Dear diary, 4th may 2010)
as this is my first entry i am going to tell te about our family. obiously we are Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. and there are nine of us all together. bella and edward with there half vampire daughter, renesmee, emmet and rosalie (about to get married! again) carslile and esme, who are our adopted parents and me and jasper. renesmee just celebrated her 6th birthday (to my delight) and i gave her a diary. as she was filling it in she suggested that i got one two. well.. me, her and reluctant bella went shopping and renesmee ran off. of corse i wasnt that worried, shes half vampire. anyway she came back with a really cute superiore, in alto for me and a diary! at first i thought that i would pobally never have a chance to use it but im already exited for my successivo entry. we started a new school today, quite close to forks but far enough away that people realise weve became younger since our precedente school, it was amazing. jazz, emmet and rosalie are in most lessons together but i have jazz with me in chemistry and history, im also with rosalie in maths but we just secretly hid fashion magazined under the tavolo so the teacher couldnt see, bella and edward are together in all there subjects and they are in most of mine too but since nessie started hisg school with us, she sits with me cos i made sure i was in most of her lessons. ok so heres the story we told them, edward, me, emmet and nessie are all siblings jasper and rose are twins but bella is esmes long Lost neice, clever isnt it, we were gunna make it so she was mine and edward real sister but it would just look wierd when edward and bella suddenly start baciare at the end of the day. we didnt all go to school, only jazz, me , emmet and rose went today cos the others havent been hunting in a while, ok well i have to go, jazz is coming! write soon

alice x

dear diary (5th may 2010)
wow today was a very buisy day. bella and edward came back from there cottage after being in there for two weeks solid! after a giorno renesmee had became a little disturbed about the noises she was hearing and came to stay with us. she's been staying in carslile and esme's letto becuse mine and jazz's was........occupied . and as for rosalies and emmets i'd be suprised if theirs was ever unocupied. haha anyway, last night i was....buisy, and i heard quiet sobs coming from downstairs. so, as te do, i rushed down to find rosaile curled up in a ball leaking tearless sobs. i wanted to get someone to comfort her but everyone exept me, jazz and nessie, were all out hunting and i wasnt the best one for cmforting, also jasper has been officially banned da roaslie to interfeer with her feeling. im sure she detto something along the lines of "Jasper, if te ever do that again te wont be any state to do it to anyone again!" i think jasper got the message after that. nessie had come down and had sat carefully beside her auntie before touching rosalie carefully on the cheek: whatever she showed her made rosalie calm a little the bury her face into ness's long lock of brown hair. "rose whats wrong?" nessie asked in her Angel voice, but rosalie just shook her head and smiled.
"dont worry ness im fine, im just over reacting it doesnt matter, i cry about it every now and again but its silly, please dont worry."
just then emmet sped into the room and put his big arm over rose shoulder. its not often that te see him actually looking concerned, he usually has a face like a mischevious collage boy, but today he gave her a sweet smil
"rose, please dont cry" of corse we cant really cry but we are so used to pretending to be human, we always just use human phrases, makes it a lot easier. he pulled rosalie into a tight hug and resting his chin on her golden curls. i moved out the room, i could tell when they wanted to be left alone. unfortunatly people dont seem to see it unless i tell them. like everyone thinks of me and jazz as a sweet couple, who dont really mostra our feelings for eachother in normal ways: well yes thats kind of true, but he does tell me just in my head and he has ever since i met him its like a private joke, he thinks of something he wants to say to me, then he gives me this adorable look with his gorgeous eyes, secretly telling me that i should look into his future and see what he says. i know it sound confusing but i just think its adorable. not even edward knows, its like our own little secret. but i always say things to him back but just so quite, even Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. wont hear.
anyway, after rosalies little upset, bella and edward emerged from the half broken cottage. looking very smug yet also a little guilty. i could just hear emmet shout "so te two finally emerged, had the letto turned to dust yet o have every sping in the poor mattress broken?" then edwerd and bellas identical snarls before he continued " just saying there must be some reason why te suddenly decided that te would come back to reality" *more snorts of laughter* then suddeny both bella and edward snashing emmets huge body into the window before edward realised what he had to to emes window and shouted "oh crap!"
"Daddy, why are te shouting at uncle emmet?" he was only asking a simple question." nessie quetion in her high chiming voice, and rosalie burt into a burt of laughter before turing round to see edward stood about 2cms away from her face. of corse i was watching this now, i was also waiting to break the news to bella that she would be accompanying me shopping later. anyway edward didnt reply propery to ness, he bacicly detto something like " ness...he was trying to be..........he ment it in... a.........oh never mind, nessie, wait till your older." te could hear emmets laughter still as he went to hunt, as rosalie quickly sped of after him. haha it was a funny giorno especially when esme decided it was time for edward to learn a few things about her windows: after being covered in nasy human food, they dont taste very nice when te have to clean the all with your tounge. ewww. it made nessie laugh though as she was huddled in bellas arms. well im going to go now because im kinda hungry and jazz promised me that we could go and hunt something exiting today; im really exited i had a vision.... but ill tell te about that tomorow.... it keeps dissapearing and re-appearing again so i dont know.

