Chapter Eleven:
Lexy’s P.O.V:
“Woo…I thought it was one of those ‘Awkward-Silence-Scenes’!” She detto and I started laughing.
My microwave sounded. I smiled hard and opened the microwave. The burro was melted perfectly and the aroma smelled nice through my colorful family room. Renesmee looked at the green and blue bowl in my hands. I laughed, “Want some?” “Please?” I smiled and grabbed a plastic cup with Yogi orso on it. I poured half of the burro into Yogi then grabbed a Tweety Bird cup and poured the rest of the melted Trans fat into that cup. I handed Renesmee a cup and sat down successivo to her. Mom started the movie again.
I reached for the burro bowl and handed it to Nessie. She smiled and poured some popcorn in and then some butter. It made it look like someone “milky delicious buttery” peed on the snack. I figured I started drooling; so I got a big bowl that was silver and poured some of my popcorn into that. I poured most of the burro into the bowl and spun my hand around the bowl.
After Lola L. Lake was FINALLY over. Mom detto since Nessie picked that one it was my turn. I looked through some of the Film we brought up then looked at some of my movies.
I selected a few of my favorites: Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2, Valentine’s Day, Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, and the Runaways.
I finally settled on Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. Mom slid the disc in and we started watching it. After It was over-it was 1:05 a.m. I was still wired from drinking 2 Mello-Yello sodas, 1 Mountain Dew-with real sugar, and eating XXXXL sized popcorn. So we decided to watch another movie. Alice and Rosalie insisted Mom pick out the successivo movie. Mom had brought up 3 Film too: Romeo & Juliet (19th version), Forrest Gump, and the Notebook.
She ended up picking out the 19th version of Romeo and Juliet. This was fine because, I hadn’t watched this one yet. It still had the plastic avvolgere over it. Mom had went with Rose in theaters to see it and loved it. We had all the versions. Renesmee decided to start a conversation about Mom’s obsession.
‘Is this healthy?’ she snickered; this was the first time I heard someone snicker in my head.
‘I think so…if it wasn’t dad would’ve killed it.’
‘I guess your right.’
‘I am…thanks!’
‘Sissy is your phone on?’ she asked.
‘Just wondering…we could’ve texted.’
‘The Film going to start.’ I said.
‘I guess your right…wanna have a sleepover?’
‘Sure…Which room?’
‘Yours. I’m already comfy…but I need to get some things.’
‘Ok…we’ll watch this movie.’
‘KK can’t wait!!!’
Unsurprisingly Romeo and Juliet was actually pretty good. Alice was about to put in Degrassi but I said, “Can we continue this tomorrow?” I asked. Mom smiled, “Certainly, but why?” “Renny and I are gonna spend time together.” Mom smiled harder; she loves whenever we spend time together.
They all left as they promised it would continue tomorrow. I ushered them out and shut the door.
“Lock it.” Renesmee insisted. I locked the door-two times. And turned around and smiled. “You detto te needed something?” “Nup. I’ll have Jake drop it off da your window.” “Yay…so what are we gonna do?” “Truth o Dare?” I shook my head and put a hand on my belly. “I’m pregnant. Can’t do the dare part.” She rolled her eyes and laid a hand on my belly; then she started talking to it, “You’re gonna be hard on your momma for NINE WHOLE MONTHS!” I laughed and pulled out my book based on the TV show, ‘Pushing Daises’. I flipped through it and gave up not finding anything interesting. I turned on my laptop and got open Renesmee’s email system. She stalked over and typed in her email address and password (btw, it’s ************* [nessieandjake]). giunca, spazzatura Mail…Junk Mail…Junk Mail…Jun-whoa…that’s an email from Mallory.
Hey, it’s Mal. I was wondering when it would work for me to come over. I was thinking I could come for a week? I also sent a letter to Lex. So…cya!
“DUDE!” I screeched. Renesmee’s face lit up and we detto in unison… “SHE’S COMING SHE’S COMING! SHE’S COMING! SHE’S COMING!” I looked up at the screen again. “The rest is giunca, spazzatura mail! o some chain letter from Rose. Can I check m-“ I was cut off da the sound of Jacob coming through my window. “GIRLS!” he yelled. “I have your crap, Renny.” Renesmee got off my letto and went over to Jacob. “Thanks, baby. Can te leave now?” He looked over at me and put a finger up. “Hang on.” He walked over to me and hugged me. “Now I can…I had to give my sister a hug!” Renesmee rolled her eyes and came over with her stuff.
She had: Her laptop, her brush, her ipod, a pack of anguria gum, and her wallet. She would use my clothes and she had a toothbrush in my room. Also, Jacob had brought me a bottle of blood-he’d gotten it from either Dad o Carlisle.
“Can I use your laptop?” I asked. She nodded and handed me the yellow laptop. I turned it on and got on my email page.
Junk, junk, junk, chain, chain, Mallory…
Hey, Lex! It’s Mall-I was thinking coming for a little while to visit. I’m so dead bored in my neck of the woods-get it?-anyways…whenever…
Also sent a letter to Renny.
‘You make me feel like I’m living a Teenage Dream the way te turn me on; I can’t sleep-so don’t ever look back…don’t ever look back…’
I looked at the screen; it said: Joseph.
Joseph was my gay hairstylist. He must’ve gotten my ‘sleek sexy serious’ product in.
I answered. “Yo.” “Hey Baby!” he replied. “I have your product…so whenever te want to pick it up-that’s fine.” “Thanks, Joe! Oh yeah…I have something to tell you.” “Shoot baby!” “I’m…pregnant!” He sounded shocked, “Congrats! So, will I have a little one to meet soon?” “Yeah…Can’t wait…oh…sorry Josie. I hafta go!” “K, baby. Talk to te later?” “Sure.”

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Lexy Pregnant One Month:)