New Moon Movie Review

On the 27 November 2009, I’d gone to Sunway Pyramid to catch the first mostrare of the giorno of the twilight saga: NEW MOON. It had been released the precedente giorno in Malaysia but unfortunately I’d changed my plans to watch it on the first giorno due to the massive crowd that were as excited as I was to watch the most anticipated movie of the year. The adrenaline was pumping in my whole body that I’d found it difficult to concentrate on my life until my desire was fulfilled and I was not disappointed after watching it. The mostrare started at 10.45 am and I managed to enter the cinema in the nick of time as I’d queued up for a snack. The entire audiences that I watched the movie with were tolerant and I found myself so into the movie that I’d never managed to finish my popcorn despite ordering the smallest size. I also rarely blinked as the intensity of the movie caught me off guard even though I’d watched all three of the trailers and several extras from America(that were never released in Malaysia despite its high demands) The plot was strong and the heart-breaking part as Edward leaves Bella made me and I’m sure that most people would agree and left me sobbing and the Amore story was so beautiful that I found myself full of pity towards Jacob Black although I’d been a team Edward since I’d started Leggere the books. The actors of the licantropi were matching exactly as I’d pictured them and their huge abs kept many girls drooling in their seats. The best part was the cliff hanging ending when…caution to those who read on as this contains a spoiler that may ruin your happy watching… Edward proposes… YES he actually PROPOSES to Bella but she didn’t reply his domanda and I’m pretty sure that most of us know her answer o there wouldn’t be the two continuation libri which are Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The only disappointment that I felt was that there wasn’t much baciare scenes in the movie but maybe it’s to keep all the twilighters dying for più in the future Film and the actress of Emily wasn’t as I’d pictured her. She was supposed to be beautiful despite the long scars on her face but I guess that they did okay with their selection. The only confusing part for me was when Bella confronts the wolves’ packs and ends up slapping Paul and didn’t end up with a broken hand as te would read in Eclipse as she had punched Jacob after he’d kissed her, Bella ended up with a broken arm. Maybe the director of the movie had forgotten to read that part of the successivo book but it would confuse audiences during the successivo movie that is due to be released on the June, 30, 2010. I was on the edge of my sede, sedile as I’d been dying to watch the Volturi scene and despite the huge change in the story, I found it entertaining and fitting to the story. The recitazione of the actors and attrici has improved well in this movie. I Amore everything about Kristen in the movie from her hair to her readable body language and her matured makeup that they used in this movie. Her emotions in this story were well- interpreted da her and I felt the pain that Bella was truly feeling throughout the entire movie. Robert was a one of a kind actor and I’d always liked him since he first acted in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. He has a godlike facial features and amazing hair that I was blown away. Even though he was barely recitazione much in this movie, he played his role well and I could capture the hardship that Edward was feeling through his acting. The most astonishing actor was Taylor who swept me off my feet with his performance and his huge and I mean HUGE abs in this movie. His dedication towards his fan and this movie was so inspiring to me as he packed 30 pounds for his role as Jacob Black. He seemed exactly like Jacob from his feeling of jealousy towards Edward and his Amore towards Bella. I still can’t believe that he’d changed so much and I would mind having him as my best friend.

In conclusion, the whole movie was a success thanks to the hard works of its director, Chris Weintz and the whole cast of the movie. Hopefully, Eclipse will be better and so will Breaking Dawn to take over the Harry Potter era but wait it already did thanks to its major fan bases from all over the world.