cya later diary!


dear diry (6th may 2010)
oh wow it really happend, hang on ill save the best last, well my vision didnt come true that night but it did today. jazz suprisingly mannaged to sneak up on me whilst i was ordering clothes online and gave me this little red box. omg i thought, and when i opend it there was a tiny diamond ring inside, for some reason me and jasper oly got married once, i dont know why, probally cos we kinda didnt need to but he knew how much i'd fallen in Amore with planning weddings since bella's "oh my god jazzy!" i shrieked and swived around in my chair to face him before leaping into his arms as he kissed me. he stopped after about five minuti and detto " i take it thats a yes then?" giving me his adorable smile. i was so happy to bad that when i went to school i would be un-engaged again. he seemed to see that in my eyes and grabbed the ring out of my grasp then slid it onto my finger. "jazz, im gunna have to take it off in a minuto to go to school and te know how hard ill find that." i pouted "dont then," and he brushed his fingers through my shrot hair then returned to baciare me the baciare lasted a while and it seemed to say everything he wanted to tell me in it. i got a vision of me sat in school mostrare off my ring!! oh my god, i was going to tell everyone! everyone, a public wedding! id never had a public wedding only a little one when we first arrievd with the cullens that was it. this is going to be my first real wedding! i wanted to mostra jasper that i understoood now so kissed him as passionatly as i could i didnt want to stop and it was obious he was reluctant to but we pulled away from eachother when we heard a forced cough come from the door way. oh well that was embarrasing, 7 Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. all watching te baciare your boyfriend/husband/fiancee its still kinda wierd, edward gave me a quick smile and everyone else looked shocked "what te never seen me baciare anyone before?" i teased playfully. "of corse... but not in a very long time, whats the news?" esme said. how could she possibly know there was news unless... edward. i gave him a mind telling off the shone my beutifull ring at them, l felt so happy and i knew that it wasnt because jasper was forcing me to be, and jasper seemed to sence that too because he came up behind me and wrapped his arms round my waist then playfully kissed up my kneck as i showed of my beutifull engagement ring.
on the way to school it was great, at there was now nine of us and jake was meeting us there, we had to take 2 cars, i rode with nessie, bella and rosalie. oh i forgot to mention although te probally already grassped this, nessie looks the same age as me and bella, infact shes exacly the same height as me, to my delight becuse edward cant call me to small now without insulting hi daughter! ha. ness was sat in the front with rose (they seemed to get on really well, as well as ness copying everything jake does, he is determined to be like rose, which everyone thinks is really sweet, bella went of the idea when ness asked if she could dye her hair the same colour as rose's, i think she fount it a bit offencive as bella has exacly the same colour as nessie, but bellas hair is forzen at waist lenght where as nessie's ripples right down her back. we dearnt cut it becuse we dont know when she will stop growing and when she stops, it wont get any longer, yet carslile has a feeling that even when she tops her hair will still grow and she will be able to sleep, eat human fod and still have kids. so were not too worried.
bella was sat there determined to make me tell her everything about how he proposed but i wasnt spilling, so i sat and daydreamed five minuti into the future to watch jasper. belive me i was going mad but hey. im in love. its not a crime.
secondo giorno at school and frist for bella, edward and ness, yet we still walked through like we owned the place, everone stared at us and we walked over to the cafateria tavolo in the corner. edward kept wincing. obiously people were thinking kinda sick thoughts. bella seemed to see it too so took his had to distract him who where they about i quickly thought to edward. he checked nessie wasnt listening (she seemed distant from us watching all the boys staring at our table) "25 boys are all thinking thoughts i dont want to even discuss about rosalie, whilst most girls are just geleous" rosalie looked very smug in the corner as emmet quietly growled and put his arm round her "oh hang on it dropped to 17 rose as emmet did that, and emmet te Lost 5 girl ratings," he announced smug "alice youve got 19, jasper 15, emmet 17, bella, 19, renesmee had 19 too. so very good scores this year, i have 18 because they dont seem to relise im with bella, hang on" he leaned over and kissed her. very mature, not. "my rate had dropped a lot ive only got 8 but another 30 dissapointed ha!" we did this at every school. got edward to pick through peoples thoughts and say how many are very sick. its quite funny. but class was even funnier.
my first class was with jazz and nessie so we sat on a bench where there were three, and this boy came over to our tavolo befor jazz sat down; "hiya ladies, do te need mostrare arond, o maybe you'd want to go out some time?" i could hear nessie silently laughing under her breath and she turned to him and detto sweetly "hello my name is renesmee, nessie for short, sorry but im taken" she gave him a smug looking smile and walked up to the teacher to ask what to do, thats when he turned to me " so do te want to come?" i was about to just say no. when i rememberd my ring. i just simply held it up. but he took it wrong and grabbed for my hand, thinking i wanted to hold hands, but he felt my skin and i pulled away. i must have done it to fast because he was holding a drink that flew straight into my face and all over my clothes. "ewww!" i shrieked and jsper ran over in his human speed. "what the hell are te doing to my fiancee?" aww it sounded so sweet, but still i was soaked, not that i could tell, but eveyone else could.
"yo....your fiancee? ok um sorry man..." and he ran off. i laughed at that as the teacher came over to help. " hello te are alice i pressume? she detto looking at me. she's quite tall with her hair floppind down her back. "yes miss." i relpyed nerveously. not that i was nervous but i'd practiced this lots.
"ok then miss cullen? i see Tony had spilt his drink, im very sorry about this, he's really a very nice boy. now your sister informs me that te have coverd this topic, am i right. (well obiously.... ive coverd every topic più than 50 times!) "yes miss quite recently. is it possible that i could go and get changed i think my sister has some spare in her locker" i gave her a sweet smile and i felt jazz making everyone around him happy. but then she turned to him
" ah im sorry i cant remember your name, are te the miss cullens' brother?" jasper looked at her quickly then replyed "no im alices fiancee.." wow he must like hearing it detto too!! especially to tell the teacher. wow that boy has nerve. i mean im a vampuire for crying out loud and she's scaring the hell out of me. but the teacher merley smiled.
" wow its very young for te to get married, i know its got nothing to do with me, but are te sure te dont want to wait a few years?" haha wait a few years. it doesnt matter how long we wait were not getting any older. infact ive waited over 100 years i think i deserve my wedding. so stay out of it mrs nosey. of corse jaspers words were so beutifull i had to stop myself crying
"thank te for your concern mrs, but alice is everything to me. im going to marry her sooner o later so why wait. i made this up a long time ago, and we just feel ready now. ive loved her for many years too so please dont worry about us rushing into this," trying not to cry i looked up at nessie who had appered successivo to me. she gave me a loving smile before i butted into whatever the teacher had been saying at that particular time. "since ive covered this topic and its almost luch do te think that i could go find my sisters and see if they have any clothes spare?" she looked at me kind of in a trance then quickly nodded her head and i dragged nessie and jaz with me. once in the corridor i pushed jaz against the lockers and kissed him. a lot. i could hear nessie's quiet complaints but i really didnt care. "aw jazzy, that was so sweet, and te detto it infront of a teacher, you'd never met!" he pulled me into a meaningfull hug and rested his cheek on my hair. before baciare it and answering. "alice..i Amore you"

