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Chapter 5
(Carlisle’s POV)
My son came down to see me. Oh how joyful I was, at first thinking that he was going to try me way of life again. But he came with girl, a vampire from whom I knew from many years ago. Edward introduced her
“Hello, this is-“
“Jane,” I cut him off. “Nice to see te again” Edward looked mildly amazed. I guessed that Jane had either not told him about the Volturi, o that I used to be a part of it. Probably the former.
“Come in,” I said, breaking the awkward silence. Jane and Edward came and sat down.
“So Carlisle, I see that te are still a “vegetarian” How do te do it?” Jane asked
“Well, it’s quite easy really; all te need is to learn some self-control. Unlike this one here-“I nodded at Edward “he went on a killing spree in the city”
We laughed uncomfortably. The rest of the conversation continued like much like that, but before long, they had to hunt. I advised them to hunt outside of town, as we did not want to attract attention to ourselves. They started to take of, but I knew Jane would not look back, and as they started to leave, I held Edward back. He struggled against my arm, and I was tempted to let him go, but I resisted. I knew, even though my first instinct was to let him go, I had to make sure that he knew.
I flipped Edward onto my back and ran the opposite way. I knew that there was an abandoned castello now far away from here, but it was far enough that no one could hear him. He was calling for Jane now, with all the strength he could muster, while trying to get off my back.
“Jane, JANE!” he yelled. My cuore wrenched. I was usually the kind one. Usually I wouldn’t even take him away from his mate. But I had to make sure he knew the truth. He cried out again, and I would of cried myself if that was possible, with the amount of pain I was causing my son.

We arrived at the castle, and I put him in a stone room, in the middle of the castello that wouldn’t fall down. When I put him down he rammed into me, his eyes focused on the door, in essence, focused on the way to Jane. “Jane!” he cried out again, as he tried to get to get past me. His expression was sorrowful: the equivalent of the pain I was causing him was like the Spanish inquisition to a human: twice. I slipped out the room and shut the door just as he rammed into it, causing the whole building to shake. He cried out again: a tortured, pained cry, and this time a string of snarls and growls came as well. I sank down to the ground, ready to kill myself for what I had done to my son.

The growling and snarling finally stopped, and I let myself into the room. I would have been crying, but that wasn’t possible. I pulled up a sgabello and sat in the middle of the room, unable to look at Edward, both ashamed at what I had done, and my disgust for what he had become. After a few minutes, he came and put his hand on my shoulder in a comforting gesture. I spoke
“Edward, what have te done to yourself. Your eyes are a bright red, te are with a girl from the Volturi, you've killed, what, how many people now? Edward, I would not have changed te if I thought that te were going to turn out like this. You've become a monster. I've Lost you. And I don't think..." my voice broke off, hardly able to say the words coming, “I don't think that I'll ever find te again. I brought te here to tell te this. Jane would never let me say this”
I stopped looking at him then.
"Edward", I continued, "this girl." My voice broke off then, not sure whether I should tell him the words.
I plowed on. "Remember how I told te when I changed te that humans could not know that te are a vampire. Well this girl is part of the reason. Have you", my voice broke off again. "Have te ever heard of the Volturi, Edward?"
He shook his head. I was shocked. "Well they are the reason, why humans can't know about us. They have taken on the duty of making sure everyone follows the rules. That translates to punishing transgressors. Edward..." my voice broke of yet again. "Edward, they are the worst of our kind. They are the monsters, not only ending humans lives, but Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. as well. I believe that they would make up rules just to torture people. This Jane..."I couldn’t think of a word to describe her. “her gift...Well the Volturi keep people for their gifts. Aro, who can see your thoughts, much like you, Edward, Marcus, who sees relationships, and Jane, who.." I wasn’t sure whether I could tell him this. I just gave him a warning. "Well, just don't let her smile at you, okay?" He stood rooted to the ground. I left, and left the door open. He could go back now. He knew.

He went back to Italy the following night.
Chapter 6
(Edwards POV)

I wondered if Jane was really as evil as Carlisle had implied. She seemed to be the only good thing in, oh what did Carlisle call it, the Volturi. I couldn’t deny that what he detto was true; it explained the whole thing with Aro perfectly. As I was pondering this, she came down the hall, a fresh meal in hand. We fed, but I could sense that she was disturbed about something. She guarded her thoughts, so eventually I had to take a break from hunting and ask her.
“Jane, what’s wrong”
“Nothing!” she replied a little too quickly.
I pressed on. “Jane, I know something’s up. Tell me what it is. Please.”
“Well,” she hesitated.
“It’s kind of about…Well what did Carlisle tell te when he took te away?”
“When?” I asked, stalling for time as I tried to come up with a good story.
She let out an exasperated sigh. “Edward, te know exactly what I’m talking about. Just tell me”
“Okay well...” I was still trying to come up with a story. Suddenly it hit me “He just wanted to know whether we were planning to stay near him for a while o if we were going”
Jane laughed, a silvery, tinkering sound like bells, but immediately cut it off. In that secondo though, she left her thoughts unguarded, and I knew my worst fears had been confirmed.

She thought that he told me about the Volturi

What was so bad and secret about the Volturi? I resolved to find out, though I didn’t need to. No, shortly after this, they came for me.