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I didn't no what to expect as I was harshly dragged from my home. Two men in thick coats grabbed my dark hair and tugged hard before throwing me harshly into the back of a carriage. I didn't dare sposta as I could already feel the blood running down my head. I just wanted to go home to my mummy and Cynthia. They didn't know I was gone, would they miss me? I was so afraid. But I felt myself drift into unconsciousness.

I awoke in a small stone room, I first hoped I was home but I soon saw that my letto was only made up of few rags of cloth and a metal door stood at the foot of my cramped space. Was I in prison? I wouldn't know. My mother had always told me that prison was only for bad people and they deserved to be tortured. But I was terrified. sinse I was a baby i'd been able to see visions, at first they were just mild and helped me to advance in talking and learning.

Yet soon people thought of me as strange when my eyes would suddenly glaze over, and my mother soon hid me away in my room. I still remember now how I had cried for hours, unable to see my Friends but she would only reply that it was for my own good. she told me how i mustn't tell anyone o i would be worse than dead. she used to start crying at this point and i would drop the subject. but where was i now? in a dark chamber that stinks of sewers?

a sudden crashing came from outside my door and an old man walked into my room. he had a crazy gleam in his eye and i backed against the bacheca with terror. i could see his eyes scanning my body then stared at my face before addressing me " Mary Alice Brandon i presume?" his voice was dark and i could her the thrilling humor he seemed to see in me. " so we finally get you. excellent. your age?" he questioned but i could feel that my throat was croaky. he commanded me again and giving a small whimper i replied.

"im...im eight"

"eight?" i could here the mocking in his voice "well te don't look that old, i would have guessed no più than five. and te answer sir when te talk to me!" this man scared me. i wanted my mummy. there was nothing else that would help me. i was alone. the man took another look at me then slammed the iron door shut as he left. i could here myself give a small whimper as i was locked in and i let out a quiet moan before curling into a tight ball on the floor.

without windows in my room, i could not tell the time of day. being claustrophobic wasn't helping me now as i felt the tears welling up in my eyes. i noticed someone had left me a small plate of Cibo that sat at my door with glass of misty water. i was scared to eat it, i couldn't even be sure it was edible. a murky grey colour, and stodgy. as i sniffed it i got the most rancid smell in my nose i automatically backed up against the far bacheca again and just huddled against the blankets that remained sprawled out on the floor.

the giorno passed slowly and i found that i remained in the room with no proof that sound o movement existed in the world, when suddenly my door opened and i saw a fierce looking man with large muscular arms approached me. he pulled a thick chain from his pocket and firmly tied them around my wrists. i tried to stop the tears welling up in my eyes as he roughly dragged me down a long chamber. why was this happening?

as we continued i noticed the same doors like mine all in a long row on both sides of the corridor. another man passed us carrying an unconscious girl slightly older than me, she had dark gashes on her legs and and i threw a quick glance behind, i saw the way the man harshly stopped before throwing her into a room and slamming the door.

i felt like i was going to throw up. i could feel every stone sposta from beneath me and i hoped that wherever they were taking me was somewhere nice but as far as id seen nothing was nice around here.

at the end of the corridor, there were three doors. we entered the middle one where i was thrown into a hard wooden sede, sedile and clamped into it. then another man approached me, holding a sharpened coltello and a needle.

"hello Mary, now were going to give te some treatment for your diseases OK? believe me that everything that i do is going to be ok. can te do that?"

i just stared at him in disbelief firstly, how did they know my name. my mother always called me Alice so she wouldn't have told them Mary, as soon as my dad disappeared, she never called me that again. secondly, what diseased, i felt perfectly fine, apart from the terror and hunger that raced through me.

"can te call me alice, im never called mary anymore and im not ill so can i please go home now?" i new the moment i detto it i would soon regret it.