Dear diary (may 7th 2010)
    oh wow yesterday was amazing! Ive never had a better giorno ever. After jazzy finally stopped baciare me I ran home and changed where I found bella sat on my bed. Bellas my best friend so she knows what im like. “your confused arnt te alice.” the way she detto it made it sound like a statement. And it was true. I was so exited about everything that I couldnt think straight. I mean I can usually controll myself around jazz but today I couldnt, I just wanted to melt in his arms and not care about anything in the world. I was megga exited. Never had I ever been so nervous. I mean last time was such a long time fa and it wasnt really a real wedding with fiori and a party. I needed everyone to help me. Usually when I know theres a party coming I get so exited I dont let anyone plan but now its my wedding I am just so nervous but exited at the same time. I looked over at bella who seemed to understand me, “alice stop worrying, you'll be fine, believe me you'll be back with jasper in about ten seconds. And dont worry I know how it feels when someone proposes to you, your mind just cant stay in controll and all te want to do is stay with the person te Amore and never leave there side. Ive been there alice” oh my god, I swear shes getting some mind readin lesson of edward o something. I gave her a quick hug then we sped of back to school.
    Through lunch I felt strange. And I started to become myself again. I held jazzy's hand the whole time and decided to cut afernoon classes. With jasper of corse. There was emmet making kissy faces at me, sadly nessie had wanderd into emmet out of class and blabbed it to him that we where baciare in a hallway so of corse he would blab it out. Rosalie was smiling sweetly at me whilst edward began ranting on at how I had apparently told nessie to cut class. “alice.. renesmee hasnt learnt stuff we have so she must stay in class, dont drag her out again o ill smash up your porche!” bella just rolled her eyes. I was feeling better, back to my old self again. So when lunch finished me jazz, rose, and emmet went home to find a big smelly lupo stinking up the house. “eew what have te been here like 3 days and its stinks!” jake moaned
    “oh great the wolf,!” rose complained as she walked through the door and threw her bag at jakes head. Then we sat through a series of blonde jokes that seemed to annoy rose slightly più until she ran to the nearest negozio and bought an electic dog collare with thick chain lead (dont ask where she go it from) she then attaxhed it to jacob and tied him to emmets jeep. Unfortunatly emmet wasnt to happy when jake became lupo and dragged the jeep into the nearest anatra pond. Haha then jake had to run. Oh well at least he got his exersize! Nessie got home first and squealed when she saw jake “jakey... oh I missed te so much” they then sat in the corner huggung and nessie mostrare him all her thoughts. Edward still reminding jacob that shes only young although she could easily pass for eighteen. I felt kind of sorry for min having to read his disturbing thoughts when he was trying to steal his girlfriend and now when he has imprinted on his daughter. Rose and emmet were thinking of adopting but then we thought of the many concequences, jazz'z pain he'd have to go through as well as the risk of anyone else, they where also thinking about the fact that they would grow up and die within no time at all to us. So nessie sweetly offerd to play that she qas her mum for the giorno but rose thought that bella may dissagree. As the giorno went on I finally thought that I would go sit da the lake and just think, I stayed for a few hours until jazz came behind me and pushed me in, before jumping in after. He told me he'd do anything for me and was prepared to live to please me which I thought was really sweet. Then he started to appologise for everything he's done wrong which made me feel a little sad cos it wasn't his fault. So I gave him a qucik baciare to tell him to shut up then grabbed his hand, entwined our fingers and dragged hin of to hunt.
    It doesnt how many years practice I get I always end up covered in blood! Everyone has there own style. When nessie was in letto and jake was looking after her. The others joined us. It was great, we hadnt been all together for a long time so it was really strange. Bella and edward were chasing a herd of deer whilst edward manages to get a bit of blood on his superiore, in alto and thats it, whilst bellas dress ended up ripped and blood stained, carslile, esme and rose all eat perfectly, especially rose and esme who are so dainty when eating, at they finish with not a spot of blood anywhere. Emmet, well anyone can picture emmet. Coverd in mud and blood like some savage wild man yet rose seems to find it attractive..... jazzy is kinda clean but like me gets his had and his face coverd. But then again, te either need lots of practice o te just need to care avbout your apperanace wa too much.
    Well im going now. Write again soon

