Edward and his family were out of town for the weekend. They would be back on Monday, so here I sit, in my empty room, on Friday, after school.
I sat looking out the window in hopes of something entertaing happen. But here in Forks, something entertaing wasn't promised. I sighed and sloped down in my scrivania, reception chair.
There had to be someone I could call and hang out with tonight. I grabbed my phone off my scrivania, reception and flipped though my contacts.
Alice. She was out with Edward
Angela. She was baby sitting her little brothers.
Ben. He was probably with Lauren.
Brady. Has a girlfriend to hang out with.
Collin. He was to young to do anything really fun.
Danielle. I hit erase and erased her number. She wasn't two faced, she was four faced.
Edward. I wish he was here.
Haylee. Camping.
Jacob.....It had been weeks since I saw Jacob last. We was probably stuck up in his shed working on something with parts. He shouldn't be too busy.
"Hello?" Jacob answered. "Ow! Shit." I heard something cling as it hit the pavement floor.
"Hey, Jake. It's Bella. Are te okay?"
"Bella! Yea, I'm alright. I haven't seen te in a while. Did te break up with me?" He asked.
I smiled. "I can't break up with te Jacob. You're my best friend." I laughed.
"Good. I was starting to get worried. So what's up?" I could hear the grunt in his voice as he sat down.
"We should hang out tonight." I told him standing up. I shoved my hand down my back pocket and walked over to my other window.
"Sure." I could hear the brightness of his voice increase. "Come down to La Push. I have a surprise."
"Okay." I smiled. "I'm on my way."
I hung up and threw on my coat. I hadn't seen Jacob since Till and I broke up. That was two weeks ago. I probably hadn't missed much, but I hurried, just in case.
I pushed my truck as fast as it would go down to the reservation. Jacob could here me comming, and he was waiting at the drive way for me. As always.
I got out of my truck and walked up to Jacob.
"Hello, biceps." I laughed.
"I'm just filling out Bella. It wouldn't seem so drastic if te and I hung out more." He detto mater of factly.
I nodded and bit my lip. "Tushay." Jacob was my best friend, but I wasn't blind. He was very handsom. Give o take some. His rusett skin was soft, like velvet. His hair was now cropped short unlike the last time I saw him. His lips were a prefect cupids bow, full, and pulled back over his teeth giving me his wolfy grin. "So what's my surprise?"
"Come on." He gabbed my hand and towed me toward his shed. "Sit here." He set me down on a pair of car seats that were not yet installed in his rabbit.
He pulled a horse blanket away from what was underneath. "What do te think?"
There were two old, but new motorcycles. One silver and one black. "Oh, my God." I gasped and walked over to them. "Did te rebuild these yourself?"
"Sure did. Took a long time. I'm surprised te didn't sneak a peek months ago. You're really nosey." He chuckled.
I hit his arm playfully. "Are not. Jake, these are amazing."
"Want to learn to ride?" He sat down on the back one both feet facing me. "I took mine out yesterday. They run great."
"Uh, absolutly." I laughed. "Let's go."
We rolled the bike out to my truck and I pulled down the tail gate. Jake bent down to pick up mine first. "Becareful it's probably really..." He picked it up and set it in the truck with ease. "heavy. Jake, how did that happen? Your like sixteen." I laughed.
He huffed and rolled his eyes. "Age is just a number baby. What are te like fourty now."
I rolled my eyes. "Haha."

I had gotten the hang of the bike very quickly and to my surprise I didn't wreck o fall off even once. It was cold but exhilerating. I stopped the my bike at the end of the road and Jake rolled up beside me. "Wow, Bells." He looked impressed. "Didn't even fall over once."
I smiled at him I felt my cheeks start to ache. One heck of a smile I guess.
"Let's get back." He spun around kicking up dirt and raced back to the truck.
I didn't trust myself to do that so I made a slow half cerchio and followed him.

We were sitting in Jake's room looking threw old foto Billy and Charlie had taken of us when we were little.
The first one was of me and Jake standing side da side one arm over each other's shoulders. Mudpie fight. We were both covered head to toe in mud. A hand print was on the side of Jake's face. My handprint.
The successivo one we were on Charlie's old fishing boat. The one he bought before his barca now. We were sitting in the middle holding up our pesce that we had caught. Mine was bigger.
The successivo one I picked up from its tabs to hold it up to my face further.
It was La Push beach, sunset. I looked about ten, Jake was eight. We were standing away from the waves looking out. Even then he was taller than I was. Much taller.
"I had to take te da suprise so te wouldn't shrug me off." Jacob chuckled.
I gave him a fake smile. "I have to get back. Charlie." I told him standing up and whiping the sede, sedile of my jeans.
"Okay. I'll walk te out." I opened the door to my truck and turned around to tell Jacob goodbye. But he was much closer than I expected. I stared at him for a secondo and notice his head was staring to lean in. "Jacob." I whispered and turned my head.
"Aw." He straighted up. "Come one. Just one quick one."
"Jake," I looked up at him through my lashes.
"What? Are te going to make me beg again?"
"Jacob, your my brother." Literally.
"Maybe in another life." He whispered. "But not this one."
My eyes widened a little. "I don't know what your talking about." I lied.
"Bella, I'm not stupid. That Edward Cullen guy told me."
"You know Edward?"
"Not really. He just walked up to me and showed me an old black and white picture of me and you. It was kinda' weird."
I didn't speak.
"Bella." He whispered. "Before te knew about us before, I saw the way te looked at me. Heck, I could even hear your cuore rate quicken! We are brought back because of our soulmates. We could be soulmates Bella."
I shook my head. "Edward is my sould mate." I argued.
"Just because te were married in your last life doesn't mean he is your soul mate. This could be our secondo chance." He grabbed my hands and held them. "I really think it could be."
"Jacob I..." I looked down.
"Look at me and tell me te don't feel something more." I looked up. "Tell me. Bella."