Twilight unlike Harry Potter has SEX. something to get a mature reader into.

Twilight unlike Harry Potter started from a dream. Inspiring dreamers.

Twilight unlike Harry Potter shows real depression unlike Harry who always complains his parents died and he didnt even know them o when his uncle. o whoever died he was happy in a couple of days.
Bella she was really and truly depressed and HURT.

Twilight libri arent as long as Harry Potter libri te dont have to sit there and read page aftert page of nothingness

Twilight teaches us that we can be mature about bad situations and that we dont have to "fight" things out we can sit down and talk about things like mature adults.

Twilight teaches us that we dont have to fall in Amore with one person and stay in Amore with them for the rest of our lives. for example bella and edward and jacob :) she had choices. even though she had picked edward she CHOSE to do it.

Twilight teaches us the true value of love. yeah it might have lust in it. but its love.

Twilight has a happy ending no one dying and thats what a good book is always about.

and its just so fucking awesome