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Rosalie’s P.O.V:
Hanging out with campana, bell and Ali was fun. Of course, Alice had to drag Bella and me to Victoria’s secret because she wanted us to look sexy for the men. We went to Victoria’s Secret and bought red, pink, and lacy white bras. Alice bugged Bella to buy a pair of green and white bras that Bella objected looked like hooker panties. I laughed under my breath. But eventually Alice wore Bella down. And the successivo thing Bella and I knew we were holding langeray in line rolling our eyes at Ali’s giddiness. Then we took Bella to a salatino, ciambellina salata place to get her a salatino, ciambellina salata to settle her hunger for now. Then we went back to my awesome convertible.
We were on the highway and that’s where Ali had that “awesome” idea of her’s, “Let’s play truth o dare!” Bella sighed hard, so did I. The last time we played truth o dare it went bad. Well, that was when we played it with the guys. I think that’s what Bella was thinking too. But eventually we thought, “What the heck?” so we decided to play. “Bella, truth o dare?” “Truth.” “Have te ever had sex with anyone, besides maybe Edward?”
She thought about that for a while. “No…” but she was smiling really hard and her voice cracked. “Bella.” Alice detto warily. “Noooo….n-no…” She stuttered. I turned around and looked at her face steadily. “Are te protecting Edward?” She bit her lip, “Yes, but I am a virgin.” “How’s that possible, Bella?” “I was…umm…rape-r-r-…” “Wait, te were raped?” Bella was now crying in her hand palms. “Did te get pregnant?” Bella shook her head and looked up, her eyes puffy. That’s when I felt really bad for her, her past, her secrets. I hugged her softly and gave her a hopefully reassuring smile. My thin lips tried not to quiver at my past as well. The successivo thing I knew I was sobbing drylessly and Alice was patting Bella and my backs, confused.
Alice’s P.O.V.:
They were both sobbing now. I knew why Bella was, but I wasn’t sure why Rose was. So the first thing that came to my mind was, the past. That made my lip quiver since I didn’t know mine. So then their was three sobbers crying. We probably looked absolutely ridicules but we were too busy to notice our lipstick, and mascara. I felt weird crying over something I didn’t even know about. But I felt I had the right to, because doesn’t every one deserve to know about their past?
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