Chapter 19
I followed the voices and saw aro and caius talking
-hi dear Bella
-hi caius
I detto shyly
-dear Bella its great to see you!
He shook my hand.thank god he didn’t hug me I’m getting tired of that!
-oh Bella I heard your staying with us.
-for a while
I said
-well te know we will be happy if stay
-sure sure..
-oh Bella its so nice to see te upright!
Heidi detto rushing towards me and …hugged me.
Ohhhh god I hate hugs …..eee but I didn’t want to offend her and hugged her back lightly
Me, jane ,alec and rennata were sitting on a black sofa talking about everything that happened in the 100 years I was out.
When I heard a musical loud voice coming from down stairs
-oh wheres Bella??bella! Bella
Then someone crashed into the door and came in I couldn’t belive my eyes
I half shouted
-oh Bella!
He rushed towards me and hugged me and started subbing……awwwwwwww she really did miss me byt it was too too late for that
-Alice what are te doing here?
-oh! Aro called Carlisle and told him te were alive… te know what I mean… we decided to come and visit you! ……don’t te want us to visit??!
She asked pain and concern mostrare in her eyes
-yeah well maybe…….
I tried to make something up…………..
-so te just came here…..ALONE.
I asked hoping he wasn’t here
-oh silly Bella of cours not! Everyones down stairs waiting to see you.we ALL missed tou so much ,but when ever we tracked te down te would disappear to another place….
She detto her tone asking for a reply
-matt could teleport
I detto answering her unspoken question
-oh……that's so cool!
Then she dragged me to go out the door with her
-Alice what are te doing!?
-Bella don’t te want to see everyone else?!
I didn’t say these out loud I just shrugged and looked at her