Chapter 2

"No one wants her here, Jenibel." He hissed at her. "But she's your daughter!" She exclaimed.
"And? That doesnt mean Im supposed to Amore her!" He raised his voice at her.
This was unusual he never did that. She flinched at his words tears welling up in her eyes. "Dont say that." She detto softly.
He laughed at her, a scary sound. She had heard him, so she whipped back her hand and punched him in the face. "Your NOT the man I had married, Jonathan."
He glared at her. Tears streaming down his cheek. It hurt. Badly. Then his body started trembling. And..and then he disapeared leaving a big, furry, black lupo behind. And my mother on the ground..Bleeding and possibly unconscious. But, I couldnt handle it. The sight of my mother && father like this. They had NEVER fought in front of me. but then I guess I was crying because I lupo was staring straight at me. I screamed and fainted. Possibly from me being scared to death.

I woke up crying and sweating cold sweats. There was a cuscino successivo to me so I rolled over and cried. Cried hard.

All, that was going through my head was that I Alexandra Marie was the cause of all the sadness in my life. All the agony. EVERYTHING. Was MY Fault. I needed a friend. I needed just someone! Someone to care for me! I needed my mom, Jenibel. But she's dead..That thought made me cry even harder than I thought possible. I didnt care who heard me. I didnt care about anything. All I knew was that I need to let out all the sadness. I knew I wouldnt get out of here if I just kept it all in. Then, something distracted my thoughts. A tap. A tap on the door. I just stared at it. Not able to find my voice. "Darling. May I come in?" The voice said. It sounded sweet and gentle. But I couldnt trust it. No matter who it was.

"Im going to open the door now." And before I could respond the door opened. And a long, tall, and dark figure came through. Scared, I climbed under the covers of the letto I was in and whimpered.

"Sh, darling. Its okay. Im not going to hurt you. I was just..worried. te wouldnt stop crying." I still hadnt gotten from under the covers. I guess the figure had gotten impatient thinking that I was going to come out. Dumb Fool. I thought.

It suddenly pulled on the covers revealing my face. I, scared, just stared at..him. Trying to focus on who he was. Then I swallowed hard. "Cauis." I whispered.

"Yes?" He smiled. At me. I wanted to scratch his eyes out. But I smiled back, not wanting to ruin the precious moments I had to uncover some of the secrets.

Tears started streaming down my face. He was going to hurt me I knew it. He was lying when he detto he was worried.

He frowned. And reached his hand out to wipe the tears but I screamed and jumped back so far that I fell off the bed. I just laid there as he quickly came over to my side and quietly said, "Sorry." I instinctivly reached my foot out and kicked him in his private area. Suprisingly he didnt flinch o wince o anything. Instead, I heard my leg crunch and bloodcurdling screams escape my mouth.

He gasped figuring out what I was trying to do. But instead of being mad he took me in his arms and walked me to a room full of Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. with..needles. Lots of needles && medicines. I thought to myself medicine? needles? What the hell? Was this all here because I was? 'Cause I dont remember seeing this room.. Before I even got to look at the people surrounding me I feel two sharp objects dig into my injured leg and my vision begin to fade.