"excuse me little girl. i believe a member of staff has already informed te of the rules here, te must address everyone as sir o miss. te understand. and i will decide what i call you, it is not for te to pick and chose what te are called. now as for this disease te claim te do not have. i assume te realise that i am referring to the devils claim on you?" what was he talking about? devils claim? i just stared at him blankly.

"dont worry young girl we'll nock it out of you, but i would recomend te answer domande when asked in future, because the staff here may not be as tolerant as i am with nasty behavior of the devils toys. now, lets begin your treatment

I could see the pain before I felt it. He slices my forehead tith the sharp blade and the cut slightly deaper into my forhead. I felt like I was going to pass out then he stopped.

I didnt know what was happening but I could feel that the digging into my head was I heard harsh, cruel laughter as I notices drops of blood coming from my head. I managed to hold my tounge as felt my cuore race until I felt the impact of a bar hitting my face and fell unconcious.

I awoke once più in the small room, tears streaking down my face as I begged for the my lafe to go back to normal. How long was I going to be trapped here? I couldnt stand this torture that was so cruel and unusual I racked my brain to think of anyting logical that gave them any reason to do that to me. Placing two fingers to my temple, I felt that the blood had dried over and that I must have been out cold for a while for the scab to heal over da now.

It could have been weeks and I would never know. When was my mummy going to get me? I needed my family o something to give me the slightest amount of hope that I wouldnt be stuck here for ever.

6 years later .

I am not sure how long I have been in here but I have forgotten what light and fun are. I don't know how to smile and my brain has shrunk from the impact of rashend Cibo and water. Nothing really had happened. I had stayed stuck in my room and my tortures becoming even worse. I know understood how to fight pain. Id had it so often it was a routine for me.

We were taken from our cells once every two weeks for a bath that would vary from icy cold to baking hot, id had burn marks for weeks after my fist bath. They allowed us two minuti twice a giorno to use a shared bucket they left outside each door and allowed us to brush our teeth with filthy water every two days.

I knew what some of the people in the successivo door chamber to mine when being escorted to and from the torture rooms. I'd grown to believe that the staff truly believed every child here had some of the divil inside, (in my opinion they were just completely insane)

although I enjoyed the small improvement they had made to every cell, each one had a small barred window looking from the building and another with a hatch on the door.

When I was not passes out after they'd beaten me after treatment, I sat on the small windowsill in my room and just stared out. Longing that one giorno I would be free. Yet I knew my hopes were low.

Today was the same, my treatment wasn't as painful as yesterday and they were comparing me to another fourteen anno old they have in corridor c, apparently she's on the verge of death and shes only been here a year. They believe that the curse is keeping me alive and that when I finally die I will be rid from it. But I'm strong. I will stay alive. I hope. Elnier, a young boy no older than nineteen, brought me my Cibo everyday, he was one of the few members of staff that did not refuse to call me Alice, and he often snuck in and soothed da burns and cuts before quickly fleeing from the room for no reason, he always looked the same, the same golden eyes and chesnut shaved hair.

I missed my long curls, the way they used to bounce down my back ant they way my mother would run her fingers softly through it every day. Every few years, a nasty woman roughly chops away at my hair until its an ugly mess standing on end. I don't mind it after a few moths when it grows back down to my shoulders but she soon sees again and repeats the procedure. One giorno I will get out. But my visions I try so hard to stop mostra me different

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I was glad when my Cibo arrived the successivo morning, although I hadn't eaten the filth they'd dato me, I felt my starvation too much as I opened my eyes. I had began to feel my Bones through the rags I remained in and I wanted to get rid of my awful look, even scraping my hand across my chin, I realise the sharp angle of my jawbone as it dug into my hand, I knew that my fast had to stop here o I was going to die. I was already forced into treatment once every week and each time the procedure became più painfully. I just hoped one giorno it would end. the young man, Elnier , visited me every giorno to give me tablets for my problem but he wasn't harsh like other members of staff and would often answer my urge to ask many questions, he usually brought me the daily newspaper and consigli on how to stay sane. He seemed completely at ease when talking to me and often just chatted to me until he heard someone coming before disappearing completely from sight. Today he came bustling through the door with a breakfast that seemed slightly better than the usual.

