Chapter 3

My vision had faded and I couldnt feel anything. But I could still hear. Some part of me didnt want to listen. But the other half did. I tried to listen but all they were talking about was how the weather was, how I was acting, and how long the antidote would last. "Somewhere between 30 minuti and an hour." I heard a female voice say. She didnt sound friendly, instead she sounded mean, angry, and somewhat irritated.

So that made me lose interest. Really at this point I felt like my brain wasnt working. Usually I heard my conscience talk to me, o whatever that voice was, but I didnt hear anything now. I tried going to sleep but that didnt work.

I let out a big sigh. o atleast I think it was a sigh. Whatever.

Damn! I thought to myself. Ive never been this bored. So, I decided to let my mind wander. And whenever I let that happen automatically a picture of me beating up someone appeared. I didnt like it when my mind did that. But at this point it was either that o dieing of boredom.

So I imagine me gorging someone's eyes out, dismantling their body parts, ripping off their skin and much più graphic images. I shuddered and smiled at the same time. Me, my conscience, was shuddering and my instincts were smiling.

Suddenly I got my sight back. I looked around to find Athenodora, Aro, Caius, Demetri, and Jane. Demetri and Jane for if a fight broke out - which I really wasnt in the mood for - , Aro and Cauis to make a decision, then Athenodora for..Umm..well I dont know. I never really saw her.

I was sitting in a chair. How did I get here? I thought. I didnt remember even hearing feet shuffling, o anything.

Athenodora was glaring at me. It rose Piccoli brividi on my arms. I looked down. Aro stood up and cleared his throat. As if I was going to look at him I snorted. Do te really think Im going to pay any attention to this? I detto to the voice in my head. Well te should. te wanted to get out didnt you? I didnt argue so I looked up at Aro.

"Ah, Alexandra. You've proven yourself to us." He began, "But not as a winner. più of a failure." He detto the word slowly as if I was mentally challenged.

"Im not a failure." I growled. Adrenaline running through my veins. The immagini popped up again this time no one was shuddering. Only smiling.

Aro looked at me. "Oh, really? We send te off and tell te everything te need to know on how to defeat them and te come back telling me te didnt kill them? Because that my friend is what I like to think of as failure." He detto harshly, "So that makes me think of te as a failure."

I glared coldly at him. I stood up but only got halfway up when two hands pushed on my shoulders. Demetri. I growled fiercly. I wasnt going to fight but I was going to have a say in whatever they wanted.

"So how do te like your room?" Athenodora said. Her voice cold. She wasnt making small talk. I could tell she was just saying something to "brighten" up the tension in the room. "I hate it." I detto just as cold. "Oh, why is that?" Caius said, backing up his wife. "Because Im being held hostage in it." I hissed. Aro thought for a moment then nodded slowly, I was right. "Atleast, your still alive. Be thankful for that." Aro detto quietly.

My eyes widened. So did Caius and Jane's, they weren't expecting me to stay. That was obvious.

Aro then cleared his throat again to say something when Heidi showed up and detto "Theyre here." Everyone smiled. Demetri grabbed my arms and put them behind my back, dragging me to the room where there were lots of humans looking around with the frantic eyes. I gasped and screamed "NO!!" But I was too late. The lights had shut off and everything was pitch black.