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posted by vampiress015
I was just thinking about Twilight-as always, and well I'm a little stuck, and I need your help.

So Vampires, Blood-Suckers, Leeches, whatever te wanna call 'em, they're amazing, right? But then again they have their faults: they have a thirst that water won't solve, they have to keep moving around so they don't attract attention etc etc.
But then I thought about this one, I was answering a pick about Rosalie (good pick btw teNaxx, there's a omaggio coming your way) and I kinda voiced my opinion about her mostrare everyone that being a vampire isn't that great. At the time I was thinking about her not being able to have children...and that's when it struck me, there are so many things we don't know about vampires!

Okay so following on, Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. bodies kinda, erm, freeze, that's why they don't age and women can't have bambini etc. But what else can't they do?
Warning randomess approaching, feel free to stop Leggere to keep your sanity.
Here is a lista of things that are puzzling me:

Vampires-Even più De-Human?

1. Really random, but do they need to cut their hair. If not then what if, for example, Esme got a new hair cut then later decided she wanted it long again, would it grow back?

2. So they drink blood. Surely it's got to go somewhere. Do they need to use the toilet?? If not, then what happens to the blood they drink?

3. Carrying on with the bathroom theme, do they need to shower. I'm guessing yeah, cos maybe they're not that great to have self-cleaning skin-or maybe they are??

4. What happens to them when they die? Okay so no-one knows, but other theories would be nice.

5. How long can they go without blood? Is there a 'time limit' like water and Cibo for humans?

6. Can Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. only destroy vampires. Like what would happen if te threw explosives at Edward(not that anyone would want to destoy him) would he survive, cos buildings made of stone don't survive when that happens. o are they stronger than stone?

Okay so I leave te with these puzzlers for now. I'd like to hear your views- any interesting theories? do te think I'm being a little too random? o have te had the same domande on your mind?

P.S I have been told I think to deeply about things...sorry this won't happen again, but my head was hurting :D
 Rob's just as confused as I am...
Rob's just as confused as I am...
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