i started to think of peaceful places.

''Edward.'' Esme rushed to me,as soon as she saw me. My neck treeking with blood. I had patted my neck with a papertowel to stop the bleeding. ''Emmett.'' she turned to him. Her body still angled toward me. Dissaproval in her eyes as she glared at him. ''You and I are going to have a talk.'' Carsisle came out then. He took his hand and motioned for the others to come with him. Alice and Rosalie both still staring at me. Both of there eyes looked as if they wanted to tear. Rosalie's suprised me. She had never seemed to care about me till now. I knew she didn't approve of Bella.The human. But only out of jealousy. But this had just gone to far.

Later that night,Alice and Jasper had taken Emmett on a hunting trip. Esme had tagged along.
Only Carsisle,Rosalie,and I were still here. I sat on the couch. Carsisle at my side. ''Son,i know this is hard.And the others don't aprove.But I wanted te to know that I'm proud that te have found someone. But this-'' He pointed to my neck. ''-is to far. I will try to reason with the others.I assure you. '' Carsisle looked at me. He was haveing a flash back at what he first saw when we drove up. The bit on my neck looked as if a bat had come to hunt on a human.He walked out then. His scent left a trail behind. A exhaled. I just wanted to relax. To think of peaceful places.Then maybe i could ignore the venom as it burned. It stung. I started to think of autum leaves. How they would drift through the wind. How the reds,yellows,and browns would go together in harmony. Then I thought of Bella.How her milky brown eyes stared at me.Like she saw past what I was.Even though she didn't know what I was. I glanced out the window. Then to the clock. 2 am.
I stood to my feet. My hand flew to my neck. The venom burned once more. I opened the window.I looked down. Two stories down was the hard ground.TIt wasen't a far disatnce,though it seemed in my eyes. I took my foot and step out.The wind Blew past me. My tousled hair flew up,as the wind came past me.My feet landed quietly on the ground.Like putting a book lightly on a table.
I ran.Following the moon.It lead me to body of water. The moon was bright againest the pitt black sky.As the water glistened. I climbed up the bacheca of her house. Easy. I came through her window.She lay sound asleep,tossing and turning. Moaning.Again and again. The venom stung.But I didn't care. When she's with me,its like nothing else mattered. Isn't that what its supposed to feel like when your in love?
The moon was bright againest the pitt black sky.As the water glistened.