Sorry its SO short

I got out my car Monday and walked over to Maci.
"Hey Maci, who are te waiting on?" I asked her.
"No one just thinking about Seth." I heard her cuore accelerate and a smile broke across her face when she detto it.
"Someone's in looovvee."I detto and laughed.
"I know" she replied." Is Jake still in High School?" she asked me.
"No, he graduated last year." I detto to her. I wondered if Seth told her about Vamps and Wolfs yet.
We started towards our first class when someone grabbed me from behind. I turned to see who it was. It was Jake. I smiled and he wrapped me up in a orso hug.
"Why are te here?" I asked him still wrapped in his arms.
"My mission is to take te and Maci back to the La Push." I got out of his orso hug and walked towards my car. Jake took my keys. He wanted to drive so I let him. I sat in the back with Mace.
"So are te going to Homecoming?" I asked Maci. She shrugged her shoulders.
"You should ask Seth, he would Amore to go with you." I told her
"I don't even think he likes me that much."she said
"He does, trust me" Me and Jake detto at the same time.
We pulled into Sam's Driveway.Jacob got out the car.
"Where are we?" She asked.
"At Sam's i told her and pulled her out the car.