I skipped Jacob's chapter to put Bella's chapter in...Jacob's chapter will be successivo though.

Chapter 14. (Edward)

I stormed off the porch. I was going to look for no matter what. I found her. She was with Jacob and Leah. Leah? They heard my presence. Bella snapped her head up. Leah and Jacob growled. Bella tried her hardest to looked away but she couldn't. What's wrong with her. "Jake." Leah started. Her expression softened. Jacob looked from me to Bella then back to me. What!?!? I'm seriously confused.

Chapter 15. (Bella)

I couldn't help not to look. "Jake." Leah said. Jacob looked back and forth from me to Edward. "Someone has to tell him." Leah detto to Jacob. "Tell me what?" Edward asked. "You see the way she's looking at you?" Jacob asked as Edward nodded. "It's obivious that she imprinted on you." Leah told Edward. I strode to Edward in a few seconds. I took his face in my hands. Ew. He really stinks. I wanted to wince but I couldn't.
He bent down and kissed me.

I know within a couple of weeks I'll be as tall as Leah and I'll tower over Edward. Hmmm. Maybe this is a mistake. "Bella I have to go." Edward detto walking backwards into the woods. "Bella maybe we should go get your clothes now?" Leah detto to me. Thank god for Leah. I mean if she wasn't a werewolf I don't know where I would stay. I'm happy she cleared things up with Charlie so I can stay with her for a while. I wonder when I'll see Edward next.

Leah and I jogged into view of my house. I ran inside and grabbed a bunch of clothes. I darted out and we were headed to Leah's house. Her house was nice. It wasn't to big and it wasn't too small. She had this extra room just for me. Leah and I could be like sisters. Just thinking that
made me think of Alice. Me and her are like sisters. I sighed. I jumped in the shower. When I was done Leah yelled through the door. "Heyy,
Bell, we have to run patrol. Hurry up."

I didn't bother drying my hair. When i'm running around it will air dry. I ran out side with extra clothes on my ankle conected to string. Leah was running right successivo to me. 'Split up.' I told her. Leah nodded her head. The scent hit me like a wrecking ball. Ew! It has a mix of the cullen's scent. It must be the Denali clan. I followed the scent. 'Bella wait for us.' Jacob told me. 'I got it. I know these vampires.' He growled.

I saw them at the treaty line. They sensed me behind them. 'Bella, n-' I phased back so they know it's me. Plus the pack will need a spokes person. I threw my clothes on. They were whispering to each other when I came into veiw. "Tanya, Kate, Carmen, Elenazer nice to finally meet you." They looked at me like I'm crazy. "I know te don't know me but I would have meet te sooner o later. I'm Bella." I held my hand out for them to shake it. Someone growled. I knew it was Jacob.

"I'm Tanya." The fragola rosa haired girl detto shaking my hand. "I see your going to see the Cullen's. Tell them I detto hi for me will you?" She smiled. "Of course I will Bella. te know your name sounds familiar. Are te Bella Swan?" I laughed. "Yes I am. How did te know?'' This time
Tanya laughed. "Edward has mentioned te a lot. I didn't know te were so pretty." Carmen to my guess spoke up. "Tanya, we better get going." Tanya nodded her head. "Nice to meet you. I'll see te around. Bye, Bella." She detto before turning around and running full speed to the Cullen's. I wonder if she'll tell them I detto hi. I phased and everyone was there to yell at me.

'Bella don't do that ever again without me being right successivo to you.' Jacob yelled.

'What if they hurt you?' Jared shouted.

'What if they attacked you?' Leah growled at me.

Sam seemed upset with me. 'Bella, I know that te know them but please don't do that ever again. We could have Lost a sister.'

'You could have but te didn't.' I detto to him in my head. 'Now if te don't mind I'm gonna go to the station and go see Charlie.'

'I'll come with you.' Jacob told me. Great!

Jacob and I phased. I found my truck at the hotel. Jacob and I got in it and drove to the station. I had to apologise to Charlie for leaving him. And
Jacob knew that I had to talk to him sooner o later.


I hope this was long enough...Jacob's chapter is next.