alice xx

dear diary (june 20th 2010)
im soo sorry i havent written in a while but ive been soo exited!! its my official wedding in two days and everone is exited. i took nessie and rose with me today to go party shopping whilst esme decorates the house. of corse when i get back i will alice-ize it all! mwahaha. my dress is awsome (and my opinion so much better than bellas) but it looks great on me. i have officially been banned from the future da jazz and edward. jazz has instructed edward to watch my thougts to see if i peek but i wont cos he threatend to postpone the whole thing to change everything about it! i dont see the point im always loyal. mostly. oh im so nervous jazz has gone to his bachelor party with the guys while i have four other girls yanking at my hair. i dont see the point its not till tomorrow but were in the middle of a game of truth o dare. nessie first: "nessie truth o dare?" rose domanda
"truth!" she chimed.
"ok.." rose began "whats the most discusting thing te have ever seen.."
"hmmm.. oh i know... last night when i woke up and went to ask mummy something....."
"ook moving on!" bella shouted over her. and everyone burst out laughing, if bella could still blush she would be so red right now. te could also hear the distant laugh of emmett, followed da edwards angry hiss. quickly followed da bella buring her face into her pillow.
"never mind ness, mummys being a spoil sport," i chimed in, "ok alice te answer the domanda then, whats the most discusting thing te have ever seen?" bella asked playfully, she knew exacly what it was as i had secretly told her last week. "well i saw a vision of emmett mostrare rosalie that discusting purple lumps that had grown on his back...." rosalie Lost her grin and looked horrified. "... i mean that was pretty discusting, i think it was from that poisoned grizy he stupidly decided to feed on" i detto in a matter of fact tone, this time hearing edwards booming laughter along with carslile's and jasper whilst the loud cracking sound of someone, i think edward, being thrown into the nerest tree. "your welcome emmett, no need to be ashamed any more!" i shouted loud enough i knew he would here
well that was funny i just wanted to be with jazz. of corse i would be. i have to go now, being dragged away da 4 vampire girls, cya for now

