End of Chapter 9:

“Its fine Love, Let’s get back and figure this out. Love, te know te can talk to me about anything right?”
    “Yes I know. I just needed time to think without having to worry about Jasper felling my Emotions o Everyone looking at me and I think the family needed te and Neisse needs te to pick her up so I thought te were needed there più than here with me.”
“Okay but don’t be scared to ask to talk. Let’s get home until Neisse gets very worried and Alice and Emmet come looking for us.” He detto with a make shudder .I laughed.
    “Okay. Edward Cullen I Amore you. No matter how this turns out. Please don’t say anything I just wanted to say it.”I detto knowing he will say something about nothing will happen. Everything will turn out okay. Even if he didn’t believe it himself he will still say to comfort me.
    “I Amore te Bella Cullen. No matter what. te and Neisse are my life.”He said. mostrare and reminding me why I fell in Amore with him all over again.
    “I know. We should start to head back to the house until some else comes looking for us.”I said.
    “I’m happy te know and never ever forget it. I agree we should get back to the house now. He said.
    We walked/ Ran home and everyone was waiting for us. Neisse ran out the door running in my arms and Edwards. I install wanted to start crying but I knew I wouldn’t be able to plus I knew we needed to get in that house and plan
We only have TWO days left.

Chapter 10:

    We walked to the house with Neisse in my arms and Edward’s arms around both of us. When we walked inside Alice was already pulling Neisse and I into a huge hug. I could tell Edward went off to go talk to Carlisle and to give Alice and me this moment. Alice was truly upset about something. She’s wouldn’t let go of me. She was hugging me so much that Neisse asked Alice to back off because she couldn’t breathe. Once Neisse got down and left to go to Edward. I thought I was hug free but I wasn’t she pulled me into one again but joined da Esme and Emmett as well. I didn’t understand what was going on. I pulled down my shield and asked Edward what was going on. He detto they were worried about me and they were about to run after me when I ran off but they didn’t because he told them not to but they were mad because when he detto no. He also detto sorry I should have warned te but I didn’t know they were going to hug te this much. He detto full sorry in his mind and face. I detto its okay. But I’m only going be okay with it for a few più secondi then I’m just going to get tired of it. He looked at me and saw everything I was mostrare on my face and understood right away I was serious so he detto Okay ill break it up Thanks Edward I detto mostrare all my thanks and gradated on my face. After that I pulled my shield back down over my skull holding and hiding all of my Information. Personally I like being able to hide my thoughts sometimes and sometimes it’s good to mostra Edward what I’m thinking. So it works both ways. Then Edward started talking trying to get everyone off of me so I can breathe again.
    “Okay. Guys I thinks it’s time to stop smothering Bella with hugs.” He said. Looking at Esme, Emmett and lastly Alice knowing she’s going to be the hard one. Everyone backed off expect Alice she was still hugging me for some odd reason.
    “Okay, Guys Edward is right. Let’s give her space. Sorry Bella we didn’t mean to do that, we were just so worried. You’re just like a daughter to me and I couldn’t think of what it would feel like if I loosed te and for that matter any of you,” She detto looking at every one of us. She pulled me into a tight hug one più time while asking.” Are te okay?” She detto with that motherly worried and scared thick in her voice. She reminded me of Renee so much. I miss my mother. I haven’t seen her scène the wedding. I only talk to her on the phone once in a while and she doesn’t know about Neisse. That’s one of the reason why I Amore Esme so much she reminds me of my mother and so that helps so I don’t have to miss her so much. Even though I know Edward knows I miss her lot he doesn’t say anything and I like it like that. He is such a gentleman.
    “Esme, I perfectly fine. I just needed to get out for a little while. I didn’t mean to make any of te guys worried and te guys shouldn’t be mad at Edward I asked him to do it. I just needed time to be alone and think.” They all started to walk away and Edward was starting to walk to me. When I thought of something I was thinking of just few minuti ago.
”Esme?” I detto kind of like a domanda because I didn’t know how to say this.
    “Yes Bella?” She asked with some worry in her voice but she was trying to hold it all in there.
    “Esme, te can stop being worried. I just wanted to say thank te for thinking of me as one of te own daughters. It means a lot. I always wanted to tell te that I think te of my mother too.” Esme just ran to me and I mean ran we both were knocked over because she wasn’t that far away. I mean it didn’t hurt but I was a little surprised. She hugged me and I could tell she was happy that I thought of her like that too.
    “Bella, I’m so happy that te think of me as a mother. Even though I swear to te I’m not trying to replace Renee. She will always be your mother but I’m happy te think of me like that.” Esme detto this with so much Amore and care.
    “I know. I just wanted to tell you.” I detto mostrare all the Amore and care she put out for me. After that Esme let go me and walked away to Carlisle. Alice looked really upset about something and happy all at the same time.
    “Alice, what’s wrong?” I asked her. I was really worried she has this face on scene I walked in to the house. Plus Alice still hasn’t let go of me.
    “Bella, I just so worried. te are my sister and I don’t think I could live without you. I just got so worried when I couldn’t see te anymore. I guess I over reacted about everything. I’m sorry.” She looked so figure and I felt so bad. I hugged her tighter. But wait why I disappeared from her vision.
    “Alice its fine. I Amore te like a sister too. And I don’t think I could get along without te ether. Who would bug me about my clothes not being used correctly? But what are te talking about that te couldn’t see me anymore?” I asked and I was mostrare all the Amore I can towards my lovely annoying sister but that’s why I Amore her. I also was trying to hide to worry in my head.
    “I don’t know who would bug te about your clothes,” Then she looked at me and then sighed. “Bella please can te at least try to use the clothes correctly?” Then she got really sad.” Bella, I don’t know why te disappeared. Where did te go when te took off from here? Were te hanging out with Jacob?” She was truly worried now and I hated to make everyone worried about me. I just hated it.
    “No, I wasn’t with Jacob and I was at the meadow where Edward and I used to go all the time. Where is everyone else?” I asked trying to get everyone to change the subject because the no vision may mean I’m dead before they even get here. I couldn’t think of that right now.
    “Umm they went to go hunting a couple of hours from here” Edward answered my question. He knows I’m trying to change the subject and so dose Alice because she didn’t push it when she usually dose.
    “Neisse do te want to for a walk” I asked. She looked all excited.
    “Yay!!!!! I get to go on a walk with mommy.”She detto with so much excitement.
    “Love, Can I go too?” Edward asked. I think he knows I’m what I’m doing.
    “Yes that will be great. Are guys ready?” I asked. They both looked at me. Edward with plain worry and concern and loving in his eyes and face. Neisse is just plain excited and happy to be able to go for a walk with her father and I.
    “Yes mommy!”Neisse detto with so much happiness.
    “I’m ready!” Edward detto with all the same emotions in his head.
    “Neisse, I was thinking that your father and I would tell te how we meet. What do te think?” I asked. She looked really truly happy and Edward looked confused but happy that we were going to tell her.
    “Mommy, daddy I think it’s awesome!” She detto jumping up and down.
    “Okay. I was think we will go to the meadow. Where te father and I went to a lot.” I said. Edward nodded his head and Neisse was just too excited.
    “YAY!” She screamed.
    Okay then we better get going. Neisse get on my back. And we will be off.” Edward said. Neisse got on his back and we started running to the meadow that Edward and I Amore so much. It holds so many memories for us good and bad.