Chapter 20
While Alice was dragging me to see her family I was worried what will happen when I see edward I mean after all this years ,we moved on and stuff……..ooh I'm such an idiot what can happen??? Nothing can happed if he remmembers he left ME! I didn’t leave him! So what does he wants now?.....
I was thinking hard not realizing were she was dragging me when someone hugged me
-oh Bella I'm so happy to see te look at you!!! te havent changed at all!
Then he laughed his booming laugh,awww I truley miss Emmett he always made me laugh and made fun of me
-Bella honey,how are you?
Esme came closer and hugged me and started subing
-we missed you
Then Carlisle came and looked at me with concern in his eyes and hugged me lightly
-its great to see you
He detto and patted my shoulder
Rosali just smiled at me and she seemed a little guilty about something that I didn’t know about.
Then jasper stepped closer and shook my hand this was the first time he touched me and then smiled
o.h m.y g.o.d
edaward!! What should I do?! What should I say too him………………then someone interupted my thoughts THANK GOD!!
-dear Bella! And Cullen's lets go to the hall!
Aro detto and patted my shoulder and then took my hand probably Leggere my thoughts and then smiled and detto
-your welcom!
Under his breath and left the room and I followed him to the hall
We sat there talking for a few mins and I was avoiding edward not even looking at him
I was mostly talking to Alice,Emmett,jasper,jane and alec and Carlisle and esme and avoiding edward as much as possible
-so Bella are te staying with us?!?
Jane asked me with hope in her eyes
-I think I am.
I detto cause I don’t have any other place to stay
-Bella te can stay with us if te like o visit sometimes??
Esme detto hope in her eyes too
-esme I don’t know ……maybe.
I smile at her and she touched my shoulder thanking me
Then Alice spoke
-oh Bella! Lets go and change your dress you’ve been sleeping in that thing for a 100 years!
Oh great Bella Barbie again I sighed but she was right I should change as soon as possible
Alice clapped her hands and went to bring her bag
she came back in 1 sec and dragged me again back to my room when we got there she brought out a beautiful black dress
-wow its beautiful Alice!
-you like it?!
-oh this is wounderful so try it on and come down ok??? I'm waiting!
She detto and went outside I took off my old dress and took a hot doccia and put my new dress on and thinked about a paire of black high heels and then wore them. I was brushing my haire when someone knocked on the door.
-come in.
I detto thinking its Alice but someone else came in that I didn’t expected
-you look beautiful
Edward detto and closed the door behind him
-what are te doing here?
I was shocked he is such an bas…..
-Bella I came to apologize..
I cut him off
-there's no need to
-Bella I'm sorry I thought if I leave te ,you will have a normal life…
-and I had a great life untill…….
Pain filled my eyes I really wanted to cry,….i really missed matt
-Bella don’t be sad
-I am sad! Edward!you always thinked about yourself te never cared about what I wanted!have te ever thought about talking to me and ask me if I wanted te to leave?huh? o te didn’t care what I wanted and just left me bleeding!maybe I wanted to be with te no matter what!i didn’t even care if I died the giorno jasper Lost it!because I would have died happy knowing te loved me……….
I covered my eyes with my hands and started subbing edward came to comfort me but I flinched at his touch and he took a step back pain washing through his eyes.
-Bella I knew te didn’t want me to leave so I made this choice myself I wanted te to have a big family…
-and die!
I detto anger in my voice
-no Bella at first that I met te I wanted to ask Carlisle to change but that wasn’t fair to te that would have been selfish of me
-havnt te thought maybe I wanted what te didn’t want?!
-Bella I'm sorry I made a mistake! I tried to track te down but te kept disappearing from place to place………
-Bella I Amore te I cant leave without te and these years that we were separate I thought I was dead1everyone tried to cheer me up but…….failed.
I snorted
-I guess Tanya didn’t
I detto bitterly
-Bella I needed a distraction and rose was telling me stuff like I needed to forget te live my life…….and all thease sorry Bella really I cant leavr if te don’t take me back!
He cried and held my hand