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Hey! Sorry I have not writtin for awhile. I have been so busy. Thank te for Leggere let me know if its bad o good.
Chapter 10

The dream…

I was running fast. Running from something I didn’t know what. I did know that it could kill me whatever it was. The woods were still slightly dark like dawn was coming. The woods looked blue instead of the usual dark green. The air was cold and crisp. I stumbled and fell I quickly looked back they were gaining I could sense it. I stood and tried to run again, but my foot I was caught. I couldn’t get free. Two figures walked toward me. I let out a scream…

It was early morning when I awoke with a start normally my dreams meant something, but this I could not figure out. I pondered it as I walk out the Cullen’s door and I ran into the woods. I stopped at a river.
It was a beautiful giorno the first giorno of spring. I thought about so many things, my parents, my sister, and my boyfriend for a couple of months now. Especially Ethan I thought so much of him. It still made me smile to know he had imprinted on me. I also felt fear for him. There was so much I wanted to share with him, but couldn’t for fear of bringing up the topic of my parents and the ones responsible for their possible death. I knew they would come again, but I didn’t know when. Would they hurt Ethan? I knew the answer to that they would because he would not let me go without a fight and that scared me. I would do the same for him though I would fight for him until my life ended.
I jumped when I was snapped back into reality da that thought. That they would take one look at the entire Cullen family and see only their gifts. They would take everything the pack and the Cullen’s hold dearest in their hearts. They would destroy the ones I now call family. I grew colder inside.
“Who is going to harm us Alana?” Edward stood behind me. I jumped a mile high and let out a tiny gasp of air.
“What?” I shuddered and my voice shook.
“Don’t lie to me. I need to know if my family is in any danger.” His voice was velvet.
It reminded me of Ethan when he wanted me to talk to him about something I wouldn’t want to talk about. I never let it work on certain topics.
“I can’t tell you.” I was trembling not from being a little bit cold but from how scared I truly was about my situation.
“Yes te can.” He sounded angry.
“No I can’t” The desperation in me came out through my voice.
“You can. te don’t want to, but te can.” He came toward me.
“No.” I couldn’t say any più o my tears would spill over. I turned to walk away.
I stopped dead in my tracks. There was Ethan. The tears came rolling down my cheeks. I felt Edwards freezing cold hand on my shoulder. Before he could say anything I let the words slip my mouth.
“I’m sorry I can’t. Please don’t.” I started sobbing.
I ran away. I could not tell them.
I tripped and fell. I stayed there. Ethan hands pulled me up into his chest. He was fuoco and I was ice pretty much true da our body temperatures. I continued crying into his chest. He lifted my face with his hand and looked me in the eyes. He began to gently wipe my tears away. His hand felt good moving across my cold face.
“Please promise me that te will tell me what is bothering te when te are ready?” He asked softly.
più tears came. I shook my head no. I couldn’t lie to him.
“Promise me…” I couldn’t promise that.
“Please promise me.” He wasn’t giving me an option now.
I took a deep breath. I couldn’t keep saying no to him. He knew me to well.
One più pleading look from him and I would cave. I looked away. He brought my head back up to meet his gaze. I caved.
“I promise.” My voice broke.
He hugged me and whispered in my ear. “Thank you.”
He carried me to my house.
I got changed and ready to leave again with Ethan. I brushed my teeth and brushed my long wavy hair. I threw on a light, pool blue sweeter over my white tank top. My jeans were old and worn out the holes in them had gotten bigger. They used to be dark denim and now had lighter colored patches from the washing machine and over use.
We went to the La’ Push spiaggia since it was sunny. It was nice to see the sun after so long. Ethan kept a hand around my waist line. He seemed to be uneasy and distant. I leaned my hand on his chest his muscles tightened and relaxed. I knew what happened earlier upset him and now I wondered what Edward told him. Ethan took a deep breath.
“What have te been dreaming about?” I wasn’t expecting that at all. I looked up at him I was confused.
He looked at me più intense this time.
“You’ve been dreaming about something what is it?”
I shuddered at the thought of the recurring dream I had been having for the past few months.
I looked down. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I knew he would get it out of me one way o another.
“If I could put it into words I would.” I never looked up.”If I could mostra te I would.” I paused to take a breath. “But I can’t.” I had cried so much today and now I was teary eyed again.
He lifted my chin up so he could see my eyes.
“Thank you.”
What is he doing to me? He kept confusing me to no end.
“For what? Why are te thanking me?” My eyebrows furrowed.
“Because te didn’t lie to me” He looked and sounded relieved and happy. He kissed my fore head.
“I can’t lie to you. And if I do te see right through it. Why are you…?” I couldn’t finish. I was so confused on what to say and what to ask.
“Listen I’ve never told te but I can see people’s dreams and sometimes have te dream about me, but only in my lupo form can I go into your dreams. I can always see the people dreams that I choose even in my human form. That’s my gift.“
I was shocked and starred at him with my mouth slightly open.
“Why didn’t te tell me sooner?”
"I didn’t want to tell te until I was sure te felt the same about me.” He shrugged.
“You could have told me. te had me and still do from the moment I saw your face.” I stretched up to reach his face. I was too short to baciare him so I could only touch his face with my hand.
He took the hint and leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I loved the tingling, warm feeling his lips left. He always left me wanting more.
I felt as though I could tell him everything, but I still didn’t know everything like who was behind the plan to get my sister and I. o possible hurt all of the people I love.
I knew I would find out in time. And when I did I probably would be in più danger than I already was in.

Let me know what your thoughts are. So I can make it better when its bad.

If it had Musica to it this is my soundtrack...

1.Florence and The Machine-Cosmic Love
2.Coldplay-I Run Away
3.La Roux-In For The Kill
4.Florence and The Machine-Hardest Of Hearts
5.Death Cab For Cutie-I will Follow te Into The Dark
6.Kelly Clarkson-Maybe
8.Sum 41-Pieces

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