bella's collana
He sighed.

“I was going to wait, but since I’m all for cheering te up well…here te go!” He detto as cheerfully as he could. But I could still see he was being cautious as if not to say o do anything that would easily hurt my feelings.

I don’t know how any material possession would cheer me up, but since everyone seemed to be recitazione as their opposites today, I was going to too. I sucked in a deep breath as he handed me the small package. He watched me carefully, scrutinizing my reactions.

I opened it to find a collana that was beautiful. Of course it was going to be—I thought to myself—Edward had picked it out. I pulled it out of the suede case. It was a silver heart, half the side had diamonds on it. It was simple but I could see it would mean a lot to me, and più to Edward if I wore it. I don’t know how he had time to stop to get me it, but I would mostra that I appreciated that he thought of me.

“Oh, Edward it’s beautiful!” I detto breathless. “Here, help me put it on would you?”
I handed him the collana and pulled my hair to one side.

“You’ll wear it?” He detto clearly pleased.

“Of course!” I exclaimed as he clicked the clasp into place.

The chain held the pendent just above my heart. Gently he touched the small heart, stroking the silver. And then he kissed me softly as his arms wound back around me. I lifted my arms to grasp his bronze hair. His lips slid away from mine for a short second—but before mine could slip into a pout – he pressed his back to mine, and softly repeated that two più times. It was like he didn’t want to stop baciare me, although he knew he had to.

I sighed.

“Can’t I be responsible of your self control for a while?” I asked seductively

“ I’m a little frightened of what you’d do with it if te had a chance.” He chuckled. “Don’t forget that your father is in the successivo room!” He detto smiling

I smiled widely and rolled my eyes.

“ I don’t think you’d mind one bit. I kind of forgot about Charlie actually.” I confessed
feeling a little disappointed that I didn’t have as much alone time with him as I’d like.

With nothing else to do since my homework was done, I stood up to go unisciti Charlie in the living room. But right before we were about the enter the living room, Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. He pressed his lips to mine with a passion I’ve never seen from him. Then we walked hand-in-hand into the living room—I was still breathless from his kiss— and we sat on the divano that was big enough for three people. We sat successivo to each other our hands resting on my leg. At that moment the game Charlie had been watching ended, his team won and he was in a good mood, for which I was grateful. He heaved himself off his chair again and headed to bed.

“ ‘Night! Not to late Bells.” He detto a little groggy.

“ ‘Kay Dad! ‘Night!” I detto cheerful that Edward and I were alone again. I was a bit surprised. I wasn’t for sure if Charlie trusted me enough to leave me alone with Edward. Then I remembered people were recitazione strange today and shrugged it off.

I asked Edward to get up for a moment and then laid myself on the couch. He had no choice but to lay successivo to me. I smiled and his eyebrows furrowed, and then he shrugged. Then he lightly placed himself successivo to me. He was so close I read every little emotion that flickered through his eyes. They were warm and inviting. I lifted my hand to his face and stroked his cheek. Both of his hands were in the small of my back. I traced his collarbone now leaving my hand there. Leaning my head down to the base of his neck, I began baciare softly and slowly up his neck. His breathe sped, as did mine. I giggled as I made my way up baciare his jaw and brushing my lips at the corner of his. I slowly opened my eyes to gage his reaction. His lips were slightly parted. Closing my eyes again I pressed my lips to his parting them. I could feel his wintry breathe on my tongue. As we kissed, Edward traced his hand tracing up my back. He moved his hand towards my stomach, moving slowly up. He paused there and then I felt his tongue moving with mine. I started to get lightheaded.