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posted by whatupiloveyou
Sorry that it has been so long…me and my husband went on a ‘electrical diet’…which is were we couldn’t use anything electric like cell phones o computers for a week.

Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer, I don’t own twilight!

Chapter 4: Bella’s POV

The look on my mom’s face told me I should have asked later. Renee was muttering incoherent things. Phil was trying to calm her down. She looked like she was going into shock. “Mom?” I asked. I look over at Edward who was just telling me to relax and stay calm. “Why do te want to go back? te do know Edward won’t come back. Just stay here, te could be happy if te wanted to,” Renee finally said. I felt tears in my eyes, threatening to flood over. Edward rushed over to me and reached out his hand like he wanted to wipe away my tears, but since he wasn’t full Edward, he couldn’t. That made me want to cry more. “Bella!” Phil yelled, “What are te looking at.” “Oh, nothing, just thinking,” I replied easily. He gave me the eyelike he didn’t believe me. The look on Edward’s face broke my cuore even more. “Mom, if te Amore me, you’ll let me go,” I know that was the only was for her to let me go back to Forks. My mom was just staring at me.

“Fine, Bella, go, its your life, do whatever te want,” Phil detto with anger slipping into his voice. I know he cares about my mom, but still. The silence, other than my mom crying in Phil’s chest, was getting really ackward. “I’ll be upstairs packing,” I barely said. As I walk up the stairs to my bedroom, ‘Edward’ followed me. When I am finally in my room; I quietly, even though I wanted to slam it, closed the door. “Well,” I whispered to Edward, so my mom and Phil didn’t hear me talking to myself. “Why do te want to sposta back to Forks?” he asked me. He sounded really confused. I guess I never told him why I wanted to go. “Do te think Edward, the real one, will come back,” he guessed. “Well…ya,” I admit. “Well, he most likely won’t, he made a wish that he would do the right thing and keep te safe. That means staying away from you. But I think he cares about te so much he might come back,” Edward explained.

So he could come back! That was great news. “I’d help te pack, but I can’t, sorry,” he apologized. I grabbed the suitcase under my bed, half packed from coming here. All I had to do was throw the clothes in my dresser drawer and I was done. Now I had to plan… should I drive o take an airplane? “Bella,” my mom detto outside my door, “I bought your plane ticket for successivo week. I also talked to your father, he’s happy to have te living with him again.” She didn’t sound that upset. “Thanks mom,” I sighed. “I guess we have a week to waste,” I told Edward.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 week later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After spending a week alone with ‘Edward’ I learned a lot of things. He is a lot different than the real Edward. I started making a lista of things about this ‘Edward’:
    * I’m the only one that can see him.
    * He can’t read minds.
    * He can’t touch anything o anyone.
    * He can’t ever leave.
    * All in all he’s a very different Edward than the real one.

“Bella, come downstairs o you’ll miss your plane,” Phil yelled from the main floor. “Meet te there!” Edward told me. “Kay,” I replied. I grab my suitcases and head downstairs. My mom was no where in sight. She’s been ignoring me al week.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A while later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was now on the airplane buckled in for the long flight ahead of me!

Sorry about the wait…I am a total Edward fan so don’t worry he will be in the story but later…please r&r.
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