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Chapter Sixteen: cuore To cuore Conversations

When we got to our room, we pushed the door open and threw our luggage down da the bed. And that's when we both fell onto the letto after closing the door. We closed our eyes, and felt his hand touch my head as if in comfort. But then everything came back to me like an old movie being projected onto a stone bacheca at school. But the strangest thing was, I wasn't looking through my eyes. I was looking through Edwards. I saw the whole thing of Ili and what had happened:
Edward was standing successivo to Alice and Carlisle.
"Tell us everything." Carlisle said.
"HA!" Ili snapped. "You think I'm that stupid!?!"
"Of course." Alice piped in and Jasper and Emmett stiffled a laugh.
"Tell us everything." Carlisle repeated.
"NO!" She yelled and then she calmed down. Jasper was controling her mind to feel guilty and explain everything.
"Tel us everything." Carlisle detto once more.
"OK! It all started..."

Then my eyes opened to see Renesmee removing her hand from my head, making me realize Edward was just watching me and didn't touch my head at all.
I sat up then, clutching Edward's arm. And then there was a knock at the door just as I was about to ask Renesmee how she got in here. But Renesmee ran to the door and flung it open to let in Carlisle and the others.
"It's time." Alice said, and I knew she meant that it was time to know everything about Ili and her past.
They closed and locked the door behind them, and I crawled up into Edward's lap as Carlisle and Esme sat on the letto except for Rosalie, Emmett, and Renesmee who stood against a wall. Alice and Jasper were sitting in chairs successivo to Rosalie.
"Ok." I answered and Carlisle began.
"A long, long, time ago, so long fa Edward wasn't even alive, nor the otheres except for me, there was this gift from below."
"Hell?" I interrupted and he nodded.
"Though it wasn't a gift to us humans, nor to the heavens above! It was a gift to the Volturi and the devil worshipers. Her name, was Ili. She came into this world at age five, and grew up like a normal teenager. Then at her ninteeth birthday, her parents told her everything! That was the deal of course, and she accepted it without any cuore breaks for leaving her friends, family, boyfriend. She just walked to the ends of the earth, hoping to find the future child she was told to find and destroy. And after living her demon life for eighteen years, to be 27 in human years, she ran across Aro, Caius and Marcus. And she liked them, and she became apart of them for a very long period of time. I was twenty-nine at the time, and when I was waiting for my birthday the successivo day, she quit. No one knew where she went, she just left. Didn't leave anything behind o any clue to where she was going, o if she was even alive. I was walking home from the store one night cause my mom needed fresh eggs for my birthday cake that I insisted she didn't need to bake, and I ran into my first true fear. His name, was Trey. Trey was a pretty good sized vampire, and he knew who I was. The Volturi wanted me, and they sent Trey after me to lend me a bargain, but Trey didn't pay attention. They wanted me ALIVE and not DEAD, but Trey turned me anyway and kept me at his house for two years. He quit the Volturi as well, and the Volturi knew it. Though since he never came back, they knew he needed time to train me. And after I was trained, he sent me away in the woods. He knew something I didn't, and he sent me away so I didn't have to be killed as well. After he left me, the Volturi killed him. And then they were on the hunt for me. They finally found me, and made me apart of there league. I accepted so I could leave a life, even if I was a cruel, cold hearted demon! And then one giorno they gave me a choice of my own: stay o leave. That was fifteen years though of being with them! I left, and started our "vegetarian" thing. I preyed on the animali that walked around in the woods, and then after a anno of doing that, I convinced myself that I was a pretty good vampire, but not good enough. So I stopped with the hunting when I needed to, and staying at home in the dark. I started to be a doctor. And after fifteen years of that, I met Edward's mom."
Edward flinched as he remembered the pain his mom and him went through. But Carlisle went on.
"And I grew my family. And when I got Alice,-"
"Ili came back." I filled in and he nodded.
"She has been hunting Alice for quite some time now, and she couldn't track us after we moved to Forks. Though we didn't know she was after Alice. We moved cause we had to stay somewhere where it was rarely sunny! She now found her scent and came after her."
"But the weirdest thing is," Alice started back up. "Was that she had tabs on us all along. She pretty much had Victoria after me, but Victoria wouldn't kill someone innocent. At the time anyway. She then came after you, Bella, only cause James wanted you. And then word got back to Ili Victoria was dead, and Ili started the hunt again, and now here we are."
I let all this sink in, and I noticed Edward was keeping me against his body, cradeling me as if I was a baby. I looked up at him to see him loomking at me. He then let me go as he felt I wanted to get up. I crossed the room, thinking about all of this and how it intertwined with all of us. I walked into the bathroom and threw my head under the running faucet to grab a swig of water, even though I don't drink water. I then spit it at the mirror and started laughing. I looked at the others, who all wore confused looks, and I collapsed to the floor.