My Favourite Book: New Moon VS Eclipse

New Moon was a cuore breaking book and it was the first book that I’d bought to start my twilight collection despite my parents’ protest. It had a great storyline which kept readers wanting più towards the ending of the story wherelse Eclipse is the battle of two loves that would end with the ultimate sacrifice from one Amore and I found myself entwined da the power of the Amore triangolo between the major characters: Bella, Edward and Jacob.
In New Moon, Bella is fearful as she celebrates her 18th birthday with the Cullens and because of her clumsiness; she was almost attack da her vampire sweetheart’s entire family except Carlisle whom is immune to the draw of blood due to centuries of practice. To protect her life and soul, Edward leaves Bella and is forced to break her cuore in order to keep her sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza from the vampire world that he lived in. She goes on a rampage after his entire family leaves the town of Forks da doing idiotic with the help of her best friend, Jacob and his feelings towards her starts to bloom but her feeling towards Edward was unchanged as she’d been ready to leave her human life and unisciti his vampire world to be with him forever. She realizes that whenever her adrenaline is rushing in her body, she hears his voice and she keeps doing careless stunts to keep his memories alive and to know that he did exist. After a dangerous cliff diving act that almost killed her, Alice Cullen, Edward’s sister returns to Fork after she had a vision of Bella jumping off the cliff but she didn’t see her coming out of the water. After a strange phonecall from Edward who pretended to be Carlisle Cullen, Alice sees Edward approaching the Volturi, ancient royal Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. in a bid to die but they refused to do so and he comes up with a plan to reveal himself to humans. Bella finds herself forced to choose between Jacob o Edward and she chooses to save Edward with Alice. In Italy, Bella find s Edward and all three of them are faced with the Volturi. Aro, the head of the Volturi is fascinated da Bella’s unreadable and protected mind and Alice promises to change Bella in the coming future. After they return to Forks, Edward explains his true intentions of leaving Bella and he promises to not leave without her as he needs her. The entire Cullens’ voted for Bella’s immortality except for Rosalie and Edward as they knew the complecity of Edward and Bella’s relationship. Edward promises to change Bella on one condition which is for Bella to marry him first and she is devastated da his condition. Edward is reminded of the treaty once più da Jacob and Jacob is shocked da Bella’s news of her choice in becoming a vampire to be with Edward.

In Eclipse, Bella is angry at Jacob for telling her father about her dangerous motorbike hobby and she is ungrounded da her father on several conditions. Edward is unkeen for Bella’s mere request to visit La Push to see Jacob. He tells her that it is dangerous but Bella is determined to go despite Edward’s protest. Meanwhile, Victoria is still after Bella due to her mate’s death in which Edward played a significant role in to save Bella’s life. Her father, Charlie tries to give her the sex talk as he notices the seriousness of Edward and Bella’s relationship but she assures him that she is being responsible. During one of Edward’s hunting trip, Bella escapes to La Push and Jacob and her catches up on things. Edward was devastated da her surprise visit that he almost broke the treaty that his entire family had made and the following day, Alice kidnaps Bella for a sleep over to keep her sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza while Edward was hunting with his brothers and father. Rosalie tells her life story to Bella and advises her to make the right choice and to not waste her human life away. Edward reluntantly allows Bella to visit La Push anytime to avoid their relationship to be rocky. During one of her visit to La Push, Jacob kisses Bella on the lips and she punches him but only to end up with a broken wrist and Edward is angered da Jacob’s action that he warns Jacob. After graduation, Alice held a party for Bella and she has a vision of a war between the new born Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. and the Cullens for Bella’s life and the licantropi agree to help the Cullens. Bella and Edward discussed about the marriage condition and she agrees to marry him if he promises to make Amore to her even though he insists that it is dangerous if he loses control with her. They are forced to camp in the surrounding mountains to hide Bella while the war is happening. Jacob and Edward discusses about Bella and Jacob is devastated on the news of Edward and Bella’s wedding. She kisses him to keep him away from the war but he leaves her and Bella demands Edward to fight for her. Victoria appears with another vampire, Riley and Edward kills the both of them with the help of a young werewolf, Seth. Jacob was hurt as he saves Leah from a new born vampire and Bella meets Jacob at his house. He tells her of his feelings towards her but decides to stop fighting as he loves her and doesn’t want her to be hurt from fear of choosing between Edward and himself. Bella cries for days but promises to Edward to keep her promise. Edward sents a note and an invitation to Jacob for the wedding and Jacob runs away from La Push for some alone time.
The choice is extremely difficult but I would choose Eclipse as it has some cuore breaking scenes in the book like when Jacob lets Bella go and I found myself in tears everytime I read this book. It also has the element of Amore and the intensity of Edward and Bella’s relationship increases until the end of the story.