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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
 Bella and Edward
Bella and Edward
Thank te for the comments. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to improve. I'd like to dedicate this to Halunik thanks for all the support!

Bella's POV

"Bella!?" I heard someone call my name. I know that voice, I would know it anywhere.
"Edward!!" I yelled out.
Edward came into my view, he was too far away for my liking. It was only then that I realised where I was. I looked around, where am I? I have never seen this place before. It was a small village. There were small and simple houses made out of bricks. There were people walking around all in old fashioned clothes. I realised Edward was in the same type of clothes, when I looked down and realised so was I.
I couldn't stand being this far away from Edward. I started walking forward, after a few steps so did Edward. Edward was walking faster then I was, because he didn't have to worry about tripping. Soon I was only a step away from him.
He gave me my favourite crooked smile, I couldn't help but smile back. But then I noticed something... His eye colour it wasn't topaz o black but it was green?
"Bella!" Edward said, he seemed happy to see me.
"Where are we Edward? I'm scared" I told him
"It's okay I'm here, nothing will hurt you." He encircled his arms around me then, and I couldn't help but relax a bit. But he was warm, like human warm. I pulled back to look at Edward. His face wasn't as pale. It was even a bit tanned? I'm so confused.
"Edward. You're Human?" I detto slowly. There were so many thoughts running through my mind at this moment.
"Yes?" Edward seemed just as confused and I felt.
"But- How?" I asked
"Um... I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. Are te feeling okay?" Edward said, he seemed not only confused now, but also a bit worried.
"Yeah i'm fine, i'm just confused." I replied.
"What excatly are te confused about?" Edward asked me.
"Well, how te are human?"
"You keep asking me that but I don't get it. Yes I am a human so are you."
"But how did te change back?"
"Change back from what?"
"Edward, is this some joke that te and Emmett are playing on me? Because I don't like it very much."
"Emmett?" Edward asked, sounding and looking even più confused the più I talk.
"Your brother? Edward are te okay? I don't get how you're human?!" I was starting to get a bit annoyed. This joke wasn't very funny, I would get Emmett back, one way o another.
"Bella, I think I should take te to the doctors. Do te have a fever o something? I think your delusional." Edward said, while grabbing onto my waste.
"Edward! Stop! This is really annoying. I know te know what i'm talking about with te being human now."
"Bella. I'm sorry I really have no idea what te are talking about. I'm a bit worried I think we should take te to the doctors to get te checked out." Edward replied, I could tell he was trying to be calm about this. Edward had taken his arm from my waist so he could get a better look at my face.
"Edward if te really want me to say it I will. te are a Vampire o were a Vampire, how are te human?"
"Vampire? Me a Vampire?" Edward chuckled a bit. "I know there is no such thing as a Vampire, even though alot of people here believe it, I don't. People would kill me if I was a Vampire, which i'm not." EDward said. He was giving me a look as if trying to see if I was so insane to think that he was a Vampire.
I heard chuckling coming from behind me right then. I got a big shiver right down my spine. Edward gave me a quick but passionate baciare just before I turned around. I regreted turning around a secondo after I saw te was chuckling. Caius, behind him were some of the Volturi gaurds, but the one that stood out the most to me was, Jane. Jane scared me a lot.
I went to grab Edward's hand, but I couldn't find it. I turned to look at Edward to see he wasn't there. When I looked back Jane was holding him. "No! Stop! Don't hurt him!" I yelled at her.
I would seriously kill myself if they hurt him. "You should know the rules Bella, you're not supposed to be telling human's about Vampire's. We can't let him live if he knows about us." Caius said, I never liked him, not one bit.
"But i'm human, te didn't kill me." I said. If they were going to kill Edward then they would have to kill me first.
"I can't kill te Aro won't let me, he detto that he can see the potiental in you. But I can't, I just see te as the helpless human te knows too much about Vampire's." Caius told me. I was so confused and sad I wanted Edward back in my arms, I want to baciare him, and keep on baciare him until we are both breathless.
Just then Edward started yelling, I could see how much pain he was in, I felt so sick it felt like I was being stabbed, then run over da a mini bus, and the same motion sickness I felt after Edward and I first went to his meadow, and he insisted that I get on his back. I saw what o should I say who was making him be in pain... Jane (I always found it funny how Jane and Pain rhymed)
"Stop!" I yelled at her "Please stop hurting him! te can hurt me but not him!" I yelled, as I did that Jane looked up at me for a few seonds, before getting angry and turning back to Edward. I had forgotten that she couldn't ues her powers on me.
Jane then got Edward into a head lock, I could tell she was just about to kill him. I acted fast, I started running towards her, Knowning that I couldn't do anything but not being able to just stand there. The whole time I was yelling "No!!!!" I ran to Edward and hugged him "I Amore te Edward, with my whole life."
Before he could answer I felt pain, it was unlike anything I have ever felt, I wish someone would just kill me already. I couldn't help the screams that were escaping my mouth.

I woke up startled, Tash was sitting right successivo to me which scared me for a second.
"Bella? Are te okay?" Tash said
"Oh" I huffed "It was just a dream" I was still breathing very hard. I closed my eyes trying to calm myself down. Taking deep breaths in and out.
I was trying my hardest not to cry, I missed Edward so much, I just wanted to be back with him. But Tash needed my help.
"I'm sorry I woke te up, I was just scared, te were screaming a lot."
"Oh, Really?"
"Yeah. Do te want to tell me about the dream?" Tash asked me, I could tell the she was concerned for me.
"Okay." Telling her might help me a bit. So I went from the start and told her everything that happened in my dream. Once I finished telling her Tash just sat this for a few minuti not saying anything.
"Oh, I'm so sorry Bella." Tash finally broke the silence.
"It's not you're fault." Just then my tummy rumbled.
"You're hungry. Do te want me to get te something?" Tash asked me.
"I'll come. I need to stretch my legs. How long have I been sleeping for?" I felt very well rested, which was strange considering that weird dream I had.
"Um... 11 hours." Tash detto calmly.
"You have had a big few days. te should be well rested for today." tash told me. YAY! I was going to see Edward today!!! I couldn't help but smile at the thought.
"Tash? Can I have one human minute?" I asked, I might pee my pants any secondo now.
"Sure honey. Do te want to meet me in the kitchen?"
"Okay, sure." I said
"Do te know where it is?" Tash asked me
"I think I can manage. If not i'll give te a call." I detto with a smile.
"Okay." Tash smiled back at me.
After going to the toilet and washing my face, I felt a bit better and walked to the kitchen.
Tash had cooked me my breakfast already, when I walked into the kitchen. After I had eaten I asked Tash "Can I go see Edward now?"
"Okay, but te can't go dressed like this. People would notice. I have some spare clothes that te could fit into." Tash said
We walked to another bedroom which I figured must be Tash's. She walked to a big cupboard, and opened it. She pulled out a long dress, it was red and bushy. I went to my room to get changed, I also brushed my hair and teeth. After that I walked out of my bedroom and called Tash's name.
"You ready to go?" She asked me?
"Yep." I replied, I was very excited
"Now remember te can't talk to him, this could be fatal and could change the future."
"Okay, no talking to him." I repeated
"Lets go them." Tash looped her arm through mine and we started walking for the door.
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