Edward Friends with Bella
"Hey Bella, well , i hope te know i wouldn't ask you, unless your were the last resort cause i hate to be a pain, but do te mind driving me home? i just got a text from alice, she went home like an ora ago, her headache got worst."
Edward asked on our way out the front doors.
Everyone was rushing like a torado out the front door all at once, everyone was excited for the weekend. Which made me wonder, its not like they have something super exciting happening, nothing is really exciting here.
Edward's domanda startled me, but i diddnt have the strength to say no.
"Yeah sure, what about your other other siblings? How are they getting home?" i replied back curious but shy.
His face crushed. "Oh, they are going in Rosalies car, her's is only a three seater"
So was mine, i also had to pick up Jacob from school, i had promised last night.
"oh yeah, so it mine, it just means that we are going to quished, i have to pick Jacob up from school to, do te mind? I said, now nervous, I diddnt how Edward feels about jacob, o even worst, Jacob on Edward.
Jacob hadn't seemed like the jealous type yet but did mostra the protective type, but that was kinda of a good thing, its bella being a clutz thing.
'Ohh, yeah, thats fine. He wont mind will he?" He said, his voice now louder but dull. I dont think any boy likes the words of another boy from a girls mouth.
Approuching the slippery steps, my nervousness grew. I couldn't bare it if Edward saw me fall.
"No, i dont think he will mind" i detto shaky.
In a instand without thought o reason i snatched Edward's hand for support. His hand was so cold, chilled but perfectly smooth like marble, he sent me in aww.
His touch sent electrical pulses on the surface of my hand. My cuore beat faster.
He instandly stopped and i felt his eyes dawn over me.
"Im sorry, i'm just a bad walker, I'm scared of falling on the steps" i murmured, to afraid to meet his burning glance.
He chuckled and inhaled. "It's ok, here i will carry you, if that alright?" he detto now brighter.
His words dragged me più into aww, did he just say that? But before i could protest his arm swung underneath my legs and tucked me neatled into his chest.
A loud gasp exploded from my lips. What? Was he really carrying me?, He thought i was this hopeless already.
As he made his way down the steps, lightly bouncing, i worried that perhaps my stress eating lately isnt showing, and making me anymroe embarrassed.
He waited a metre into the road to me let go, where he still gave me whip-lash. i could feel the blood drain from my face and i was certain, an sly blush broke out.
"A-A-Ah, my car's this way" Oh god, i forgot what first impressions my trucks gives to other people. Today was just not my day, hopefully when i'm alone with jacob today i will forget all about this, and Edward's saving the damsell in distress act.
That i might leave out, when explaining my giorno to Jacob.And as usual Jacob's giorno will beat mine on the "average" rador.
Driving down to La Push with Edward wasn't as bad as i thought i had assumed. He started a actaul convasation i could partpicate that diddn't make me sound like a freak.
"So, when did te get your truck, " He said, while inspecting. I sensed that he picked up the smell of tabacco, gasoline and peppermint.
"Ah, it was actaully Jacob's fathers truck before his accident" I admitted.
"Oh really, how much did te pay for it?"He resumed with a key of interest. Over the last couple of weeks, interest to me was concerning.
"I got for a home-welcoming present, free, i kinda hit the jackpot"
"that was nice of him, is this Jacob's school?" he replied, when turning into the small dirt entrance, where Jacob still sat waiting near the damp garden.
His face picked up and he ran over. The discovery of Edward , ashed his spirits in a second. His grin went to curiousity and confusion. Edward's nervousness leaked out and into car, influencing me.
With one of Jacob's "light" tug on the car door, he gave Edward one look from head to toe.
"Whose's this Bella?" he detto dull. He seemed hurt.
"Oh Jacob, this is edward, a friend from school, he just needs a lift home" i detto while leaning over closer to him.
Edward ruffled his car cintura in one quick movement and got out of the truck. Jacob stepped into the truck glidding to closer to my side. The truck weeped from his weight, we all laughed. Before jacob began with his cintura he caressed my face and leaned in for a kiss.
"Did te have a good day?"Jacob asked while settling in tight beside me. Edward soon joined us.
Driving away, i heard a snort come from Edward. He coughed from the disgust.He blew.
"Are te ok? im sorry about tabacco smell, " i apologised.
"oh no its not that, its okay"

later that giorno

"Bella, i know i sent that text, but i want to tell te again, i Amore you, and what we did last night, i will remember forever, thank you" Jacob reciled.
He was beautiful when he was my jacob. He flattered me.
Looking away at sweetness, i felt his hand brush against my face.
"Hey don't hide that face from me, i went a whole giorno without it, now i can have it back"
He leaned in once again for a kiss, i responsed back. i expected a normal peck but he was eagar this time. Eager like last night. His baciare sent shiver down my neck, just like the pulses from edward's hand. In natural reflex's i knotted my fingers among his swaying her.
I Amore his long hair. He diddn't stop, but i diddn't protest. He traveled his hand from my neck to my camicia where the sound of my zipper silently unfasted. He Pushed me closer, but i had other plans. Stopping, i swung my leg around his waist so i was stradling him.My shoe accidently taped the horn, disturbing the streets silence.
From inside Charlie started to stirr, but he knew not to dare investigate.
Jacob giggled and went along with it, his eyes growing più hungry.
Jacob and Bella <3