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posted by DarkStranger
Chapter two

would be good. What is another lesson for you? I thought for a few minutes
English, your?
also, maybe we can go together in a lesson?I nodded slowly. After a few minuti the campana, bell rang.
"show me your schedule"I asked, he kindly gave it to me.
"Our lessons are the same" I detto surprised
"Destiny" smiled
"You believe in destiny?"
"not very. but sometimes it seems that it has long been considered."fascinated I listened to him all day. During lessons he sending me notes,during breaks disputes and discussions.Finally, in the lunch break, we both stopped talking.
"Why don't te sit with others?"asked.
"I associate with Jessica and Mike, but then I became Friends with the Cullen, and I sat down on this bench" I answered, he nodded.
"So te like that Edward, don't you?" I blushed, he smiled secretly "sure that te like he" I nodded.
"So.. where are they now?"He waited for a reply, I tried to think.
"They..hmm.. they.." I stopped.
"They.Hmm.Where? he laughed and looked at me seriously.
"they go on holiday" my face brightened up. "Yeah, on holiday" I lied poorly Can te bring a drink?For me?" he looked at me surprised. "Please?"I asked with cucciolo dog eyes.
"You have feet's, hand's, te can go and pick drink" he smiled from my expression "then te can take soda for me too" I gave him death look.
"Not funny" I mumbled, when he laughed at me. "I have to go"
"Where?" he stead. I rolled my eye's.
"school, remember?"
"but lesion begins only after 10 minutes" he said.
"Not every one wants to laugh" I mumbled.
"You are angry?" I looked at him.
"No I'm not" I detto sarcastically "Let's make fun of Bells, she's clumsy and silly" He looked at me seriously "Why don't te laugh? te can laugh now."
"I don't want to laugh of you" he said.
"and why is that? Three minuti fa te where laughing, and now te cant? Shame on te Stefan."
"I laugh not from you, I laugh from your expression"
"What's the difference"
"the difference is."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah it is"
"Sorry, i don't see difference" I detto and walked away
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