Hello my lovleys!

Erm okay,some of te fanpop users may be aware of the fact that i had been writting a fanfic called Lost Amore and a few months fa i stopped due to writters block however im back! (cue the applause! Lol) Just curious if i should continue to write this for my fan if i have any *hopes i do*

Here is a little taster from a chapter that is already on here - The first one give it a try and if te like it let me know wheter te want me to continue

Chapter 1
Cuddled up in my letto I remember the better days when Edward and I could tell each other everything. But how could I tell him something that could evidently ruin our friendship? I can’t orso not to have him in my life, no matter how small o large a part he plays in it I shall keep the secret from him. Jacob knows something is wrong but what does he expect he knows I am in Amore with Edward but won’t let me go. All I am to him is a punch, punzone bag! I and everyone else in Forks knows how he sleeps around and also wonder why I take him back, but how can I not as hard as it is to admit I Amore him, but I am not in Amore with him. My Friends wonder how I can say that but the truth is when he is truly himself he is one of the nicest people te will ever meet. It is just a shame that side of him isn’t shown più frequently. Climbing out of letto the first thing I am face with is a foto of Edward and I at junior prom, I remember that giorno so clearly Flashback E – Bella, te know your my best friend? And te know how much I Amore you? So will te please, please, please go to prom with me – I know te hate to dance but te don’t need to I promise but please come.
How could I say no to him? I Amore him.
B – Okay Edward I will go with te but te owe me big time. As soon as they words escaped my lips he pulled me into one of his large orso hugs that I Amore so much.
End of Flashback
I stood up and began to get dressed in a white t-shirt and black blazer, today I honestly couldn’t care less what I looked like. As I was about to walk out I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I had to admit I looked good. After grabbing an mela, apple for breakfast a small smile spread across my face at how I looked today. I thought how Edward would never be able to take his eyes off me, then that image was quickly removed from my head at the realization that Edward would never truly like me in that way. Then my good mood ended. Grabbing my keys from the dish in the hall I headed out to my Little Ford Ka which I had to admit I loved dearly, as I was about to reverse a mop of brown hair standing behind my car caught my attention. It was Edward a small smile spread across my face as he chapped on the passenger window.(E) Bella, Good Morning Babe, Do te mind giving me a lift to school? (B) Ofcourse! What are best Friends for. (E)Your right your my best friend in the whole wide world and I hope te always will be!
That was it the tears started to appear in my eyes at that, me always being his best friend nothing more? It broke my cuore I quickly wiped the tear way before he noticed and began what was going to be a long journey to school.

(15 chapters have already been uploaded let me know what te think)