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ciao this is the l;atest chapter to the story, it is set when Nessie isfive months pregnant...x Hope te enjoy and keep your eys peeled for the successivo chapter...x

I slipped mums wedding dress over my head, it fitted perfectly. Mum smiled and sighed as she wiped a joyous tear from my eye.
“Don’t cry baby, Alice will kill us if te ruin your makeup she has spent all morning getting te ready.” She laughed looking at me with a delighted expression on her face,
“Oh mum! I am so happy; Jake is waiting down there for me isn’t he?” I asked nervously. I had felt a little queasy all morning and now that I was alone with mum whilst my other bridesmaids (Alice, Rosalie, Kate who was back from her honeymoon, Tanya, Esme, Carmen and Mum) got ready I started to feel even più nervous without having to do anything like hold still o look left. Esme was my maid of honor and I know it might sound weird but aside from mum she was one of my best friends.
My baby was growing at a normal rate and I now had a visible bump coming out of my stomach. Alice had made a few adjustments to the dress but now it fitted as if it was custom made. Alice bustled back into the room and shoved a bouquet in my hand.
“It’s time Nessie,” mum whispered as dad came into the room.
“Renesmee te look, amazing” he whispered his face shining.
The bridesmaids were already waltzing down the stairs as dad pulled my arm through his. I looked past the decorations and the rows and rows of beaming guests until I found Jake my beautiful Jake his eyes lighting up, a huge smile spread across his face. I didn’t take my eyes of Jake but whispered to dad,
“Dad, thank you- for everything.”
“My Nessie, I am always here for you, never forget that. When your mother had te I made a promise never to fail either of you, never to let te down. Nessie, this baby seems fine now but what if it hurts you, Jake won’t say anything but I know he is worried about you.”
“Dad, don’t worry I will be fine. I promise. te will always be my dad and I will always be your daughter, forever and always.” I whispered, più tears sliding down my cheeks. We stopped when we reached the altar, I reached up to baciare my dads cheek and put his hand on mine, and he then put my hands in Jakes and went to sit da mum.
I turned to look at Jake, soon to become mine forever.
The vows rushed past and alike mum and dad we had changed the line, ‘till death we do part’ to ‘for as long as we both shall live’.
When it was my turn to say I do, I looked up into Jakes eyes and reached up to touch his cheek,
“I do,” my voice was loud and clear despite the tears rolling down my face,
I do,” Jakes voice repeated after me, before I could say anything Jake took my face into his hands and we kissed. The baciare was unlike any other, it was symbolic. We were unbreakable our bond was too strong.
When we reached the outside dance floor we were greeted da hugs and congratulations. Mum was sobbing tearlessly as she hugged me first, followed da dad, then Esme and on it went until I had been passed around the crowd, clutching onto Jacob for the whole time. The Musica started then and Jake led me onto the dance floor for the customary first dance.
“I Amore you, Jake.”
“I Amore you, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, my true love.”
“My true love,” I repeated smiling,
“Did I tell te that te look absolutely amazing tonight?”
I buried my head in his shoulder as we slowly waltzed around the dance floor, when the Musica changed I felt the crowd melt onto the dance floor. We danced for ages until dad tapped on Jakes shoulder,
“May I?” he asked smiling,
“Of course,” Jake replied as he kissed my cheek and wandered over to where Bella was talking with Tanya.
Dad was a fabulous dancer but I had inherited mums dancing skills so we just stayed in a small part of the dance floor.
“Dad, I really am happy tonight.” I whispered looking up into his topaz eyes.
“I know te are Nessie and that is why I am. te remind me so much of your mother,” he paused as I smiled, “you are kind and generous and so beautiful. Nessie te know that we will always be here for you, your whole family.”
“I know dad,” I whispered, the emotion saturating my voice. The Musica came to an end and Jasper took dads place as he went of to find mum.
“Hey Jasper,”
“Hey Nessie, te look amazing tonight,”
“Thanks, Alice did it; te know what she’s like,”
Jasper chuckled; it was easy to talk around him. He was kind, funny and we got along.
“We are all here for te Nessie for all of you, all three of you.”
“What has dad been saying to you?” I asked, a smirk in my voice,
“No seriously Nessie, we are all backing you,”
“Thank you, all of you. te better get back to Alice, she looks bored.”
“Yes I should, congratulations Nessie.”
Before I could reply Jasper was gone and I was dancing with Emmet. I was sure that I was to spend the successivo ora dancing with people who were not Jake, the person I most wanted to be with.
When I was finally back with Jake my smile was radiant, huge.
“So, Mrs. Renesmee Carlie Cullen-Black,” I shivered with happiness as he detto my new name, “have te enjoyed yourself today?”
“Well let’s see, I got married to the Amore of my life, we are going to have a baby in our months and I am surrounded da the ones I love, yeah just a average boring day.” I laughed baciare him as cameras flashed- no doubted mum, Esme and Rosalie.
“What if I told te that I could make it even better,” he whispered into my ear as we danced.
“Is that possible?”
“A wedding is never a wedding without a honeymoon…” he trailed of leaving me to guess the rest,
“Were going on a honeymoon, for real? Who else knew about this?”
“Oh just a few people,” he grinned putting his hands up,
“Thank te Jake, it’s going to be perfect.”
“I know it will be,”
“So where are we going?”
“I can’t tell te but it’s a place I used to visit as a kid, te will Amore it,” he whispered.
“I know I will, when are we going?”
“Um, well Alice has wanted te to get ready an ora fa cos we are supposed to leave in fifteen minutes,” he chuckled at my startled expression.
“I better go and put Alice out of her misery,” I kissed him and slowly walked to the back door as Alice caught up with me. This was going to be the perfect honeymoon.
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