alice xx

dear diary
wedding day!!! everyone i know is coming, unfortunatly that stroppy lupo girl, uggh, anyway we have a lot of guests, everyone who came when we asked for there help when nessie was practically sentenced to death, the whole lupo pack, all 17 of them, charlie, renee, all our old school friends, and many more. but there was something that bellas was going to do.. tell charlie the truth. everything. i couldnt understand why but i think it was because she was fed up of trying to explain how ness had grown from a baby to a 17 anno old in only a few years. so she was going to tell him before the wedding.
"dad, come here a minuto we need to explain something... well first have te noticed anything strange about me and the cullens?" charlie merley looked at his daughter like she was crazy "well apart form the fact that none of te look any different then no." he replied quickly
"well yes dad but thats not only why..we dont grow because we are different now before i tell te must promise me te wont freak out o tell anyone if te do te could be killed te understand?"
"bells are te threating me and saying i will die if i tell anyone!" oh boy he was soo getting the wrong idea..
"dad no.. right just listen. renesmee is my real daughter, i mean blood releated, but i didnt realise that people like edward could have kids at the time. so when she was born.. she almost killed me.. id already chosen to become like edward and now he had no choice, i would have died. now im stuck at this age for ever. i dont eat normal food, i never sleep, and i.. hmm how should i put this i.. i drink animal blood." she looked scared and charlie looked merley shocked but it suddenly turned into annoyance.
he glared at edward and began to scream "you almost killed my daughter, then turned her into some vampy thing.." he was shaking now "i take it thats what te are then some kind of bloodsucking vampires!" he was losing it so bella went up to him and hugged him "he couldnt do anything else dad, i'd chosen to become a vampire ever since i met edward but he wouldnt change me, were still ourselves but we have to drink animal blood, we never drink humans, even though were supposed to, we do out of respect to mortals please calm down" he seemed to calm a little after that so he looked at us all and asked the ususll fairy tale vampy questions. after a little più talking and complaining, he seemed to be quite happy about it. "congratulatoins bella, i cant belive te didnt tell me ness was yours and edwards, i mean te kinda did but didnt as well," he promised not to tell and seemed to be ok with the idea. now time for my wedding!
i spent three hours getting ready, so nervous that i couldnt controll my shaking, finally after being dressed up da my three brides maids, they finally left me to think. i was so nervous but i had no idea why, it was jazz, i was alice i was never nervous but trouble was, today i was, and it was scary. i suddenly found myself being dragged out to an amazing strange looking limo. it was different though cos it went like 200mph and was amazing. we were there in no time and i found myself staring at jazz, dry tears in my eyes, until i was stood successivo to him ready to say our vows, the rest was kind of a blur as my whole attention was on jazzy and vise versa. until we started dancing and he rested my feet on his toes, making me feel like a little kid on my dads shoes. but he was adorable and his stare made me want to melt into him it was amazing. i danced with everyone but was relieved when da the end of the giorno i re found myself in the arms of jazzy. oh i forgot to say.. the wedding was on a gorgeous spiaggia near hear. it was all closed off for us and rose had entwined twinking lights to the palm trees, eveyone was here, nessie was over near her friend that she rememberd from when she was little who managed to mostra her pictures she wanted to see but i cant remember her name cos she left as i arrived. couples were dancing everwhere, bella and edward, esme and carslile, nessie and jake oh and rose and emmett sat on the sand, baciare under the tree. it was amazing and da the end of the night i was ready for my tropical honeymoon on isle esme!!