"morning Alice, I see your awake, I brought te something for your birthday but te musnt tell anyone OK?" birthday? I'd forgotten I even had one, appreciation washed over me as I was handed a small plate of Cibo that actually looked appetising.

"its my birthday? How do te know?" he gave a small laugh before replying,

"well, Alice, your file suggests that it is the 17th of November 1919 therefore I believe te are 18, am I correct?" he gave me a sweet smile before coming over and sitting down successivo to me,

"thank you," was all I could spill out since I had arrived nobody had ever dato me a present, I'd lived of gruel and had the pain of listening to the Natale party the staff threw each year, and every anno I would try to keep count of the days only to fail miserably da somewhere late January. Hang on 18? I thought I was only 15, had I Lost three years o was I actually insane?

"umm I thought I was 14 I mean 15 now I suppose.." he looked at me blankly.

" Alice, hunny, te musnt say that in front of the others, I mean that. Look what was your birth year?"

"1901" I replied blankly, I was so confused, I was sure I was only 14 there was no way I'd been in here for 10 years! No way, i'd at least counted the number of Natale parties they'd had and unless years lasted much less time than before and they hadnt celebrated cristmas for times a year, I was so confused. I missed everything I had.

"im not 18, " I repeated "i know im not, te have got it wrong, It cant be,"

"Alice, please, im begging, te cannot keep saying that, if someone hears te they will think te are completely mad!" I was angry now, why wouldnt he listen!

"im. Not.18. te have it wrong, I cant have been here ten years, it feels it but I know that it hasnt!" why wouldnt he just leave I wanted to be alone, was I really insane? Maybe I was supposed to be in here, but how could I tell?

Elnier pov

I couldnt believe in what i'd just done, the poor girl, I hated myself for it, I hated this job. Alice had been my only friend for the anno i'd worked here. There was something connecting me to her but I couldnt understand it, the pain she went through hurt me, I wanted to rip the person who did it apart. I knew I was strong enough but then the volturi would know for sure, know where I was and were I was hiding, the good thing about here, is that its completely enclosed, nobody can get in and gifts dont work, demetri cant find me for now but I needed it to stay that way,

I headed out the door and back into the staff room where I was quickly flooded with domande from Mr Gride,

"so.. did she take the bait?" I just gave one sharp nod.

"i think so, she was in complete denial, if that's what te mean, she continued to repeat that she was only 15 and there was no way time had passed her." I felt I needed to shed the tears that would never come. I'd never felt like this for a mere human. But It was unbearable to think of what i'd just done,

"so I take it shes ready for the test" I gave a slight nod once again, waited until he left, fefore gripping my hair and falling into the old armchair. I hoped she was strong enough, I hated this job but I didn't have a choice, Mr Gride's rules where obey o leave, and this was the only place on earth I would be sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza at the moment, I had no choice.

Alice was the third child to go through this procedure today, and i'd watched the others, the way they drilled into there sculls until they bled and screamed, only few had managed to survive it and I hoped she would be one to survive. Then they would slice your arms and break one finger as te screamed at the agony. It was unbearable to think of it happenig to her, if she survived she would be weak for when they tried again.

Feeling sick and ashamed I jumped from the chair and went to the execution room to hunt

Alice pov

I stared in shock at the door as the hinge slowly opened, and mr gride walked into my room

"good morning Mary, I hope te dont ming coming for a check up, Elnier tells us te felt a little confused this morning." no. he would think I was insane, I had to stay away from him elnier had warned me so many times that when Mr gride came, no good came out of it.

"come on Mary, we don't have all giorno te will be back shortly, its nothing to be afraid off." I knew there was no point arguing, the many times that id fought I'd just become seriously hurt o out cold. So I stood slowly and moved towards the outstretched chains he tied around me as he marched me down the corridor to my usual room of hell.

