I woke up the successivo mornng to a knocking on the door. I crawled out of the bed, making sure I don't wake up Edward and Lilly.
I opened the door a a couple who looked like they were in their Mid-Forties were standing on the other side.The man had Blonde wavy hair and looked like Edward, while the women had his coppery colored hair color and warm green eyes. They looked at me and smiled.
"Hi,Is Edward here?"She asked me.I nodded my head sleepily and motioned for them to sit on the couch.
I walked back into my room and shook Edward a little.He opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled.
"Someone's here for you.."I mumbled.He got up and kissed me on my cheek and left my room.I climbed back into letto and pulled Lilly to my chest.
When I woke up the sun was shining through my curtains.I sat up and looked around my room for my Silly Lilly,I didn't see her.I hopped frantically out of letto and yanked my door back. I looked around the apartment and I didn't see o hear her.I raced back into my room and threw on some shorts, a t-shirt and some flip-flops. I grabbed my keys,phone and purse.

I ran down the stairs, not bothering to take the elevator. I ran to my car and unlocked my door and started the engine. I pulled out my phone as I pulled away and called Emmett.
"Hey,Bells."He detto into the phone.
"Em,"I said."Do te have Lilly?"I asked him.
"No....What's wrong?"He asked me, concern in his voice.
"I can't find her!"I cried in the phone, tears coming down my cheeks.
"Bella, calm down."He told me."Did te call Edward, maybe He has her."He said. I hung up the phone and dialed Edward's number.
"Do te have Lilly?"I asked as he picked up the phone.
"Yeah, I took her to the park with my parents..."He said. I sighed in relief to know that she is safe.
"Okay, where are te at?"I asked him.
"We're at the DIner on the corner."He said. I hung up and did a U-turn and speed off to the diner. I parked my car and walked in.Lilly looked towards the door when the campana, bell above the door jingled.
"Mommy!!!!!"She shouted and ran to me.I dropped down and she jumped into my arms and I cradled her against me. She pulled back and we walked over to the tavolo were Edward and his parents were sitting.
"Hi, te must be Bella."His mother said."I have heard so much about you."She cooed at me and I blushed a little, making Edward laugh.I held out my hand for her to shake it, instead she stood up and wrapped me in the arms.I wrapped one back, because I was still holding Lilly. She released me and I sat successivo to Edward.
After we ate, I detto goodbye to Edward's mom, o Esme as she like to be called, and we drove back home. Lilly was asleep in the backseat.
"I'm so sorry I took her with out asking.."He detto to me. I sighed.
"It's okay..It just that I'm not used to anyone taking her te know....The longest we've ever been aqpart was the mese she spent with my mom, so I'm not used to being with out her."I told him and he nodded in agreement.
"You know...My mom loves her.."He began to say."Her eyes literally lit up when she saw us together She told me she wouldn't be surprised if she started to call me Daddy."He detto wit a little chuckle and then sighed. I could imagine my little girl calling him Daddy and we would be one big happy family...