Bella’s P.O.V:
“And I though we were gonna di-“ Carlisle walked in and the bells jingled as I was saying “die”. I looked over at him, “CARLISLE!” I screamed. Carlisle walked over to Charlie and asked him why Alice and Edward were in jail. “Why are my children in jail, Chief?” Charlie turned to Carlisle and smiled, “Sir, your children and my daughter are under custody due to the woman who was talking about them,” Charlie cleared his rough throat. “They are being released for the secrecy truth policy I did on them.” Carlisle smiled, “Great, can I take them?” Charlie sighed and went over to his desk. “I have some papers for te to fill out for them. Is your wife with you?” Carlisle nodded, “Yes, she’s sitting outside-as are our children.” Alice’s eyes lit up and she tugged on Edward’s shirt. Edward looked down and smiled, “We’re getting out my darlings.” I went over to him and worked my way into his cold and ‘glittery’ chest. He put his arm around me and let me snuggle. “My love.” He said. “You’re getting your friend back, my love.” I nodded, “Who? Alice?” He shook his head, “You’ll see, love.” I smiled. I didn’t care-as long as I had him…my life was com-…well almost.
Rosalie’s P.O.V:
I leapt out of the car and smiled at Emmett, “You’re gonna like this Emmy.” Emmett smiled, “Is it a treat?” He looked directly at my tits. I pushed his arm, “You pig!” I yelled. Esme looked up from her sede, sedile on the bench. His eyes were googly. “Esme, can I PLEASE have your lovely sweater?” She smiled, “Remember, boys are like that, sweetheart.” She handed me her pink, white, blue and purple felpa with the farfalle on it. I slipped it on my arms and zippered it up. Emmett sighed and looked up at my cheeks, “What is this…surprise?” I looked at and said, “I’m getting my Friends back.” He looked confused, “I thought te pissed them off.” I rolled my eyes, “I did…but I am gonna win them back.” Em growled, “How, my darling?” “Come with me…” I ran out into the forest with him on my trail-out of the woods and into the pharmacy/convenience store. It was called, Heartina’s. He looked confused but followed. I walked over to the soda isle and bought Bell’s preferito soda. I walked over to the style isle (lol, don’t u just luv rhymes they r so funy) and picked up hair and makeup accessories for Ali. I bought a card and a bottle of Dasani water for my eyes-to fake cry. So much fun, knowing te can’t cry-it’ll bore the hell outta you, people. Anyways Emmett picked up the new version of his video game, “Terminator 3000” to go with “Terminator 2000” and “Terminator 1000”. I rolled my eyes and picked up a new lacy bra for Emmett to rip apart (I also bought 2 for each of the girls, lol). I also picked Edward up a “favorite brother” card and all that shit to apologize with. I skidded through and found Bella’s fave brand of Frozen pizza: Tostino’s. I bought her a newer copy of Romeo and Juliet and Alice a How-to-plan-the-best-party book and a sticky note pad. When I checked out and the man who checked out the bras looked at my breasts (I don’t always say tits!) his eyes lit up like a fire. I looked down at my prized possessions and smiled, “I’m married.” He looked up quickly and never looked beyond my face. I laughed as soon as we went out, “Amazing how much people like,” I pushed up one of my boobs. “The girls.” Emmett stared at me again, “Babe, can I see,” he pointed to my boob. “The girls?” I sighed, “I guess.” I unzipped my felpa and let him stare at them. He looked up and kissed me on the forehead. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome…now are te ready to get your preferito people back.” He shook his head, “No, I’m ready to get my secondo preferito girls.”

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