Jasper) I think they were hunting and recitazione all kids proudly. Then were shopping for a while and Alice detto something about she needed to talk to me alone and to not tell anyone what she told me even though it was much and then all of sudden she was mumble my name and Edwards and Neisse and Jaspers name and Started screaming my name, So was worried I couldn’t knock her out of the vision so I picked her up and ran her to the car and started to speed home with her in the back still mumbling and my daughter in the front. Now today the guys haven’t let us of their site and we are telling them a little of what we know. Then I realized what was going on before anyone o anything did. Its Renesmee birthday. She’s turning 5 years old .The vontire detto they would be checking on us again when she turned 5 years old to see if she was still sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza to have around. My hands started to turn white against the stealing .I was starting to push on the gas and I didn’t even realize it when I was in such deep thought when they were all yelling at me. Edward was trying to loosen my grip on the steering wheel without cause us to crush. Once I realized I loosened up.
    “Bella? Bella!” Everyone in the car was yelling at me trying to get my attention.
    “I’m sorry guys. I must have blanked out. I didn’t even realize I was holding on the steering wheel that bad.” I detto trying to calm them all down. I got a little bit of help from Jasper and I gave him a look of saying thanks. All I could read on everyone’s face was worry concern.
    'Mommy, Can te slowed down please. You’re scary when te drive like that.” She looked so scared I felt so bad.'
    'Yes honey, Im sorry I didn’t even notice I was speeding. I been doing it so much lately I just forgot I was driving.'