(Edwards Sister)
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Chapter 2: What Really Happened.

(Present Day)

I silently sat on the gently swaying albero branch with both of my pale cold legs wrapped under me. My hands gripped my sweater closer even though i couldnt feel the cold the feel of wool was a comfort to me.
The endless green in front of me seemed to go on forever as i sat watching the trees turn into a silent see of waves.
Forks, Washington was my new home. My first real home since i was a nomadic vampire and didnt fancy in staying anywhere. But here felt different più like a home. I had only experienced that once.
I was changed a long time fa back in Chicago when i was only 16. My parents had both died of the spanish influenza and my brother....edward had also died. I had been sent away due to the disease to a different state but when i got home everything I ever had was just gone.
When I did find out about my families death i was upset, i had no where to. I wondered the dwindling streets of Chicago the cold air wrapping around me and consuming me.
Sobbing i ran down a dark,cold,and damp alley.
tripping every couple of steps then roughly falling to the ground and staying there.
The successivo thing i remember is burning. Something coursing through my veins and eating up all i had left in me. I wanted to scream but when i though of all the pain my family had gone through i couldnt muster up the strength to feel sorry for myself.
Suddenly i realized it was in my neck and looked up to the glowing red eyes of a inhumanly gorgeous creature. Before i could get a better look I heard shouting and screaming down the darkened alley. The creature let go and took off leaving me cold and buring on the icey ground.
Coming out of my thoughts I cringed not wanting to remember waking up....killing people. I eventually turned into a vegiatarian vamp but the irony of the events still haunt me.
Sometimes I think about what my parents and brother would think if they saw me and knew what happened after they died. They probably would look at me with shameful eyes and shun me.
Quickly i wiped at my nonexistent tears that would never appear. I missed them like crazy, exspecially Edward. I hated when we had been seperated, me sent to the country him left behind but I couldnt dwell on the past.
Realizing my reason for actually staying in Forks I stood up on the branch and did a little fake strech then jumped gracefully to the damp cold ground. Landing with a small little crack as a twig snapped in half.
I had become interested in Forks when i heard that there was a certain vampire here. Carlisle Cullen, the ultimate "good" vampire. I had something wrong with me, well says the volturi. My eyes remain my human green. When i eat the turn lighter green when im hungry they are dark and dull. Thats just not normal.
Apparently he can tell me what i need to know and why im so different. It cant be my power, I only have one. Telekenisis. I call it the Telli ability.
But whatevers wrong with me I plan to find out. Grabbing my gray backpack i gently slid the strap over my shoulder and ran as fast as i could back to my convertible.
Arriving at my parking spot. I slid my fingers through my wind blown brunette hair. Gently feeling every strand and letting it slid through the middles between my fingers.
Throwing my bag into the back of my ciliegia red 2009 convertibile, convertible i hoped over the seat, giggling at my teenager antics. Sliding the key gently into the keypad i locked my doors. The car purred to life making me smile at the glorious sound.
I pulled out of the nonexistent parking lot and into the little dirt road that was mostly secluded. Starting my journey through Forks, I enjoyed the masses of green as they surrounded me as i drove.
"Hmmm i need some music" I exclaimed suddenly turning the dial on my dash to turn the Musica up higher.
Tik Tok da Kesha was currently on. Ofcourse being me i hummed along trying not to let my nerves over come my joy of finally figuring out whats wrong....but what if its something very bad.
I realized i had let my mind wonder and stopped paying attention to the Musica so i resumed quietly Canto the lyrics under my breath all my troubles suddenly flowing from my body.

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