Something intresting happenes, just a heads up.

I distangled myself from the hugs of death. Even though I couldn't be squeezed to death, I still didn't want to be hugged. Even when i was human I didn't like dto be hugged, she always called me a 'rebel' though I behaved. Everyone turned towards the door, Edward and Alice came in.

Their eyes gloden, they probably hunted. Which I needed to do.Maybe I could go do that soon....

"You can te know." Edward, I almost forgot that he could read minds.

"I know, but I'm not sure if Alice will let me."

He laughed, "Someone might have to pry her off you."

Alice jumped on me again, holding on for dear life. It's not like I was going to leave, yet.

"I'm going hunting, I haven't hunted in awhile."

They nodded, and Emmett had to pry Alice off.

I almost forgot about Seth, he followed me out on the porch.

"Mary/ When te get back I nedd to talk to te about something."

"Sure." I couldn't possibly think of what he wouldwant to tell me but he had a guy mind, AKA unpredicable.

I started off into the woods, hoping I wouldn't get too lost. I didn't really pay attention to where I was going, I was Canto in my head, something I always do.

I opened my eyes, making sure I don't hit anything, again. I was in a meadow, I haven't been walking long so it was fairly close to the house.
I closed my eyes and walked forward, naturaly I hit something, but it wasn't a tree, because trees don't have arms. I bumped into someone.

His arms wrapped around me, I looked up startled and confused. He obviously was a vampire, but not a vampire I knew. He smiled.

"I though I was going to have to hunt te down and find te alone, but it appears te have come right to me Mary."

I froze not knowing who he was o what he wanted. Quickly he trew my over his shoulder.

Was he honestly trying to kidnap me?

I kicked and fought, with no luck, he held on. I forgot some key points, he's a newborn, recently feed. I'm not a newborn, and haven't fed in awhile, so I was weaker.

I panicked," ALICE! SETH! HELP! LET ME DOWN! LET ME GO!" I was yelling, with any luck someone would hear. I refuse to be taken, I was actualy happy here.


He only laughed and warned me if I fough he was just going to make it worse for me.

"Worse? What's worse than being kidnapped?!" I hissed.

"Aww... Did I make the pixie mad? I'm just bringing te back."