''As long as i'm breaking the rules,i'll do it throughly.Letting the chips fall where they may.''
This is part 3.I've edged it up a bit.Please Enjoy!

2:00 AM
''I just...don't know.'' Jasper and I were talking.I had told him everything that was happening.And how,i knew that I was in Amore with Bella.Even though I don't know her that well.I can tell.Though,Alice's vision,the way i feel about her.And how I feel so protective of her.
''I feel so protective of her...I've never felt like that with anyone before...Not like that..''
I was now venting. ''Huh...You know that the others may not Approve...She's not like us Edward.'' He was trying to reason.I read his thoughts.He didn't approve for a human.
I got up and left.I went to go talk to Alice.
Alice was putting close together.
I knocked lightly on the door. ''Umm...Alice.''
I felt like a twelve anno old,asking there older sister for consigli on a first date.
''Lemme guess...About the human girl.'' She detto a little smug. ''Yeah.I wanted to come see if te approved.''It was più of a domanda the way it was stated. ''I do approve.Edward your the secondo oldest her.By my visions...You two are gonna have alot together.Many things.I just had another now.But it was a blur.I could barely see it.''
She shook her head,clearing her mind.She replayed the vision in her head so I could see it for myself. It was snow.In a clearing.There werwe about twenty vampires.My kind.Like a war.I slowed it down in my head.They were fighting.Then Emmett,was biting in a neck.Then Alice..Rosalie...Esme..My entire family.And then huge Lupi all fighting these newborns.
I looked at Alice. ''What was that?'' I asked her.
''I don't know.But it probably won't come true.That's why it was a blur..''

THE successivo DAY
I stood there.Infront of the back of my Volvo.Leaning againtest it. Alice,Jasper,Rosalie,and Emmett,all standing da thee doors.Then it happened...
Tires sqealed againest the icy blacktop of the pavement.Bella turned around. Shock,fear,and più emotions crossed her face.I looked around.
Everyone had a the same emotions on their faces.
Tyler's furgone, van was skidding,across the parking lot.It was headed right to the end of Bella's truck.And she was standing in between them...
I took off.My speed so fast it couldn't even had been a blur,i was there in less than one third of a secondo later.Maybe less.I put my arm around her waist.Her head hit the icy blacktop.I held my arm out.Ready to basicly catch,the furgone, van headed for us.
The furgone, van was crushed againest my hand.It was nothing compared to my stength.My hand left a dent within the shape of my hand.I turned to her.
Her eyes were wide with fear. Then the screaming started.Everyone was yelling at once.
''Bella!Bella!'' più and più voices. ''Call nine,one,one!'' Someone else said. ''Get Tyler out of the van!'' più and più cries,came closer and closer as they ran toward us.

She was sitting up.Almost dying of humiliation.
I laughed half-heartedly.
''Bella,im so sorry.I tryed to stop.'' Tyler was saying he was sorry since she came in the room.
Carsisle walked in then.Charlie da his side.
''You and I are gonna have a talk.'' Charlie threatened Tyler. ''Are te ok?'' He asked Bella.
Carsisle was staring at me with anger,pride,and sadness. I knew why these feeling were there. Anger-because i risked all of his work to make us a average family, Pride-Because I saved a life as he does , Sadness-To think of how protective I was of her.And how barely anyone in my family had approved. He gave me an apoligetic look.
Then he turned to Bella,after her and her father had finished talking.
He asked her if she was alright.After her and Charlie left the room.
Rosalie,Carsisle,and I were in the hallway.
''This isn't about te this is about all of us.'' Rosalie was angry with me.She gave me a dark glare. ''I think we should discuss this in my office.He had his hand on Rosalie's back trying to persade her.We went in his office.
''Okay.Edward,can te please explain.'' Carsisle was speaking to me now.I read his thoughts.He was only asking for Rosalie's benefit.
''I..don't know.I told te all before...I feel protective of her.What was I supposed to do.Let her die?'' It wasn't really a wuestion it was più of a reason.