i can't think straight.i don;t know what is happening to me,every time i think of how to escape,every time he is telling me that he Amore me,edward's face keep popping inside my head.every time i am thinking of not being with him i feel empty.i think i really like him,no,i Amore him.

"who is he"darius shouted.

i didn't realized that i spoke the last part of what i am thinking.

"i told te before i will never Amore you.i Amore someone else"i said

who is he?"he asked angrily

"is he one of your new family?"he asked

i did not answer.

"i will kill them all"he detto angrily

"i will not let te hurt any of them"i detto to gritted teeth

"what can te do"he detto while laughing

"i can do this"i detto while bending the earth and throw it to him.it hit him on the stomach and made him flying a few yards and crashing to a tree.

then i felt a sudden pressure around me.i looked around and saw the other Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. trying to get near me but end up flying a few yards after they they hit my physical shield.the shield is really helping me too bad , i can only protect one at a time.then i used the wind to pushed them then throw big rocks at them .i also trow big fuoco balls to them but it didn't hit them and end up burning trees.they kept attacking me and i can see that darius is already furious.


{at the mall}

"alice did te see anything?" i asked alice angrily

"sorry still nothing"she detto sadly

"i can't smell her,are te sure she have been here"i said

yes i am sure, i saw her getting in here"alice detto getting annoyed

"edward" emmett called while walking towards us with rosalie

"did te find anything" i asked him

"no, not even a scent"he detto sadly

"son,edward come here i found something"carlisle shouted through his mind

i reed deeper in his mind and got what i needed.

"let's go carlisle and esme found something they are at the bookstore"i said

"ok"alice detto who's already running in human speed to the bookstore near the back door of the mall.we all followed her.

when we got there in realized one thing that this is not a normal bookstore ,it is a quileute legend bookstore.

'maybe this is why i can't see her she has been here and i can't see werewolves'alice thought

"edward hurry come in"esme said

i opened the dfoor and got inside.the smell inside irritate me a little.but when i analyzed the smell,i realized that bella had been here.

"finally edward your here jacob told us that she has been here but she left after a few minutes"carlisle said

"what did she do here"i asked politely

"she just looked around and stared at thin air"jacob said

"how do te know her" he asked

"she is our new family"emmett said

different expressions showed in his face .he settled with the angry expression.

"you all know what the treaty is about ,right?" he asked angrily

"yes we know "carlisle said

"does sam already know about this"he asked

"not yet she just moved with us yesterday,maybe te could tell him"carlisle said

"yes i will tell him and i think we really need to talk about the treaty when we have time"he said

"do not worry jacob we haven't forgotten about the treaty"i detto angrily.

i do not own twilight and the characters