Chapter 15


(B) Edward, te never told me what happened! (B) She started grabbing my wrists. I quickly turned away, she could see i wanted to change the subject but I knew she wouldn’t give up. Before I could say anything. (B) I’ll just ask your parents! (B) She stated. (E) Bella, I will tell te but under no circumstances can te blame yourself… (E) (B) Okay? (B) (E) when te left, I couldn’t deal with the pain I had put te through, I couldn’t handle life, living, without you. I was empty. *tears begin to well up in both their eyes* So the night te left, after I had read the letter when te told me te were In Amore with me too after all this time I felt physically sick. The only way I could make the pain disappear, was, I-I slit my wrists but my Mum found me. (E) we were both physically sobbing now. (B) Eddwwarrd, te did th-this because of meee…? (B) Damn I knew I shouldn’t have told her this. (E) Bella, te can’t think like that! It wasn’t your fault! (E) I cried. Suddenly she stood up. (B) This, us we can’t do this im sorry I, we can’t! (B) The colour drained from my face, I couldn’t lose her again. (E) What do te mean? I can’t, I won’t live without you! (E) I screamed. (B) That’s exactly my point! te were willing to ki- hurt yourself because of me. This is the only thing I can do too prove how much I Amore you! I can’t put te in danger! Even if it’s to save te from yourself! (B) She whined. (E) Bella, please, please don’t leave me again. Third time may not have been lucky but I’ll make damn sure fourth is.(E) (B) Yo-uuu attempted three times!? (B) She sobbed. (E) Yes, that’s when Mum and Dad admitted me too rehab. I was only released a week and a half and te returned. (E) I stated in a matter of factly tone! (B) Wait, wait, wait! te attempted suicide 3 times, te were admitted to rehab! Anything else te want to share…? (B) she asked sceptically. (E) No that’s about it! I haven’t been leading a very exciting life! (E) I couldn’t hold back my laughter. (B) Im sorry te think this is funny? (B) she asked kinda pissed. (E) Well yeah it is, if someone would have told me last anno that I would try to kill myself because the girl I Amore left me, I would have laughed. (E) (B) te know what? I am so, arghh! Im going home! (B) (E) Bella, please don’t go? (E) (B) Edward I ……..

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