When te really think about it, Twilight consists of 50% talk about how hot Edward is. 30% of the word "chagrin" and 20% other. Even my English teacher detto that it's written at a 5th grade Leggere level, to which I completely agree. Bella and Edward aren't "in love" all they're experiencing is lust, obsession, infatuation. What good does Edward do to Bella? The whole time te hear about how perfect he is. It's easy to make a perfect character, anyone can do it. Besides, according to SMeyer, Bella is an "independent woman." Well, how is she independent? All of her decisions are based on Edward and how he would react to it. In New Moon, she puts her life in danger to see some form of Edward, you're trying to tell me she's independent? da the end of Twilight this girl is più than ready to give up her entire life (i.e college, and so forth) for some sparkling freak. Oh and don't get me started to SMeyer's "Well, my Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. are più scientifical" I wouldn't get on her case if she had never detto that, but she did. How are sparkling Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. "scientifical"? They're ice cold ALL of the time. That doesn't fit. Everything absorbs body heat, even if it's an inatimant object. Pick up something, and hold it in your hand. Pretty soon,it's going to be at least at room temperature. How about how the vampire baby was concieved? That is NOT scientifical my friends. The number of chromosomes in a vampire's DNA is different than that of a human's. A baby can only be concieved if there are 46 chromosomes. Edward's DNA would have killed Bella's egg off because there wouldn't have been enough o too many chromosomes. Now all of te Twihards are going to tell me "OME stop being sooo MEAN! Edward is HAWT and these are the best libri EVA!" Okay, I get it, te lack taste, but we can fix that. Pick up some QUALITY libri and compare them to your "best libri EVA!" And please, please stop comparing Twilight to Harry Potter. Harry Potter wins any day, hands down. Those libri have a much più developed plot and people like them not because it has "sexi vampires!" But because it has lasting impressions on everyone and the protagonist is a courageous guy who really cares about people. Harry Potter appeals to EVERYONE not just to 12-18 anno old girls. I bet te if Edward and Jacob weren't "hawt" the fanbase would be gone. And yes, I have read these books, and yes, I did like them for a while so I can actually rant about them. da the way, Bella's initials are BS, which is quite ironic. xD