He did as I asked and sat on the opposite divano from me.
“Do te remember what I told you?” I asked his eyes were so red it stunned me.
“Yes te told me what I was that true? Am I a vampire?” he asked leaning closer.
“Yes” I put my head down ashamed of what I’ve done.
“Cool” he seemed to be pleased.
“Pardon?” I wasn’t sure if I had heard correct and had to check.
“Cool I mean I looked in the mirror and now I’m beautiful I can unisciti the army and not be destroyed is I got blown up. I can live forever” I sighed he sounded so happy it would be a shame to break his excitement.
“Edward” I walked to where he was sitting “that’s the thing. Your beautiful because te attract your pray with it. te can never unisciti the army as te have dato the reasons yourself and living forever I haven’t found a down side to that” apart from living and eating humans then not being able to kill yourself for hating what blood made me want to do.
“Wait what!?” He jumped up with such speed it shocked himself at first but then he got over it – quick mind – “I will want to destroy to hunt humans? I – I don’t know what to say” he sat down “I hate the thought of that and not being able to kill myself because of the thought of me hunting killing humans is hard”
“I know” I played when I first turned back for him every moment “you see I have found another way to hunt and survive without hurting another being”
“But that seams hard and WHY IS MY THROUT BURNING!!?”
“Hunger, thirst, desire” I detto the word slow making them sink in.
“No it can’t be I hate blood I hate the sight of it how can I want it now?”
“Things change Edward te must know that”
“Yeah I do I guess it’s just there so much room to think! Like right now I’m hearing your thoughts thinking of the speed the excitement and also of hunting and killing. Not remembering the past. And my mother and farther?” the end of his thoughts sounded like a question.
“Edward I’m so so sorry but there is no way to tell te this. But your mother and father died that night te were changed. Of the Spanish influencer” I placed my head into my hands.
“Mother and farther are gone? Suddenly this whole new lift doesn’t sound as good” he moved his hand threw his hair. “Is that why te changed me”
He could see the answer before I even detto it but I thought I would say it anyway “yes” taking my head out of my hands I added another reason “I thought it would be better for us both I mean te looked so weak and fragile and young so te needed a secondo chance but had no one else with te so. And also I had no one either I was lonely” looking deep into his eyes “I’m sorry”
“Why do te keep saying sorry?” he asked looking confused.
“Well it’s just”-
“You regret turning me” he saw that part threw my head but he didn’t see the real reason
“No well yes I can’t lie but the truth is that I don’t want te to regret me changing te and then hating me Edward I don’t want te to be like me regretting this life”
He surprised me da sitting successivo to me “I won’t regret meeting te Carlisle Cullen”
That night we ended in silence and that’s how it went for a week.
I loved working at the hospital. I mean I hated leaving Edward he slipped up a few nights fa when someone cut their finger and he had gone crazy. He hated himself for it. I had explained to him that it would be like that for a while now until he learnt to control it. He just nodded and went back to his book. Wuthering heights he found the vulgar book in his dad’s belongings and thought to read it. I wasn’t a fan of such book the characters confused me.
So when I arrived back from work I wasn’t expecting what I found.
“Edward what have te done?!” lay there in the middle of the floor was a man drained of all blood. With Edward over another.
“it was hard Carlisle but I have an idea it isn’t so bad if they were criminals right? These two were around the corner making a woman back against the bacheca it made me angry so I grabbed then and headed here were the tried to shoot me made me angrier so I killed them. That isn’t bad is it? No one will miss them” I could see he had thought of this a great deal but I couldn’t help but be disguised
“You’re disappointed” he read again.
I nodded
“they are still humans I’m sorry I can’t tolerate this”
“Fine then I’m out of here”
“You don’t have to leave but just stop”
He didn’t even glance over his shoulder but a snarl came which sounded too much like “no never”.
I had to get rid of the bodies quickly but where?
The morgue
No one would know
Well at least that’s what I hoped.

hope te liked it and thanx for the commenti keep them comming :) hehe sounded wrong lol