Within the room looked different to usual. The chair in the middle had been removed and now lay a small hospital letto with rough iron chains hanging from it. I could feel the panic lurking inside me as I was shoved onto it and firmly strapped in before gride pulled out a long drill with a blade on the end,

"now Mary, please stay calm, the più te scream the più pain te will feel"

awaking, I felt a cold movement from beneath me,

"Alice?" I could here the angeli voice before I could see it, "oh my god, alice, your alive" my eyes wouldn't open but I recognised the voice as Elniers. Eventually my eyes peeled open and I saw his worried face look down at me,

"Alice, im so sorry, I hate myself for this, how do te feel?" to be honest, I couldnt feel anything, but as he spoke the agonising thoughts came back to me, the way id felt the most unbearable pain i'd ever felt scream through my head, digging deeper as I felt my own blood trickle into my eyes, the I heard the crunch as my right finger felt like it blew into flames whist gride cackled as I screamed,

I snapped out of my thoughts quickly and managed to focus my eyes on Elnier.

"how long have I been out?" even now I could feel the burning pain from my head, how had I survived this, but I was suddenly taken da my vision

a man, blonde with blood red eyes, running towards me, he grabbed my wrists and tried to bite me, before I knew it I was soaring through the air before crashing down on some sort of pillar. I could see this man's hunger and need as he neared me again but then I saw elnier, he stood infront of me blocking the blonds path, then he lunged at him, before giving a loud his threw him to the other side of the room with so much strength and power I knew he was no human"

I quickly snapped out of It to find Elniers face inches from mine,

"Alice, te must learn to controll this, if not te will never leave," I jusrt stared into his shockingly beautiful face, his eyes a rich diamond colour as he breathed a luchious sent into my face.

"stay back." I felt myself shout, although I didnt know why, " who are you?" I snarled once più before backing into a corner

"Alice, its me, Elnier. Please, I wont hurt te I promise," but I couldnt trust this person my visions had opened my eyes to something I had never noticed, apart from his shocking beuty, I knew that eyes of that pure golden were not normal, but what was I supposed to say, he seemed to be the only person around here who cared even slightly about me, I just couldnt understand it, so I let the whole vision drop.

"im sorry," I detto to him before walking towards him,

"Alice, im so sorry I scared you, now to answer your question, te have been out cold for three and a half weeks." I was shocked and glad at the same time, shocked that i'd been completely out cold for over three weeks but glad that we'd moved of the subject of my visions, I really haded them conversations, they were part of who I was and everyone was just going to have to exept it.

"what happened to me?" and to my surprise Elnier let out a soft moan and sat down in the corner, cupping his face into his hands,

"Alice its my fault, te have to understand what position in in right now, but for your safety, I cannot say, te just went for the fist stage in the hardest and most painful test te will ever have in this place, alice im so sorry, I tried to stop him, but I couldnt, he told me that I would be fired if I didnt. … your not 18," the way he detto it made me smile slightly, he didnt know I already knew this

"i know,"

"alice, how could te know that I wasnt telling te the truth?"

"i saw him tell te ," I pointed to my head and he smile slightly "why did te tell me I was? Thats something I couldnt see, for some reason I cannot see your future,"

"Alice te have to believe me when I say I beat myself after, its customary that we give this test to long stayers, I basicly checks how well the gift is sealed inside you, in my opinion its utter nonsense, but I cannot convince other members of staff, they told me I had to trck te on your birthday, they arnt allowed da law to do these tests unless they are certain the patient is beyond sain, so they trick people, and blame them as mad so they can proceed," I stepped back at him, my only friend in this place had tricked me, but still I believed him, I coulndt work out why, maybe I just didn't want to lose my only friend.

"im so sorry, ive hidden in your cell since they brought te in, hiding when they bring te food, the staff don't particularly care, but ive waited in here and they wont hurt te like that again. Ok?"

I just smiled at him as he opened his arms to hold me as I fell asleep once more.

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