I woke up the successivo morning, groggy. The sun beat down on the through a glass bacheca but within secondi disapeard behind the clouds. I closed my eyes again gripping my empty sheets successivo to me, shooting upright when I found them empty.
I heard the door close on my left. I turned my head to see Edward standing with a towel around his waist and rubbing his dripping hair with another.
"Sorry." He smiled crookedly.
I snapped my mouth closed and blinked a few times. His body was perfectly scuplted. From his abs to his pecks. His biscep bulged as he towel dried his hair.
I shook my head and finally found my voice. "No. It's fine."
He pointed to the chair that sat in the corner of the room. "Alice picked out some clothes for you. My bathrom is right here." He pointed to the door the had just came from.
"Thanks." I told him as he dissapeard inside his closet. I grabbed the clothes off the chair and went in to take a shower.
Alice, I assumed, placed everything I needed in his tiled shower. My preferito shampoo that smelled of strawberries and vanilla body scrub. I laughed at myself and figured they were something of her preferiti too.
After I was done I found a hairdryer on the counter and dried my hair. As I reached for my clothes I noticed I had forgotten the pants. I left the towel wrapped under my arms and went into the room to grab the pants. I was halfway to the chair when Edward stepped infront of me.
He grabbed on of my hands and let the fingers of his other hand trace down from my collare bone to my fingers of my other hand.
He stepped closer and wrapped an arm around my waist. His other hand floated from the base of my throat to the back of my neck.
I could hear my heartbeat in my ears as his head bent toward's mine.
Slowly his lips traced my jaw line and down the side of my neck. He looked down at me, his eyes smoldering mine. I couldn't stand it anymore.
I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. His lips were in perfect sync with mine as he picked me up and sat me down on the bed. His lips parted slightly and his tongue lighly traced my bottom lip. I pulled on his camicia bringing him down onto the letto with me.
I laid under him while he was perched on his hands and knees. He kissed down my neck again and pulled away.
"After school." He told me breathing heavly.
He pulled me up and set me back down on the floor. He handed me my pants and I walked back to the bathroom half dazed.

Alice had dato me a tight fitting pair of jeans and a low cut sweater. She had dato my appartamenti to wear insted of heels. I would have to remember to thank her.
I steped out of the bathroom looking for Edward. I looked around the room but he wasn't anywhere in sight. I walked to his closet, his door still open. Just as I peek in his arms wrapped wround my waist from behind.
He kissed the side of my neck and turned me around to face him. "You look way to tempting, but we will be late if we don't leave now."

"So what's with te and that Cullen guy?" I closed my locker and Till was standing on the other side.
"None of your buisness. Remember?" I asked as I shifted my libri in my hand and glared at him.
"Yea I know." He shrugged. "Just curious. Wanna' walk to class?"
"Actually, I have that covered." Edward walked up beside of me and smiled down at me. He stuck his hand out for my libri and I handed them to him smiling back. "See te in class..."
"Till." Till glared at Edward. Guess he didn't approve.
Edward put our libri in one hand and but one hand behind my back.
We sat down at our tavolo and waited for Mr. Marcono to come in.
"Alice called your father this morning." Edward told me. "She told him after cena te and Till had a fight and broke up. So te came to see Alice about it and fell asleep on accedent."
"Did he buy it?" I asked worried.
"On easy payments." Edward smiled.
We laughed and I felt Till's glare on our backs.
Edward bent down and whispered in my ear. "I don't think Till is aproving."
I laughed again and whispered in his, playing along.
"He doesn't have to." I told him. I placed my hand on his leg knowing Till could see. "Your place after school right?"
Edward placed his hand on the small of my back and whispered. "And te can stay as long as you'd like." He smiled and nipped my ear.
I cuoldn't help but laugh as I thought of Till's face through all of this.

"There is something going on with te and Cullen."
Till caught up with me on my way to our last class.
"His name is Edward." I told him. "And why would te think that?" I asked trying to keep a grin off my face.
"You were whispering in each other's ear, te hand your hand on his leg, and te were giggling. Not laughing, giggling." He pointed out.
"He wanted to tell me a secret." I told him trying my best not to bust out laughing.
"Secret my ass!" He yelled.
"Stop yelling class is starting." I groaned and turned my head.

Till caught me at the door leaving the class.
"What have te done with him?" He asked.
"What?" I asked as I shoved past him.
"What all have te done with him? Made out behind the school, in his Volvo?" His voice trailed off leaving other options unspoken.
I just shrugged.
"He better not have gotten te in letto yet. te wouldn't with me. So he better not be able to." Edward walked up beside me having hear Till's last comment.
"Maybe he already has." I smiled and walked away leaving him dead in his steps. Edward's hand traced across my butt and gripped it in his hand before holding onto my waist.
We reached his Volvo and once we were safely in we both let out wailing laughs.
"Oh my God." I gasped. "That was great."
"You should be an actress." Edward laughed.
We were out on the road now then rain like a sheet around us.
"I loved the squeezing my butt touch." I laughed.
He smiled. "That wasn't for him. That was for my own selfish benefit."
He put on hand on my thigh and my breathing quickened.
"What about your family." I asked suddenly aware.
"They are out again tonight. Carlisle has these Doctor's banquets he has to go to. I never have gone to them. We're safe." He assure me.
I hadn't notice we were already at his house. He opened my door and helped me out pulling me against him.
The rain soaked my clothes and he pressed his lips to mine just has he had this morning. My hands tagled in his hair as I tried to get myself closer to him. He kissed down my jaw and his tongue lightly traced my collare bone. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

I hadn't noticed we had made it upstairs untill he laid me on the bed. He hovered over me again as I slid his camicia off. My hands traced down his stomache and unbuckled his belt. My sweater was on the floor beside the bed. I hadn't notice him take that off either. I pulled away gasping for air as he kissed my throat and made his way to my stomach. I shuttered and my pants dissapeared.

I laid on his barechest a few hours later still panting. I hadn't wanted anyone the way I wanted Edward. I wanted what he had just dato me for the rest of my life. And nothing more. For the first time, I honestly believed in soul mates. And Edward was mine.