A Way to Spend My Birthday

"Where are te going mommy?" asked a six anno old Bella.

"Out." she detto sadly. She has been really sad lately since daddy took a visit to her friend. "Okay. When are te going to be back?"

"Not for a while. te will come visit me one day. Jennette with take care of te for a while."

That was the last memory I had of my mother. I never really understood what she meant da out. Not until now.

As I read this letter tears were pouring restlessly down my cheeks.

"Dear Bella,

If te are Leggere this letter this means you've turned 18. I loved te very much but when your daddy passed away it was too much. I can't live life without him. I Amore him. So I am very sorry for leaving te like that when te were 6. te probably didn't know what was happening back then but he was murdered during the night. When I saw him in the morning I was broken. I hate seeing him like that. I committed suicide just to be with him. I've left te with Jennette because she is a great friend and she would never let anything harm you. I'm sorry and I Amore te very much.

Your Mother,

Today was my 18th birthday. Jennette just dropped me off in Forks an ora ago. She told me to live here in a beatup old house. "Now that your an adult te won't need me." She detto and left.

Jennette was my babysitter back then and she was my legal guardian. And I hate her very much. She was a prositute ever since I was 6. The moment my mother went out she invited a couple of guys over. She forced me to go upstairs and play with my barbies. I would always ask her why but all that earned me was a slap on the face.

I never asked again. Once I used her computer to do my project and I saw a video of her dancing with a pole. I was horrified.

So now I am here all alone in this house with one suitcase full of my dirty, ripped, old clothes. Jennette was nice when she left me surprisingly. $600.00 for me. That's enough to buy me a used bike and some food. I need to get a job.

I put my bags down and started to go to the bike shop. It wasn't too far about a mile but I could walk. I always walked to school everyday back in Phoniex.

When I got in there was a guy with blue eyes and blonde hair. He looked disgusted da the clothes I wore.

"Hi." I said. "How may I help you?"

"Can I buy a used bike?" "Sure..." He said.

"Any specific colour?" He asked as he went to the back of the store. "Any is okay." I said. I really had to buy some Cibo before it got dark.

"Do te know any grocery stores?" I asked.

"There's one about a mile away. Just keep going left." He detto and came out of the back with a purple bike covered in dirt with green strips. "That would be $101.59." He said. We went to the front counter when a sign caught my eye. Help Wanted.

"You're hiring?" I asked. "Nope. Got someone." He detto a little too quickly. Suddenly a blonde woman with designer clothes came out of the washroom. "Mike.... Why did te lie?" she asked the boy. "Hello. Mrs. Newton, owner of the Newton's Bike Shop. Of course we're hiring little lady. Your hired!" she said.

"You don't need my to fill out an application?" I asked. "Nope. No one wants the job so you're hired. Just start Tuesday after school." she detto and left to go help a customer. Mike rolled his eyes and I was smiling. He gave me my change and I left.

I got on the bike and started riding to the grocery store.

I picked up some soup, some vegetables, and some bottle of waters. "That would be 18.97." The lady detto bagging my stuff. I took them back to my bike and rode the 2 miles it took to get back to my house.

da the time I reached home it was 9:00. Great way to spend my birthday. I made some la minestra, zuppa and ate in silence. Well I had to. No one else to talk to.

I thought about tomorrow. Would people like me? Maybe if I did my hair... Oh who was I kidding. Everyone was going to hate me. Like Mike Newton.

I decided to go to sleep in my very dusty letto after I finished my soup. I dreamed of my life good. Where I had Friends and everyone didn't hate me. Where my parents were still alive and I wasn't forced to live alone.


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