(OK recape, Jacob wants to baciare her)

I stumbled to gather what he just said. I just detto what felt right, and quiet frankly what i felt like.
"Yes," i murmed. I sensed his body come closer, His hand traced along my arm to my shoulder then my collarbone to my cheek.
His hands were so warm, soothing. i felt his breath on my lips, warming them, but intoxcating. A moment fa i had pressumed that he was going to be the one to lean in, but now, i was the one with the loaded gun, ready to fire.
I had planned for our first baciare to be shy and nervous, like kids, but our cold state and feelings sent us, o well me into a frenzee.
Stepping closerr towards him, i reached up, standing on my tippy toes.
He helped me out and reached for the inside of my knee and lifted me slightly, and finally bonded our lips. Our lips were in complete synx, rhythem. I pushed closer for more, ,for him to respond back , that made me keep coming back for more.
He sighed, and relised me, he was gentle in the closing. It was now that i felt embarrassed that i was prepared to jump him from our first kiss, while he was wanted to take things easy, which was the right thing.
He rested his head in one still drenched lock of my hair and inhaled, tighting his gripp on my leg and camicia and squezed me in closer for a hug. Exhaling.
His Chest was so sculpated, it was if i just fit right in, Like i was already moulded into him, so i place right there.
"Mmm, Bella" he whispered in my ear, his voice humble.

2 months later.

The final campana, bell of the day, snapped me out of my trance and woke me back in the classroom. Everyone was backing up, i snatched my book and pretended as if i was actually paying attention, but i know that propberly No-one was fooled.
Drifting in between the crowded hallway, with my hoddie over my Rapunzel - L'intreccio della torre hair, trying to create a security blanket between me and the students Of Forks high.
On my way out i caught the glipmse of a couple in they final embrace, saying their good-bye for the day. That was enough to get me gittered on my plans with Jacob tonight.
Jacob had wanted to comeover with his father tonight. He detto he wanted to at least see me once a day.
Charlie and Billy, were our biggest supportors, Letting us out to see each out at ridiculous Hours, long phone calls and disregaurding our forgetiveness on calling them, when we were hanging out.
There was no doubt in my mind that i Amore jacob. He was everything and più to me.
Today, while Charlie and Billy were going to be watching the Marinas game, we were going locked away in my room.
Even though dad loved jacob, he still had his worrys about our sexual life, a life that just diddnt exist. No Matter how much he loved him, Charlie still beleived that Jacob can be beated da his sex drive, I beleive that one too.
Jacob wasn't pushy on that subject, i cant even recall him even mentioning it. He just partipates in our embraces that kinda look like it.
But lately, i was starting to feel, ready, ready for him, im just not sure about him yet.
Driving home was a blurr, literally, the rain was fogging up my winscreen, but i knew my way home.

Hopping into the shower, i noticed to new growing bruise appeear between my inner tigh. oh isnt that sexy. Standing directly under the warm water , letting it wash todays emotions and awkwardness away, starting me fresh.
i reached down to grap my fragola shampoo, when a tune sound from downstairs.
oh crap,
i quickly turned off the tap and pulled of my towel.
"Hey bells, i'll just be in your room" Jacob detto from the opposite side of the door.
"Ok, ciao da the way " i heard him laugh in the distance.

Tredding to my room, watching my step, my hair was still wet, leaving a trail on the wooden floor.
i opened the door to my room. still in my towell, and found jacob on my bed, He looked irresistable.
he striaghted him at my presence.
"hey beautifull" He detto with my favourite smile, he was my jacob.
i tip toped over to him and slipped him a quick but meaningful peak, then drifted to my closet.
Picking out a random red camicetta and a pair of grey sweats, then i realised my underwear were placed on the other side of the room. I asked behind my shoulder.
"Hey jacob, this is going to be sound wierd but can te get me some undies?" I blushed. i never thought i would see the giorno where i would i evere say that to a boy.Afraid.
He gave a light laugh, But a his hand wound around my waist instend.
"You wont need biancheria intima, undies for what i've have got planned baby" he whispered , lust in his tone.
"Ohh, really," i replied while facing him and planted a kiss.
He pushed me closer, feeling his hand grow up further to my chest where the knot of my towel was.
My cuore raced.
" Are te sure? te really wanna do this Jacob?"
"Yeah, i want to prove how much i Amore you" he said, while looking straight in my eyes. Like he was seeing into my soul, to see who i really was, and his eyes portrayed that he loved it. He loved me.
He slammed me into the bed, where he hovered above me. he slowed down and looked down at me.
I knew what this meant. I looked down to the knot of my towell.With a shaky hand i undid it.
I have always been scared about what people had thought of my body and now with jacob, he only tripled it, i want him to enjoy this.